Axe killer’s prison sentence reduced

Translated by Michael Laudahn:

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The Zurich cantonal high court has lowered the sentence against a pakistani who two years ago had killed his daughter with an axe: Instead of 17 years, he will now have to serve 13 1/2 years.

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In an appeal lawsuit, the 54-year old pakistani who had killed his daughter at the family appartment with an axe, has been sentenced to 13 years and 6 months of prison by the Zurich cantonal high court. It lowered the sentence of the previous level of jurisdiction, for being a case of reduced criminal responsibility.

In april, the lower court had condemned the man for murder to 17 years in prison. Both the defence and the public prosecutor had appealed, the latter demanding 20 years for murder and attempted premedidated manslaughter, the former – considering the event to be a case of manslaughter only – demanding 4 1/2 years.

The public prosecutor considered the act to be a so-called honour killing. The father, loyal to his traditional customs, is to have seen the familiy’s honour threatened by his daughter’s behaviour. Moreover in a situation three weeks before the killing, her father had attempted to put her into the bath tub and kill her with a hair-dryer.

His lawyer depicted the image of a father who was totally overcharged, scolded by his rebellious daughter an ‘arsehole’. Moreover, she announced that she henceforth wished to work as a prostitute. This caused a severe emotion and major psychic stress in him, making him act in the heat of the moment.

Today, also the high court considered the act to be murder, the hair-dryer attack as not effected, just like the previous level of jurisdiction. The lowering of the sentence is due to a pschiatric opinion attesting the defendant a severe reduction of his criminal responsibility.

In may 2010, the pakistani had killed his oldest daughter in the family’s appartment in Z¸rich-Hˆngg, using at least 19 strokes with an axe. The 16-year old student had wanted to move out from at home, because she would no longer tolerate the recurring arguments. After the act, the man called police himself and did not resist his arrest.

In it’s verdict today, the high court denied an honour killing or cultural particularities. ‘Those having lived in Switzerland for 25 years can no longer invoke cultural particularities of their home country’, stated the court president.

He called the way the act was carried out as especially ruthless. According to the court president, the defendant had proceeded in a reprpehensible manner and with much callousness, pointing out that basically, the high court had envisaged a life-long sentence.

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4 Replies to “Axe killer’s prison sentence reduced”

  1. Reduced sentence? …..19 axe strikes…..How about a life sentence, better yet a death sentence for this “honor murdering” POS?

  2. I can only agree with you and and despair at the politically correct stupidity of some Europeans.
    Honour killings are a known factor in certain religions and cultures,and if being a Muslim or a member of a less civilized culture is seen as a defence to premeditated first degree murder, on the grounds of ‘psychiatric disturbance’ or ‘reduced responsibility,’ we are truly lost and submitting to backward cultures and sharia without a fight.

    From a western perspective all these honour killings are the product of a disturbed mind, but it’s a mind disturbed by backward uncivilized attitudes or religious motivations, and not mental illness as we know it. These murderers know exactly what they are doing and their culpability is not lessened just because they think their religion or former culture sanctioned or turned a blind eye to their murderously controlling behavior
    We need to get a grip, impose our standards, and treat these acts as the first degree murders they are, to demonstrate our values, and hopefully save future victims.

  3. The most serious part of all this is: these psychopaths are out and about mixing among the ordinary every day folk who would even be morally repulsed if a dog was treated in this manner. Deport the morally depraved, degenerate or let him and his like minded ilk loose in the neighborhoods of the ruling elite!

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