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4 Replies to “Robert Spencer on Michael Coren: Canada and Pastor Jones, the lack of leftist outrage over a teen girl shot by Taliban”

  1. No response from the usual sycophantic lovers of Islam: Eric Margolis, any british left wing freak; that miserable island is full of them, no word from the usual parade of left wing freaks on RT.com or Al Jazeera: Danny Schechter and former US ambassadors to arab vomit countries.

  2. The whole story has been scrubbed from http://www.rt.com. Several weeks ago, it devoted space to a reportage on Israeli soldiers apparently kicking arab children.

    Yet this story of a muslim vermin shooting a girl in the head has been scrubbed. Never happened.

  3. Its always worth stating that the real threat is not Jihadis or radical imams, but the demographic threat. Muslim population when large enough will enforce sharia, quite legally via parliament.

  4. This poor girl is not safe in the hospital even with a police guard, as it is just as likely that one of the armed policeman assigned to guard her, will shoot her, and then a make break for Waziristan.

    Islam trumps all.

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