Evil witch (Greta Berlin) that planned Gaza flotilla caught out on Twitter.

Gaza flotilla sponsor blames Jews for Holocaust on Twitter

Petros Karadjias/The Associated Press files

Petros Karadjias/The Associated Press files
Greta Berlin of Free Gaza said her tweet was only supposed to be posted to her private Facebook account.

The Free Gaza Movement, a U.S.-based activist group known for provisioning ships to run the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza, was hit with charges of anti-Semitism on Wednesday after posting a tweet claiming that Jews were responsible for the Holocaust.

“Zionists operated the concentration camps and helped murder millions of innocent Jews,” read a Tweet posted Sunday to @freegazaorg, the official Twitter feed of the group, which includes Canadian author Naomi Klein and Bishop Desmond Tutu on its board of advisors.

An embedded link led to a video of a speech by known conspiracy theorist Eustace Mullins claiming that the word Nazi is an amalgam of the words “National socialism” and “Zionist.”

“[Hitler] allied with the Zionist Party, and the mission of the Nazis was to force the anti-Zionist Jews to accept Zionism — and this is what the concentration camps were about,” said Mr. Mullins, who died of a stroke in 2010.

I shared it without watching it. I am sorry that I just sent it forward without looking at it. It won’t happen again

Although the tweet was eventually deleted, it was picked up on Monday by Avi Mayer, head of social media with the Jewish Agency for Israel. In a Wednesday blog post, Mr. Mayer posted a screenshot of the post along with a link to the video, which he claimed revealed Free Gaza as “the lowest anti-Semites.”

Within hours, the American founder of the movement, Greta Berlin, tweeted that she had intended only to publish the link to her private Facebook account, but it was accidentally redirected to the Free Gaza Twitter feed.

“I shared it without watching it. I am sorry that I just sent it forward without looking at it. It won’t happen again,” read a tweet from the Free Gaza Movement account, posted Wednesday afternoon.

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11 Replies to “Evil witch (Greta Berlin) that planned Gaza flotilla caught out on Twitter.”

  1. I guess that she posted the nazi propaganda film Im Vald von Katyn without checking that to…? What an dishonest person! That particular film, about commies murdering polish citizens in Katyn has nothing to do with Jews, so that tell me that this woman has a sick fascination with nazis. But, I guess that my bad, pointing that out…

  2. it’s funny how these vermin seek to share their twisted views privately.
    egging each other along the road to totalitarianism.

  3. Didn’t Ms. Berlin have a bit part in the flic “Elsa: She-Wolf of The SS” ???

    It was a sort of B Grade, soft porn, whips and leather thing……

    Not that I’ve ever watched anything like that….ever….on weekends……or….at nights……maybe Wednesday night….but not really paying attention….you know….

    Oh…sorry gotta run….the Mistress is calling, something about polishing her boots with my …..you know….


    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. She is a liar as it is well known that if you link facebook with twitter, the posts automatically transfer. this is what other mozlem nazis do, pretending it is accidental when on purpose.
    What makes me sick is the twitter allowed that to stay, doing nothing until it was deleted, while the JDL have had their account suspended over an unknown tweet.
    I suppose when nazis like Soros and the Saudis own great chunks of these companies they set the rules

  5. cassandra, there is no way she wanted that public, it was meant for her little band of nazis in one of their secret group where they regularly share stuff like that.

  6. Nazi Bitch! She even looks like Ilsa of the SS.

    “she had intended only to publish the link to her private Facebook account” How the F does that make her less of a Nazi Bitch? It doesn’t. she’s still a Nazi Bitch.

    Let them launch their Nazi flotilla. Israel should just torpedo them.

  7. Im sure it was an accident. Not an accident to link to the vid or post the comment. They’re as true an indicator of what makes that miserable cunt tick as anything. Nope, just an accident to make it public. She only applogized because its bad PR to let the cat out of the bag for those ignorant of what people like her really stand for.

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