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5 Replies to “Israelis lining up for gas masks today”

  1. I, Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear that I will……

    Betray the faith of the American people….

    Turn my back on nations who have been America’s allies for decades….

    Line the highest office in the land with those who have sworn to destroy America…

    Place young American soldiers in harms way through morally and treacherous directives relation to administration and operation…..

    Make speeches on the international stage detailing my intention to destroy the American constitution and Bill of Rights……

    Remove all impediments for the advancement of the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda and plan for the deconstruction of America…..

    Make alliances with and give billions of dollars to, rogue nations and strongholds of terrorism….

    So, far…….Obama has kept everyone of his promises…

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. How do you tell when Obama is lying? You see his lips moving.

    The Iranian leaders have openly stated that the Mahdi will return soon, according to the sect they belong to this will happen only when there is hell on earth.

    Why do so many people refuse to believe they will start a nuclear war to bring back the Mahdi?

    Anyone who thinks reahing out to the Arabs is going to make them like us knows nothing about history, just like those who think democracy can be placed in a nation by other nations.

    History teaches us that often we have a choice between bad guys and worse guys, the left has stopped teaching this and we are now paying the price, in my opinion it won’t be long before the price will become much bloodier.

    Israel has no choice but to attack Iran before the elections, hopefully they will prevent Iran from assembling nuclear weapons.

  3. You’re right Don, Barry has kept every one of THOSE promises, the ones to his backers, the ones meant to destroy America.. My question is this, “Why do supposedly sane & supposedly intelligent people still support him at their own & their children’s & grandchildren’s peril?”

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