EXCLUSIVE: Jailed doc who helped nail Bin Laden warns Pakistan sees U.S. as ‘worst enemy’



Published September 10, 2012

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    Shakil Afridi says he helped the CIA nab Usama bin Laden because he loves America. (AP)

PESHAWAR, Pakistan –  Pakistan’s powerful spy agency regards America as its “worst enemy,” and the government’s claims that it is cooperating with the US are a sham to extract billions of dollars in American aid, according to the CIA informant jailed for his role in hunting down Usama bin Laden.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Shakil Afridi, the medical doctor who helped pinpoint bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound before last year’s raid by SEAL Team 6, described brutal torture at the hands of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, and said the agency is openly hostile to the U.S.

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4 Replies to “EXCLUSIVE: Jailed doc who helped nail Bin Laden warns Pakistan sees U.S. as ‘worst enemy’”

  1. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence would be able to figure this out. Now it begs the question, then why does the US give them any aid at all? If it’s to prevent them using their nukes then that could be resolved by either taking them or destroying them. The world would be a far better place without the rogue state of pakistan.

    ……….In fact why does the USA continue to finance all of her enemies? It’s insanity.

  2. Pigs the left has more control of the US government then most people beleive, they started the funding of our enemies and pushing the media to ignore the anti-american activities of those we fund.

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