At last. A view on Breivik that approximates my own

“Today, Nesbo refuses to mention Breivik by name. But he rejects the idea that the man recently declared sane by a Norwegian judge embodies any philosophy other than his own sociopathic narcissism. “Because of the media coverage, we have created an icon: a Norwegian monster. It’s naïve to think it doesn’t derive from our natural fascination with the monster. We are trying to get into the head of this one individual, who may or may not be very sick. [Breivik] represents himself and not many others. From a social or political point of view, this is not a very interesting event.””

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  1. Nope. He’s a paranoid schizophrenic. I knew it the second I heard of a 1500 page “manifesto” and that was confirmed by the forensic psychiatrists who talked with him and observed him for countless hours.
    A sociopath has stunted emotions so would not be able to care enough to have an obsession about anything or to write a 1500 page manifesto.
    And narcissism as a clinical diagnosis is going the way of the dodo next year when the DSM V comes out.

    Personally I always thought narcissism was just man bashing. Only men get it and another way to describe someone with narcissim is to say they are competitive/insecure, and confident/resentful and who brags a lot, or bashes other peoples achievements- and who isn’t empathetic enough. Sounds like man bashing to me. Almost as if it’s a radical 70’s feminist version of “islamophobia”, designed to make men think they are crazy just because they’re not women.

    The forensic observers said Brievik was so far gone he would have to be on serious meds for a while before his personality could even be coherent enough to diagnose for a personality disorder.

  2. A left wing friend of mine recently said, “I heard that in court, Anders Breivik apologized to his followers for not having killed enough people.” I responded tersely that Mr. Breivik doesn’t have any followers.

    Some on the left are trying to make it appear that people who are concerned about the Islamification of The West are somehow big fans of Anders. Why this is, I’ll never understand because the murderous idiot did more damage to the cause than al-Quada would ever be able to do. I am definitely not a fan of Anders Breivik, and yes, the whole event is actually, though unthinkable, not politically important in the least. He represents no one.

  3. Something that might sound amusingly familiar to VT readers:

    Cross-cultural narcissism:

    The cross-cultural narcissist brings to his new country a certain amount of nationalistic pride, which he holds onto relentlessly. He refuses to adapt and will go to great lengths to maintain his sense of special identity. Cross-cultural narcissists often hook up with WOMEN WHO HAVE BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER, who tend to idealize and be mesmerized by men from another culture.

    Not a wholly unnoticed phenomenon around these parts, though of course it does NOT apply to all women who date men from other cultures. Just that women with borderline personality disorder are noticed by clinical and research psychiatrists to do so more often.

  4. Truthiocity says: “narcissism is to say they are competitive/insecure, and confident/resentful and who brags a lot, or bashes other peoples achievements- and who isn’t empathetic enough.”

    You just described a feminist

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