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7 Replies to “Ezra Levant does an excellent segment on the Iranian – Canadian embassy closures.”

  1. Let’s hope that this is the start of a trend. Let’s hope that other Western democracies cut national ties to Iran. Thuggish Islamic nations like Iran have done everything they can to isolate Israel, a tiny country surrounded by enemies. Make sure that Iran is isolated too. What goes around, comes around.

  2. The difference this time is that before the US had Presidents that would support Israel, now the US has a President that hates Israel.

  3. Very good news. At least Canadians have a Prime Minister with more balls than our sorry-assed, fraud in office. Obama should become a new name for duplicitous cowardice in the English language.

  4. “Teleprompter boy”….LOL……that’s funny but traitor-in-chief is more accurate. Kudos for Ezra for once again telling it like it is. I hope Canada mobilizes what resources she has to aid Israel. I know if I were young enough I’d volunteer to fight on the front lines for her.

  5. I have different suspicion. They did not wanted to close Canadian embassy in Tehran, but they wanted to close Iranian embassy in Canada. However to close Iranian embassy here, they had to close Canadian embassy there.

  6. While Canada makes a sound decision, here in Australia our vile dhimmi government sends senior diplomats to a meeting of non aligned nations in Iran. I can’t wait for “judgement day” in this world or the next when our left wing traitorous ruling elites WILL be held to account.

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