This is looking more and more like “honor killings”

I’ll be happy to be proved wrong, but as soon as a read the original story i thought this, highly educated, professionally successful, well integrated into British life and nominally muslim (caravanning through France doesn’t get much more normal). You know he’s going to be hated by his or his wife’s  observant family. I mean look at the bad example he sets to the kids? They’ll all look up to this “corrupt” peer model.

Well let’s hope his 2 surviving kids are not shipped away to be “reprogrammed”.

Family feud may have led to executions in the Alps

France shooting: Three victims were shot in the head
A British family murdered during a holiday in France may have been the victims of a contract killing triggered by a family feud, investigators believe.

By Gordon Rayner, Henry Samuel and Duncan Gardham

10:00PM BST 06 Sep 2012

Saad al-Hilli, 50, his wife Iqbal, 47, and Mrs Hilli’s 77-year-old mother were all shot dead in a ruthlessly efficient execution-style killing inside their family car. A French cyclist who was “in the wrong place at the wrong time” was also murdered.

The Hillis’ seven-year-old daughter Zainab, who was battered and shot, and her four-year-old sister Zeena, who escaped the killers by hiding in a passenger footwell, were both under armed guard in separate hospitals last night for fear that the killers would return for the only remaining witnesses to the slaughter.

Police sources in France said that the “professional” nature of the murders, with three of the victims shot in the centre of the forehead, pointed to a contract killing, with a “family drama” one of the possible motives.

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  1. I don’t think it is an “honor killing”. It may be family feud, it may be something connected to his work (he was freelance engineer and in the past worked on military projects), it may be even peripherally connected to honor killing but it does not look like “simple” honor killing.

  2. Interesting, Katia

    “(he was freelance engineer and in the past worked on military projects)”

    Begs the question . . .who was he working for? Sounds like a hit to eliminate loose ends in regard(state sponsored jihad?).

  3. I’ve heard from a trusted source,(he works in the same field as the male did) that the victim had worked for the MOD in Afghan. And it was a hit related to his work.

  4. There’s not enough evidence one way or the other yet, but I’m extremely comfortable in saying that Islam has its fingerprints on this somehow…

  5. Different sites offer additional details, often conflicting. To suggest a family member did this to the children is doubtful since the four year old was physically unharmed, having hidden under her mother during and 8 hours after – with the car still running when found. A family member would have known about the 4 year old child’s existence. The 7 year old was brutally beaten before being shot . . .suggesting an attempt to force information or items from the adults.

    According to a source close to the investigation, the French cyclist was hit by five bullets. The three people killed in the car, the driver and two women, were affected by two bullets.” . . .” “the victims died of multiple bullets, multiple gunshots, and all have at least one bullet that has been shot in the head,” . . .”
    The older seven-year-old sister Zainab is critically ill in an induced coma in hospital following the massacre yesterday near the popular Alpine resort of Annecy.

    She has fractured skull after being shot three times and according to police had been “very badly beaten”.


    One cyclist shot dead = 5 bullets
    3 adults shot execution style = only 2 bullets each

    “His [Saad al-Hilli] last employer SSTL, a satellite company belonging to the group EADS.” . . .”Saad could know secrets” dangerous.” . . .” Mr. al-Hilli was “an excellent father and a computer peerless” also cycling fan. “


    “Police searching for man in dark shirt driving 4×4 that witnesses saw speeding away from the area”.


    “Cops said that 15 cartridges were found around the car and that a “very large number” of shots had been fired by a gun – believed to be an automatic pistol.
    Sources said the ferocity of the attack suggested the gunmen were professional hitmen.”. . .”
    investigators were convinced that whoever was responsible was determined to ensure no witnesses were left alive. “. . .”
    “The main witness, a cyclist who discovered the grisly scene, said he was overtaken by another cyclist on the climb that leads to the parking lot where the shooting took place.

    “Arriving there, he found the cyclist on the ground with gunshot wounds near a car.” . . .”
    Police were rumoured to be investigating reports of a white car seen speeding away from the slaughter scene, although cops were speculating the killers may have got away by motorbike.”


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