Bearded clam and several cloth bags flip out at Japanese Airport security people

I have no idea what to make of this at all. I don’t know if its for real or if Benny Hill came back from the dead and made this himself and the burka-psychos are not really his wives or daughters or both but are actually a tiny British bald sidekick. But I felt it was worth doing the best subtitling job I could and reposting it here as its certainly entertaining whatever else it is and it certainly would not be the most irritating, demanding or entitled thing Muslims did that day or even that minute.

Here is the link where I got it and a description of the event but again, I have no idea if that description is from what is known or what is surmised.

H/T Don L

I have retitled this video, ‘We Three Tards in Orient Are’

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14 Replies to “Bearded clam and several cloth bags flip out at Japanese Airport security people”

  1. Thats why we ended up with 3000 dead on 9/11. Letting scumbags like this board planes without searching them for fear of being labeled an Islamophobe. It continues today. Did you see anyone approach this nut when he went crazy on them? When he went nuts that would have been time to call security and have him handcuffed. They all watched but nobody wanted to get too close to him. A good shot from a stun gun would have taken him down. Then stun the wife, she’s just as whacked out as he was.

  2. I don’t see the problem here. Berserk muzzie wants to board plane without his ugly better half who he’s hidden in what looks like a tent being searched. Tell him to use a camel instead to fly wherever they want to go, refund his money for the tickets and wish him bye bye.

  3. Islam and muslims…..the bloody laughing stock and lunatic fringe of humanity…..what a bloody farce……..the really sad part is this rabid bastard has a young boy in his arms who will grow up to be a mirror image of his cancerous father…….sad………

    Excellent post by the way…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. Nick Folkes. You hit on something there.

    Muslims use airports as a front of their jihad. Ya, I know – duh,

    but A japanese airport is significant because Japan isn’t allowing massive muslim immigration like other countries do.

    Also there are japanese involved in the coalition in Afganistan. I don’t recall in what capacity though.

    Also it looks like this vid was being made by someone who is a part of the muslim group. I noticed that a japanese airport worker put his hand over the camera for a second.

    This could be a stunt to cause incitement against Japan for their presence in Afganistan and because they aren’t letting these jihadist filth invade them.

    And/or to make them afraid in future to not search burka clad women. To put muslims in a superior position to other travellers – so as to avoid future headaches.

    It looks like paranoia to colclude it was premeditated. However these things often look like individual incidents but when looked at together or in proper context they can easily be seen to serve jihad related purposes.

  5. Congratulations Pakistan, you again have managed to demonstrate the world that you and your inmates are *the* scum of the earth. That wouldn’t really interest us, but our problem presently is that we’re not ruled by men but by insane, bowing and scraping appeasers.

  6. Japan .. don’t ever let these camel humpers get the upper hand. they are satanic evil KorAnimals and must be rejected everywhere they travel. Who the hell do Muslims think they are …. if you ask me nothing but sub-human caveman standards if you ask me.

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