Three gay men are burned to death for allah in Iraq April 2011

This clip was sent to me by Don L and translated just this evening for us by Nonie Darwish (Thank you very much Ms. D) and while it is a year old or so, I think its important to have this sort of thing out there so anyone who still thinks that Islam means something other than this, well maybe this will shake them up a bit.

This is harsh. It is several people being doused in fuel and set alight. Please be warned.

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  1. This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the love of muhammad and islam at its very finest…..and this, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why not one of us, not one single one of us, should be moved from our places in this fight against the darkness and murderous, sickening barbarity of islam……”the religion of peace”

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. islam seems to have no idea of the difference between right and wrong. What can one say about a religion, I say again just to remind myself, a religion of peace that can do horrors such as this and I am sure far worse. What kind of people are these followers of islam????

  3. They probably weren’t even gay, they were probably just good friends. Islam is not keen on affection, love or friendship.
    The real homosexuals were probably the bastards setting them on fire. After the fire had finished and they felt aroused to bursting point,they probably all went back home for a good, hard male orgy!

  4. hktony “islam seems to have no idea of the difference between right and wrong”

    That’s because the concept doesn’t exist in Islam. There is only what is permitted, and what is not permitted. Very different. Things to us which are clearly wrong because they are sick, barbaric and stomach churning, that only a retarded psychopath would do, are permitted in the ideological black death of Islam – so there’s no problem.

  5. Hi, i am a muslim from Turkey. I am not a scholar but read enough about holy koran and prophet muhammed (s.a.v)s life, practices, etc. I am absolutely sure by prophet’s saying(hadith) that burning any single living is strictly forbidden in islam regardless of its action. I am so curious to find the guys on the video and ask their resources of islam. If one searches islamic rules of war, he/she will come across statements better than geneva convention. My last message, judging religions through believers is a wrong methodology. I can find a christian(the guy killed many in the name of christianity in scandinavia), a budist(myanmar), an atheist (stalin, lenin) who were violent but by no means approved by jesus, budha, etc. Beware of false accusitions against religions and prophets especially without reading completely.

  6. Islam has 1400 years history and there had been many islamic empires and caliphates. See Andalucia, ottoman empire, etc. Saladin affected european chivalry so much. Why were they not that much cruel at their strongest times? How a barbaric religion managed to extend from spain to western china after the death of prophet muhammed (peace be upon him) in 70 years time in the hands of goat feeding desert arabs? Only %10 of that empire was muslim. Don’t you read, think and wonder how?

  7. bahadir:

    All those empires and caliphates you refer to, where taken by Islamic manifest destiny. It was acts of agression and war by muslims against non-believers that created those empires. The ‘kufar’ did not invite muslims in and ask to be ruled by them. Tamerlane was a muslim general who in the name of islam committed the worlds largest mass slaughter of all time against hindus.

    You also seem to not know, or are pretending to not know about the islamic rule of abrogation which allows korans more nasty and hateful and violent verses to supersede the more or less plagiarized from Christians and Jews, early verses of Medina.

    Before you make these kinds of statements, I would suggest that you study your own scripture a little. You will either be exposed here if you are doing taqiyya, or you will be outgunned if indeed you really don’t know this material.

  8. @bahadir: Moot point. Sure there are no “verses of the flame” in the quran and ahadith, nor are there any “verses of the bullet” either, but does that stop muslims from shooting people? There are however, plenty of “verses of the sword,” especially in the Medina quran. Lest you accuse me of “cherry picking” quranic sura, let me remind you the only possible way to make sense of the quran IS to PUT IT IN CONTEXT, so don’t waste your breath. Many here are more up to speed on Islamic theology than many muslims are. One has to be since the first Caliph, Umar had the book edited and arranged according to verse length, rather than chronology. After publication of the edited version, Umar had all other known copies destroyed. Rather brilliant of him, no?

    If you honestly wish to blunt criticism of islam, then quit wasting your time trying to convince us that islam is a “religion of peace,” (it’s not) and clean up your own house by frequently denouncing terrorism, bloodshed, and islamist supremacism world-wide.

    Since gambling is, how should I put it? Rather unislamic, it is never a good idea to bluff a non-muslim Westerner if one cannot effect a “poker face.” The Geneva and Hague Conventions do not allow for the customary three days of rape and pillage upon conquered civilian populations, or the selling of said population into slavery either as Muhammad had done with the women and children of the Banu Quraysa. Nor do the Geneva and Hague Conventions allow for the torture and beheading of prisoners, both civilian or combatant.

    You seem to have something backwards here, we judge islam by it’s founder, (Muhammad) so we can better understand it’s followers, and believe me, there is plenty of dirty, disgusting things about your so-called prophet to warrant our concern. Do your homework before you come back here and post.

  9. 1) First of first. Punishment by burning is forbidden in Islam. Here is my source:

    There are other hadiths and sources parallel but I did not hesitate to mention. Will you kindly apologize for telling a lie about Islam? If you don’t apologize, then you won’t be fair.

    2) Beni Qurayza: I know the story but everybody tells it chopped as if on a usual sunny day suddenly a massacre occured. Here is the source: To sum up, they broke the commitment with prophet (pbuh) and betrayed at the “battle of trench”. After the war ended, Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) went on them, suggested 3 choices. They rejected. After a 25 days siege, they surrendered. They requested to be judged by Sa’d ibn Mua’dh who was a man about to die because of his wounds. Sa’d then decreed the sentence according to the Torah, declaring that “the men should be killed, the property divided, and the women and children taken as captives”. (Deuteronomy 20/10-14). They even not judged according to Koran but judged according to Torah. And you say it is not fair, it is violence?

    3) “agression and war against non-believers created that empires” ?!

    Here we must be careful not to mess between politics, religion and obligations of the era.

    Religion: Think of yourself as a person near Jesus. Time is passing, some people born, some die, You are responsible to spread the holy words to people around the world. Roman empire permits neither bible nor prayings. You have to conquer it in order to spread the word. It is neither assimilation nor force conversion. Only inform.

    Politics and obligations of the era: Would ottoman empire survive if it preserved as a city state against Byzantium or Crusades? It was an era of war. You have to be strong to resist, weaken your opponent. That is the politics side.

    Lets read north africa and spain case whether to find out if the ‘kufar’ did invite muslims in:

    a few thousands man conquering spain in 7 years? Ignoring trinity-unity tension, Roderics effect, the peaceful con-existence of jews, christians and muslims in Andalucia, Ottoman Empire and Jerusalem, expel of jews and muslims from Spain by Christians after collapse of Islamic Empire, welcome of Jews expelled from Spain into Ottoman Empire, you have to work hard to ignore.

    We must also take into account the effect of merchandisers in spreading the Islam.

    One prophet oppose all Arabic leaders, conquers Mecca city, upside-down all culture, conquers lands around who are stronger and wealthier, Arabs in desert unite (i.e. like todays any simple African country), makes war with superpowers of time (Byzantium, Sassanid Empire) (i.e. like todays US and Russia). Overcomes them, extend to west and east by only using low tech swords, low experience of war, management culture, institutions where only %10 of population muslim.
    Ohh yes, I can shoot helicopters and war planes by AK-47 Kalashnikov. =) You must be highly ignoring something in this story.

    Why did not Ottoman assimilate Serbs, Greeks, Macedonians and others in more than 300 hundreds years time while Western colonists accomplished it in a single century in Africa?

    The Treaty of Umar (The second khalifah)

    4) By the way where is Mount Paran?

    “And he said, the Lord came from Sinai, and rose up from Seir unto them; and shined forth from Mount Paran and he came with ten thousands of saints: from his right hand went a fiery law for them.” (Deuteronomy 33:2)

    Sinai(Egypt) = Prophet Moses, Seir(Palestine) = Prophet Jesus, Mount Paran(Arabia) = Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)

    “The burden of Arabia. In the forest of Arabia shall ye lodge, O ye traveling companies of Dedanim.The inhabitants of the land of Tema brought water to him that was thirsty, they provided with their bread him that fled. For they fled from the swords, from the bent bow, and from the grievousness of war. For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Within a year, according to the years of an hireling, and all the glory of Kedar shall fail: And the residue of the number of archers, the mighty men of the children of Kedar, shall be diminished: for the Lord God of Israel hath spoken it. (Isaiah 21:13-16)”

    Who is Tema and Kedar? What is this scene is about? Maybe the Hegira and the war of Badr??

    5) The verses of holy Kuran and hadiths about non-muslims and
    Under which circumstances they apply:

    6) Let me give some rules of war of Islam:

    Do not kill women, children, or the elderly, nor cut down trees, burn buildings, or kill cattle or sheep except for eating purposes.

    Do not burn palm trees and do not flood vegetation. Do not pillage or betray

    Non-combatants should not be killed

    Women and children should not be killed

    Priests must not be killed

    Usage of poisonous arrow is prohibited.

    Islam forbids total extermination of a community

    Usage of captives as shields forbidden

    Execution of captives is forbidden even as a retaliation to enemy’s killing of muslim prisoners.

    so on.

  10. @badahir: I really don’t give a pig’s ass whether burning is haram or not per quran. Your sources are weak. Wikipedia is not the best reference for information since just about anybody can edit it, and your other references are nothing more than subjective muslim rubbish slanted towards an islamist worldview and replete with misinformation and outright lies. This so-called “Unitarian/Trinitarian” rivalry in Spain? WTF? You have no clue what Unitarianism is any more than the idiots who run that site. Unitarianism, though non-Trinitarian, came about in 16th Century Poland and Transylvania, later to emerge in Britain and North America, where it evolved into an extremely liberal, universalist theology. So liberal in fact that some of it’s clergy are admitted atheists. What you refer to is Arianism, not Unitarianism. Arianism was founded by Arius of Alexandria in the early 4th Century, and found it’s greatest converts among the Germanic tribes of Late Antiquity. Tribes such as the Vandals who settled in Roman North Africa, the Ostrogoths and Lombards who settled in Roman Italy, and the Visigoths who settled in Roman Hispania, filling a power vacuum left after Roman authority left Iberia. What transpired was an Arian Visigothic ruling elite governing a majority Trinitarian, Catholic, Ibero-Roman population In the 4th Century. This ended when the Visigothic King Reccared I converted to the Catholic faith along with the Visigothic nobility in AD 586. At this time, there was little distinction between the increasingly Romanised Visigoths and the Ibero-Roman majority and thus no major Arian/Trinitarian conflict. The ruling class went native so to speak, and so much for your islamically-slanted, historical revisionism. Muslims opportunistically invaded a Catholic state in the midst of civil war in order to spread islam, not to “rescue” some non-existant Arian Majority. They never were a majority in Spain, and most of them converted well over a hundred year’s prior. Now, moving right along to the persecution of Jews, which incidentally since I have Sephardic Jewish ancestry, I might just know a little about it. Would you care to enlighten us as to what happened in Granada in 1066? Does the name Joseph Ben Nagrella sound familiar?

    Now, as you stated, the Ottoman Turks did allow Spanish Jews to settle in the Ottoman Empire during the 16th Century, but even that had a cynical political motivation in light of the ongoing Osmanli/Habsburg rivalry. BTW, what was Suleiman doing in the suburbs of Vienna in 1529? Liberating Catholics from Catholic oppression? While we’re at it, lets examine early 20th Century Anatolia, and that forbidden subject that causes nothing but grief and misery to Turks everywhere, yes, The Armenian Genocide. What sayeth you? Oh, and what was this you were bloviating about “having to conquer it in order to spread the word?” You mean the 7th Century Roman Middle East? Rome was already Christian by that time, and you fucking muslims took advantage of Roman and Sassanian Persian weakness in order to conquer it.

    Now, you are nothing but an ignorant Neo-Ottomanist and a likely follower of Fehullah Gullen to boot. I will not apologise for telling the truth you arrogant pile of pig shit and I’ll piss on your pedophile prophet’s grave before I do.

  11. @randy63ism

    I am not a historian. But I think Armenians don’t tell the full story.
    If Islam and Turks were really enemy to Armenians and Christians
    why waited 600 years to erase Armenians from Anatolia?

    I think Armenians gambled when Ottoman Empire is busy with Russians, English and French
    where Turks were on the verge of total annihilation on their homeland Anatolia.

    I will put Ovanes Kaçaznuni’s report ( Hovhannes Katchaznouni in foreign sources, the first Prime Minister of Armenia) named “The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Has Nothing to Do Anymore”, declared in party congress in Bucharest in 1923 as an evidence.

    The Manifesto says: (source: Armenian Information Service, Suite 7D, 471 Park Ave.New York 22, 1955)

    “… At the beginning of the Fall of 1914 when Turkey had not yet entered the war but had already been making preparations, Armenian revolutionary bands began to be formed in Transcaucasia with great enthusiasm and, with especially, much uproar. Contrary to the decision taken during their general meeting at Erzurum only a few weeks before, the A.R.F. had [actively participated] in the formation of the bands and their future military action against Turkey (p. 5)…

    “… the formation of bands was wrong… contrary to the decision and the will of the General Meeting of the Party… Armenians had embraced Russia whole heartedly without any compunction… (p. 6) ….

    “… We had created a dense atmosphere of illusion in our minds. We had implanted our own desires into the minds of others… Armenians had overestimated the ability of the Armenian people… And by overestimating our very modest worth and merit we were naturally exaggerating our hopes and expectations (p. 7)…

    “… (The Armenian revolutionaries) had drawn such conclusions as though the Armenian issue was ‘the center of gravity of the Great War, its cause and purpose’… ‘Armenian national psychology’… [is] to seek external causes for [Armenian ] misfortune. .. One might think we found a spiritual consolation in the conviction that the Russians behaved villainously towards Armenians… later it would be the turn of the French, the Americans, the British, the Georgians, the Bolsheviks -and the whole world- to be so blamed (p. 8)

    Note: A.R.F. (Armenian Revolutionary Federation)

  12. @randy63ism

    First I want to stress on “some of the words in your reply”:
    fucking – pig – shit – I’ll piss on – I really don’t give a pig’s ass – rubbish – WTF

    I strongly condemn your disgusting insultings which services nothing but the evil.
    Shame on you

    You claim to know everything better than anyone,
    having rejected “sahih bukhari” as a source for hadith (one of the most trustworthy resources among islam)
    and supplying no references for your ideas in Islam, it seems there is nothing to do for me with you.

    It’s like we play basketball but it is forbidden for me to touch the ball . Yet it is a fair game.

    Who must I bill up the events listed below? Religion, nationalism, personal faults, politics???
    Do I have to say a word to Prophet Jesus?

    Srebrenica – The holland soldiers left 8000 muslim Bosnian civilians who gathered in UN safe zone to mercy of Serbian thugs which resulted in a massacre in the middle of the so-called modern Europe.
    Neo-nazis burning houses with families inside when they are asleep (Recently it is revealed that German secret service BND has organic relations with Neo-Nazis)
    Inquisitors in Europe who sometimes punished by burning
    Massacre of Jerusalem: “The Siege is notable for the massacre that followed, during which much of Jerusalem’s population was slaughtered.”
    Bombing hiroshima and nagasaki towns massacring civilians
    Collection and mass killing of jews systematically by Hitler
    The murder of 77 people by Anders Behring Breivik in Norway (In his 1,500-page manifesto, Breivik calls himself “a real European hero,” “the savior of Christianity” and “the greatest defender of cultural conservatism in Europe since 1950.”)
    After Colin Powell lying about existance of chemical bombs in Iraq, hundreds of thousand (some say 2 million) people died in Iraq which only a very very small percentage is US and Iraq soldier.
    US and France blocked UN to take action against ongoing Rwanda massacre.
    Francois Mitterand said after the massacre in Rwandan Genocide where 800.000 people got killed in 100 days by machetes due lack of guns : “In such countries, genocide is not too important…”
    Later Thierry Prungnaud declared that he saw French soldiers at shooting training with civilian militants although France rejected it.
    “When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.” Desmond Tutu

    Vasco De Gama: On his second voyage, Vasco da Gama inflicted acts of cruelty upon competing traders and local inhabitants,
    which sealed his notoriety in India. During his second voyage to Calicut, da Gama intercepted a ship of Muslim pilgrims at Madayi
    travelling from Calicut to Mecca. Described in detail by eyewitness Thomé Lopes and chronicler Gaspar Correia as one that is unequalled in cold-blooded cruelty,
    da Gama looted the ship with over 400 pilgrims on board including 50 women, locked in the passengers, the owner and an ambassador from Egypt and
    burnt them to death.

    You think as if you get rid of muslims, and you will end up with a heaven.
    Here is a suggestion/experiment from me to whom that thinks similar to you.,
    Get out of muslim lands. Expel muslims in your countries.
    Never let any muslim in your countries, never come to muslim countries.
    Don’t sell anything to us. Don’t buy anything from us.
    No diplomacy, no communication, no intervention, no war, no enemy, no collonization, no democratization,
    no support for coups and dictators in muslim countries, no milking, no revolt and civil war organization by secret services,
    no selling of guns…

    As if we mutually do not exist.
    Find different markets for yourself. Find different enemies. OK?
    So that any harm from anything touches you
    You won’t be able to blame Islam.
    I don’t want to hear your hate oriented speech anymore.
    And let the God who knows the truth judge between us on judgement day.

    A question: Why mongols who were dominant to the Islamic empires militarly latter became muslim?
    Brute force?

    How did a community like Meccan Arabs who were best at trade but not at warfare or administration varing nations managed to do so.

    For the spread of Islam you can read:
    Although you don’t trust wikipedia there are more references than your comments.
    Some important points from the text:

    “Conversion initially was neither required nor necessarily wished for: “(The Arab conquerors) did not require the conversion
    as much as the subordination of non-Muslim peoples. At the outset, they were hostile to conversions because new Muslims diluted
    the economic and status advantages of the Arabs.”[5]”

    “At the end of the Umayyad period, less than 10% of the people in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and Spain were Muslim.
    Only on the Arabian peninsula was the proportion of Muslims among the population higher than this.[7]”

    “The question of why people convert to Islam has always generated intense feeling. Earlier generations of European scholars believed that
    conversions to Islam were made at the point of the sword, and that conquered peoples were given the choice of conversion or death.
    It is now apparent that conversion by force, while not unknown in Muslim countries, was, in fact, rare.
    Muslim conquerors ordinarily wished to dominate rather than convert, and most conversions to Islam were voluntary.”

    “Moreover, conversion to Islam did not necessarily imply a complete turning from an old to a totally new life.
    While it entailed the acceptance of new religious beliefs and membership in a new religious community, most converts retained
    a deep attachment to the cultures and communities from which they came.[8]”

    “Under the Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphs, Christianity enjoyed, with few exceptions, great freedom and respect throughout all the Muslim Empire,
    as can be seen from the facts and data collected by Assemani and Bar-Hebraeus, according to which many Nestorian and Jacobite patriarchs
    from the 7th to the 11th centuries received diplomas, or firmans, of some sort from prophet Muhammad himself, from Umar, Ali, Marwan, Al-Mansur,
    Harun al-Rashid, Abu Ja’far, and others. (Shedd, op. cit., 239-241; Assemani, De Catholicis Nestorianis, 41-433 sqq; Bar-Hebraeus,
    Chronicon Ecclesiasticum I, 309, 317, 319, 325; II, 465, 625; III, 307, 317, 229, 433, etc.; and Thomas of Marga, op. cit., II, 123, note:)”

    “Having accepted the surrender, Omar then entered Jerusalem with Sophronius “and courteously discoursed with the patriarch concerning its religious
    antiquities”.[16] When the hour for his prayer came, Omar was in the Anastasis church, but refused to pray there, lest in the future Muslims should use
    that as an excuse to break the treaty and confiscate the church. The Mosque of Omar, opposite the doors of the Anastasis, with the tall minaret,
    is known as the place to which he retired for his prayer.”,_count_of_Ceuta (the guy who invited)

    Your comments and blames are superficial ignoring other factors and relating every crime with Islam.

    I can not convince anybody other than informing. Because Allah says us it is Allah who can open the hearts to Islam.
    So I don’t see any point to proceed.

  13. @eeyor

    Both Tamerlane and Saladin was muslim. But whose actions were more appropriate to holy Quran?
    That is the point, we must search for. While Tamerlane waging war mostly against Islamic empires,
    fostering wealth in India, Saladin defended against Crusaders. He did not do any massacre in Jerusalem despite what Crusaders did previously,
    He died in Damascus as a relatively poor man.

    I indeed have read the holy koran totally opposite to what you claimed.
    Indeed to comment about a verse, you have to know for what occasion it
    revealed for. Most people gave example as 5th verse of Surah At-Taubah which
    is one of the final Surah of Koran. But if you don’t know what this verse is revealed for,
    you can easily misinterpret it. It is only for the infidels who broke up their commitments against Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).
    People who comment about it generally skip the soft and fair 4,6,7th verses of the same Surah At-Taubah.

    Also verse 256 of surah baqarah is another soft one,
    Having known that “surah baqarah” started to reveal at 622 after hicra continued until the death of prophet muhammed (pbuh) 632,
    one of the final verses of Quran says “There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion.”

    I also suggest you to check along with references:

    To sum up,
    Koran has some warnings and restrictions to Prophet Muhammed. Why one do it to himself, if it is not the words of the God?
    Koran has some verses which is understood only after some scientific discoveries of 20th century such as
    “mountain roots”, “floating of earth crust”, “constant expansion of universe”, “relativity of time”, etc.
    Some hadiths say: “on the last period of the world, people will speak with their scourge.
    What had happened at their house will be informed to them” Really an impossible foresight (of digital tech) for a plain man in 7th century.
    Again another hadith advices us only to use gold and silver as money. Not printed paper. After the world economic crisis, we now understand why.
    Noble Koran forbiddens earning money by interest. After watching “Zeitgeist addendum” I realized how meaningful it is.
    Prophet Muhammed did not drink alcohol. He pried 5 times a day including nights and never missed any except one in the “battle of trench” where
    every single mans existence was crutial. He fasted during Ramadan without drinking water and eating nothing in the middle of desert.
    He distirubuted all of his wealth to poors and died as a poor man. He ate less, sleept less, talked less, never laughed but smiled.
    He never lied as if his enemies admired his commitments. I can populate the examples, evidences, questions.

    I mentioned previously about the verses in Torah informing about the Prophet Muhammed. Even some hindu scriptures authentic (1500 BC and 1000 BC)
    informs us coming of someone extraordinary from the desert, where camels used, who will have 12 wives, whose name is the same as Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)
    by the meaing.

    This is my last comment on this site. I will work to build up my own blog to tell about prophet Muhammed and why he can’t be a normal man but God’s
    messenger from different perspectives (atheistic, jewish, christian, hindu, etc)

    I hope you a clear sight from Allah

  14. Bahadir,

    Those who rush to accuse Islam know very well that the thugs who burn humans to death do no represent Islam. They accuse Islam because they simply ignore its lights. They do not do any effort to really discover the fastest-growing religion in the world. They run away from the lights of Islam because their hearts are full of hate, hate first and foremost for their own selves:
    “They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it”, Quran 61/8.

    With due love, we invite them to enjoy the same lights that are lighting up your heart, your life, and your second life, beloved brother Bahadir.

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