Hundreds of Egyptians protest the new Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) government

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From Israel National News:

Egypt: Clashes Erupt During Anti-Morsi Protest in Cairo

Hundreds of Egyptians hit the streets to demonstrate against President Morsi. Clashes erupt in Cairo.

By Elad Benari, Canada

First Publish: 8/24/2012, 9:08 PM


Anti-Morsi protesters hold a large Egyptian flag and chant slogans

Anti-Morsi protesters hold a large Egyptian flag and chant slogans

Hundreds of Egyptians hit the streets on Friday, to demonstrate against President Mohammed Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood. It was the first and most significant anti-Morsi rally since he was elected.

The biggest demonstration took place in Tahrir Square in the capital Cairo, where Morsi’s opponents, who are mostly from Egypt’s liberal stream, clashed with his supporters.

According to reports in Egypt, the sides began throwing stones and other objects at one another. It was also reported that security forces intervened and arrested some participants.

Demonstrations against Morsi were also held in several other cities in Egypt, but no violent incidents were recorded outside of Cairo. The protesters claimed that Morsi is trying to monopolize and centralize authority in Egypt and shouted, “Do not let one group to take over all of Egypt.”

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6 Replies to “Hundreds of Egyptians protest the new Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) government”

  1. Maobama is implementing new gasohol standards, Meaning the global price of food is going to increase. Also the Foreign Currency reserves of Egypt will deplete in a year. Along with the drought, this triple whammy will hit the governing Muslim Brotherhood like a freight train.

    The Egyptian government tried to halt the buying & selling of gold in June. They recognize that they are in heap big trouble. Unfortunately they will not do the things necessary to remedy the situation such as trade with Israel, not kill tourists, etc.

    Life is hard when you do not do good, straight forward things. Workarounds to avoid doing the right thing is well unworkable.

  2. No problem, Morsi will auction all artifacts in the museum to finance his tyrannical rule. Or Israel could just bomb the Aswan Dam to wash Morsi away !

  3. John given the state of the crops around here a lot of the third world is going to go hungry, and Obama is doing all he can to see that the price of food in North America is at least double what we now have.

  4. What was it that morsi stated “I am here for all Egyptions, race or religion” well thats a typical mustard load of pigshit! this slimy little pig fart couldnt lie straight in bed!

  5. I’m sure the William Haigh and the idiot in the White House will stop at nothing to make sure these protestors overthrow this tyranny. What they won’t do anything? How can this be?
    Instead they’ll be falling over themselves to impoverish their own people whilst propping up the hideous regimes they helped to usher in. Nothing like cognitive dissonance, it could be the defining human trait that rules the world.

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