United Church decision on boycott outrages Jewish community and betrays its own members

82% of its members said stay out, stay neutral or side with Israel, and 13% said they don’t know. So what does the United Church do? Starts a BDS campaign siding with palestinians.
taken from http://www.cija.ca/press-releases/press-release-united-church-decision-on-boycott-outrages-jewish-community-and-betrays-its-own-membership/

Full survey here http://www.cija.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Survey-of-Active-United-Church-Members-on-the-Israeli-Palestinian-Conflict.pdf

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs is outraged by today’s decision by the United Church of Canada to single out Israeli communities for boycott. The Centre is equally offended by the Church’s expression of regret for previously calling for Palestinian recognition of Israel’s Jewish character. This decision represents a radical shift in the United Church’s policies, betrays the views of the vast majority of its members, and flies in the face of decades of constructive interfaith dialogue.

An independent survey commissioned by the Centre in partnership with a grassroots group within the United Church, Faithful Witness, dramatically demonstrated the extent to which the new policy is at odds with the views of the Church’s congregants. The survey was shared with all Church clergy and with Commissioners at this General Council; a copy of the results is included below. The Church’s decision to support boycott in full knowledge of these survey results confirms the extent to which this decision was driven by narrow ideology rather than by a desire to faithfully represent the views of the membership.

“In choosing this morally reckless path, the United Church has equally dismissed the concerns of the overwhelming majority of the Canadian Jewish community. No mainstream Jewish organization, including Canadian Friends of Peace Now, endorses Boycott. Even the leadership of the American left-wing group J-Street has publicly condemned boycotts as counterproductive,”said David Koschitzky, Chair of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

“Support for the boycott tactic is limited to a small fringe. Tragically, the UCC chose to join that fringe, rather than listen to the nearly 100,000 families who are members of Jewish Federations across Canada, and on whose behalf the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs speaks. The Church equally ignored some 70 Canadian Rabbis of all streams and from every province, representing tens of thousands of Canadian Jewish families, who made their opposition known in writing.

“In adopting this position, the United Church has rejected the path of balance, and has chosen to explicitly ally itself with those who formally reject the two-State solution and who deny the historical right of the Jewish people to a homeland. In so doing, they have damaged the Church’s standing amongst Canadians and have profoundly compromised the UCC’s ability to play any constructive role in making a positive impact for peace,” said Koschitzky.

To see the results of a survey of United Church members commissioned by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs and in partnership with Faithful Witness, a grassroots group of United Church clergy and members, click here

7 Replies to “United Church decision on boycott outrages Jewish community and betrays its own members”

  1. As time goes by, more and more leftists thumb their noses at everybody, and betray their authoritarian inclinations. To hell with this church’s leadership.

  2. How can we contact the UCC directly to register our outrage?

    It’s hard to glean this information from their website. I’ve asked the Centre for Jewish and Israel Affairs to provide this contact information to their subscribers. Posting at the UCC’s Wondercafe would be time-consuming, soul-sucking, and detrimental to any faith in reason and humanity that I have left.

  3. How quickly everything is changing. A prominent Christian church becomes a leftist political activist group, the USA turns turtle to support Islamists, Europe is melting away before our eyes… even Bhuddists are now being blamed as genocidal.

    How sadly effective has the Islamist propaganda campaign been on the moldable and pliable minds of the soon-to-be-not-so-Free World.

  4. This is unconscionable. The leftist tail is wagging the dog as in dictatorship NOT church council. Members should demand this be undone immediately or leave the “church” en masse.

  5. You can get an account on their forum, Wondercafe (google to get link), if you want to waste time arguing with the nut bars that hang out there. There are several threads on Israel.

  6. What a disgraceful decision by the UCC to boycott the only decent state in the middle east. The misguided UCC has decided to back Islamist bigots over tolerant Jews.

    The vast majority of Christians including myself do not support the BDS campaign. Regrettably there are some Christians and Jews who support the BDS against Israel. Anyone who supports the BDS is a mentally unstable and bordering on the insane.

    I stand with Israel!

  7. I am of the opinion that these church leaders are not men of God. They are not particularly religious or spiritual (pick your word). The church or any church organization is just a hierarchy to climb so that you can get all the perks & renumeration. I think like good monkeys they counted them & us. With current population & demographic trends, they think that others will win so they want to be accommodationist. they are more afraid of what will happen this life than the next.

    They don’t believe in Pascal’s wager. They believe man lives by bread alone. They might as well have as their creed, “if it feels good, do it”.

    Look at the benefits for them. They accommodate & morph & what do they get? Lost of women & no shame. It is a racket that should be prosecuted under RICO. What do you want to be that mullahs & imans have more wives than the average joe. What does the statistical distribution look like on that?

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