Suspicion about explosives in two flights to the USA

Original translation by Hermes

From Focus.De

According to information from FOCUS Online, serious incidents happened on Tuesday in two transatlantic flights to the USA from the Frankfurt airport. The two planes remained for security reasons on the ground due to the strong suspicion that explosive charges were placed in the washrooms (of the planes).

As confirmed by US Airways on Wednesday upon request, flight 703 to Philadelphia was – among others – cancelled. This was also confirmed by eyewitnesses to FOCUS Online. After having checked-in, one was told that an indefinable package was found in the washrooms of the plane”, Alberto Friedmann, a trainer of the US Martial Arts team said.

After this, the planes were taken to a remote and secured place. There the company informed the passengers on board that they were dealing with a suspicion regarding explosive charges. The passengers had to wait for 2 hours before being allowed to leave the plane. Friedman also said that he got to know from the flying company that a total of 3 flights to the USA were cancelled due to security reasons.

Suspicious person on board

The police authorities dealing with this issue did not want to answer questions, but they confirmed another incident on flight 118 of the United Airlines from Frankfurt to New York with 118 passengers and 9 crew members. The captain halted the starting procedure at about 09:30 a.m.

„The crew had suspicion that a person on board was acting in a rather suspicious way and had eventually smuggled a dangerous object into the plane”, a spokesperson said to FOCUS Online. The Federal Police then searched the entire plane taking security measures. The passengers and the baggage was checked again, and the suspicion was cleared up. The flight in question was annulled by the company, and the passengers were transferred to other flights or temporarily accommodated in hotels.

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7 Replies to “Suspicion about explosives in two flights to the USA”

  1. Can you imagine the stupidity of telling the passengers that there may be a bomb on the plane then not allowing them to leave for 2 hours?????? They’re lucky they weren’t trampled to death.

  2. I checked Foxnews. Nothing on the main page.

    I like the phrase “the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth”. It covers all bases.

    Editors at news organizations omit stories, stress some facts over other (spin) & other stuff. Which circle of Dante’s Hell do they deserve to dwell in?

  3. 3 Flights & this doesn’t make news? I think if it was one flight that was over the Atlantic coming to the U.S. it would have made news. But since it is on the tarmac in a country far far away. Nothing. It didn’t happen.

  4. A Web search on the phrase (flight 703 to Philadelphia +explosives) found these sites listed on the 1st page of search results. The main stream news media does not care. They need to be fired.

  5. Thank you for doing that work John and you make an important point.

    Our translator, Hermes, does a meticulous job and works from well known Spanish and German news sources. So you are right. Why are these events not being reported?

    I know that in England there is an actual government policy that news which looks bad for Islam can only be reported in local papers. So for example when a Muslim rape gang gets caught it can only be written up in what amounts to a community newspaper.

    Of course we reproduce it here as a kind of aggregate of this kind of info. A work around for government policy and not a very effective one as we only get four to five thousand viewers a day most of whom already understand the issue.

    So maybe there is a more global version of this rule brought out by the US government and/or the UN for the same reasons. If it makes Islam look bad, only publish locally.

    I guess we should be happy that its published at all. I am pretty confident that will change soon, if it hasn’t already. I mean how can we know what we are not being told, right?

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