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10 Replies to “Footage of today’s riots in France”

  1. Heard the chanting of allahu akhbar at the start of top video, this is the price France/Hollande pays for the mozlem vote!!

  2. Soo

    Good Lord, NO. These aren’t the first riots, there have been much worse, when was it, back in 2005, 2006. If they haven’t understood by now, they probably never will. They just voted to be able to continue the partying. Party hard, until the whole razzmatazz collapses. And make no mistake about it, collapse it will.

  3. cassandra

    Hollande himself doesn’t pay for ANYTHING. On the contrary. He’s cashing in, hard. The ones who pay are “les français de souche” who, for financial reasons, are trapped like rats in the cages of parasitic, criminal multiculturalism.

  4. Yeah Fred they will pay, probably very soon. They are continuing the softly, softly approach which will only increase the demands of the Moslems and increase the number of causalities when the real fighting starts.

  5. Yes Richard, and, same as in all European countries, the result of gun control laws being that WE for the greater part are NOT armed, and THEY for the greater part ARE, it is not difficult to predict on which side the biggest numbers of victims will be counted.

  6. The biggest number of victims will end up being the one the military doesn’t support, in Europe all nations will find their fate decided by which side their military supports.

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