Tis one law for me, another for thee

Did you hear about the guy who was fired from his retail job because he was wearing a Che T shirt at a leftist rally? You know Che? Castor’s personal torturer and the man who believed in slaughtering whole villages if it meant forcing communism on the area would be achieved? You didn’t hear about that?

Well how about the civil servant who was let go because he belonged to a communist party on his own time and who wanted to destroy the capitalist system and impose a new communist order.

No? doesn’t ring a bell?

OK how about the guy who was fired from his union trades job because of his affiliations with the Occupy movement as well as taking part in other illegal protests like BDS, the belief that Israel must be destroyed by having no international commerce with them at all.


Well that’s because to the best of my knowledge, none of those things ever happened.

This did though…

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3 Replies to “Tis one law for me, another for thee”

  1. If what we know as centrist is now to be defined as “far-right” (a meaningless term) and our society wishes to fully support a bizarre combination of Sharia totalitarian supremacy and communist shell-game utopian economic theory as well as totalitarian politics, then hell on earth will reign.

    It’s time for critical mass, a groundswell of rational folks to reign in this madness.

  2. This is a real hatchet job. At no point were we told what Mr. Knowles’s opinions actually are. He is an old fashioned liberal. The organization that he is part of (The ICLA) has supported Muslims dissidents, as well as persecuted sects such as the Armadiyya.

    The mission statement of the organization (http://www.libertiesalliance.org/mission-statement-2/mission-statement/) includes freedom of worship and equality before the law.

    This is state [TV and local authority] persecution, and should be opposed by all right-thinking people.

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