I noticed this part especially….

 The confrontation quickly escalated into a shoving match, with several dozen young bystanders joining in and carloads of police reinforcements speeding up to lend a hand. Before long it erupted into what was described in the National Assembly in Paris as a riot, during which a female police officer was bitten on the arm and two of her male colleagues were bashed and bruised.

NOTE: Biting is traditional way Muslim females express themselves when angered. The Sowdy princess, Deema Turki al-Saud allegedly bit her staff on a regular basis. Read the report here.

By Edward Cody, Updated: Thursday, August 9, 2:00 PM

MARSEILLE, France — Though it was almost midnight, streets were full of Muslim families taking a stroll after breaking the Ramadan fast with a late dinner. As two policemen drove by a storefront recycled as the Grand Sunna Mosque, they noticed a woman wearing flowing black robes and a full-face veil.

The policemen alighted from their patrol car and challenged the woman on her veil, which has been illegal in France since April 2011. After an angry exchange, police said later, the woman shouted that she would not abide by the anti-veil law, and a youth told police they had no business patrolling the neighborhood and accosting its predominantly Muslim residents.

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  1. An impossible situation.

    There are areas in Paris that look like Africa; there are thousands of them and hundreds wear the freedom sack.

    No single policeman can take any action on his own; it would be suicide. If the police would go in with say, hundreds of police and try to arrest them all there would be instant riots.

    This is going to get bloody.

  2. I think Lies Hebbadj is the owner, and not the wearer. Thinks he owns several.

    He married one of them, thus getting entry to the country and French nationality. Then he owns some more outside marriage. Don’t know the number.

  3. sheik yer’mami it is going to get very bloody, for the past 60+ years Pas Americana has kept the peace in Europe, this combined with the lack of historical education has lead people to believe that peace is the norm in Europe It isn’t, historically the long peace is an anomaly, Europe usually has a major war every 15 to 25 years, some of which have lasted for decades. What we are witnessing is the return to the historical norm for Europe, and the pent up frustrations and national rivalries are coming to a head, combined with the war against the Moslem invaders.

  4. Ditto.

    Peace is interval between wars.

    War is a constant.

    The absence of war has led Europe into a delusional state of permanence and security which comes to a natural end with the import of a mohammedan proletariat.

  5. Yup, and they are now facing the reality, just as reality is reaching up and slapping the entire world in the face with the economic mess brought about by the socialist economies, there are rules of economics that can’t be violated just as there are rules of physics that can’t be violated. The economic rules take longer, ofter a lot longer to punish the violators but they end up punishing them.

  6. a youth told police they had no business patrolling the neighborhood and accosting its predominantly Muslim residents.

    Oh yes they can go anywhere they want and they were’nt accosting this “woman” they were upholding the law so if the predominantly Muslim residents dont like the law, they should piss off back to their flea infested country

  7. Also we are returning to the norm with jihad. We did have a long period when the muzzies were down but now they are sensing the need to go crazy for Allah. It is possible that we may have another cessation of activity when they realise it is all but impossible to destroy and take over the infidel but that realisation may not be in our lifetime.
    The oriental races seem to have taken the most vigorous action against the Jihad and have amassed huge economic resources.
    The african races have taken no real action but the jihad is just part of the mix of chaos for that young continent.
    The brown race is the hub of Islam and is the “brain!” centre of action for the jihad. Hence the focus on the middle east.
    The brown race of infidels in India are in stalemate and leave it at that though they do beat the muzzies in war on a regular basis. The jihad in Kashmir is over and the soldier of Allah have given up and gone home.
    The white race is capable of crushing entire countries for the destruction of two towers but is hamstrung by a muslim loving whitehouse and political correctness. The populace on the other hand have woken up to the threat.
    The main thing is the middle east. That is actually being destroyed country by country and the west do have a hand in that. Iraq is destroyed. Syria is on the way. Egypt is totally bankrupt and is down on its hands and knees with a begging bowl to the Saudis who give few billion now and again but keep them on short leash. Iran is just talk and no action. Run by inbred idiots with a gdp per capita that is close to third world levels. Yemen is aiming to be the next Afghanistan. One day all of the middle east will be like Pakistan and Afghanistan. Yemen used to have oil and now it has nothing and is just a basket case of drug taking and jihad.
    The king pins are the wealthy gulf states and leader of them is Saudi and they will keep the world hot for jihad for a long time while their petrodollars roll in. However, therein lies the nub, when the oil runs out it will be too late. For the Saudis the crunch time will be in about ten years when they will start showing credit problems on a regular basis. Interesting times ahead.

  8. What about Canada, the situation here is getting worse.
    The insidious government in Ontario, provincial/municipal, allows women to join public service, police yet, wearing hijab….

    The trojan horse of tolerance will destroy this country….while people were sleeping we allowed the sikhs to bully us into changing one of our traditional uniforms in the police, RCMP, with their backward costumes….

    Also, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT allows these backward head costumes in their employees, in guards in prisons etc.

    People should be joining on mass, writing politions, demanding these practices of creeping sharia be changed immediately, before it becmes so accepted that people will just say, ‘whats the fuss about’


  9. Focusing on costumery is not the key Morticia. I sense your concern. However, it is important to win on that issue but not lose the larger picture. The real key is the funding of jihad and creeping sharia. Once the muzzies are out of oil you will see in your own life time that they have become quiet as mice. Just imagine Saudi and Kuwait like Yemen. That is the future and it is coming sooner than you think. With nothing but tribal wars, jihad and drugs we can easily forget them. They will be ashamed of Allah and their Islam.

  10. Don my contacts in the oil industry say that the evidence for the abiotic oil theory is increasing by orders of magnitude, according to this theory oil isn’t a fossil fuel but is created by chemical processes deep in the crust or mantle. From there it works its way up through cracks in the rock until it builds up enough pressure to break through. If this theory is correct (and I think it is) no oil field is ever pumped out, you just have to wait until they refill. From what I have learned many of the old fields in the US are refilling and some wells have to be pumped to prevent the pressure creating a wild well (blowout with fire).

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