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This article was brought to us and translated by Hermes and edited and posted by Gates of Vienna:

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As a follow-up to last night’s post about the cop-killing in Madrid, this article from Público provides more details.

Many thanks to our Spanish correspondent Hermes for the translation:

A female police agent was killed in a shooting in Madrid

The events occurred this midday [yesterday] in the district of Usera, in Madrid, where two men from the Maghreb who were trying to hold up a post office began to shoot at the officers. One of the robbers allegedly snatched a pistol away from one of the agents.

The 62-year-old female agent had stopped a getaway vehicle in which the criminals were trying to escape from a post office. His 52-year-old colleague was wounded in the shoulder.

The agent died from the wounds caused by the shots she sustained in the chest, sources from the emergency services said. This was later confirmed by Town Planning Councillor Paz González. Police sources indicated that the shooting happened after the robbery at the post office took place.

This event occurred at about 12:15 p.m. in a commercial zone in the district of Usera, near the 12 de Octubre hospital. The agent, Carmen Muñoz García, who was 62 years old, was at first treated on location by the emergency healthcare personnel, but nothing could be done to save her life. The other agent, Santiago Lozano, aged 52, was injured during the shooting, which happened near the corner of Eduardo Barreiros street and Poblados avenue. He received a bullet wound in the shoulder, for which he was brought to the 12 de Octubre hospital after having been treated by the Samur [Municipal Emergency and Civil Rescue and Protection service].

The two main suspects for the shooting are two men [from the Maghreb] who had just committed a robbery at Post Office No. 77, located at no. 5 Eduardo Barreiros street, a member of the security service who arrived at the scene after the robbery said. The two men, who were armed with large knives and a revolver, took all the money from the post office, and also robbed the employees and the customers who were inside the post office. They also tried unsuccessfully to open the safes. After spending ten minutes in the post office, the two men left for a nearby shopping centre, the same sources said.

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  1. Spain is a beautiful country and strong on tradition. Every year they celebrate the reconquest. The fiesta’s are fabulous, the one’s I’ve seen were generous in the depiction of the moors contribution to Spanish history (in a gracious in victory kind of way) The best costumes are usually worn by the Moorish side too, but I can see history repeating itself in the future and Spain facing another reconquista

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