France brushes off US criticism of burqa ban

I have a great idea. Why not have Barack Hussein Obama run for president of France?

From Expatica

Paris on Tuesday brushed off a US State Department report that criticised France for banning Muslim women from wearing full veils.

“Our conception of secularism is a common heritage of all French people, which implies rules that encourage social harmony in the public space and in public schools,” said a foreign ministry spokesman.

In its 2011 International Religious Freedom Report, the State Department complains about a “rising number of European countries, including Belgium and France, whose laws restricting dress adversely affected Muslims and others”.

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7 Replies to “France brushes off US criticism of burqa ban”

  1. Every foreign policy action, and I mean every one, is based erroneous initial beliefs about the world and its cultures. These provincial politicians display that famous American trait of believing that there is nothing beyond the borders of the USA, and it shows in the almost sublime un-knowingness, ignorance really, and coupled with a righteous arrogance that they can superimpose their attitudes on other nations. It’s beyond just self-interest. We could see it from the Bush crowd in response to 9/11, and since 2008 the US has taken it to another even rarified level of disconnect.

    And therefore, in foreign policy, every action and policy the USA takes is wrong. Approaching 100% wrong, the few that are correct are correct for the same reason that a broken clock is correct twice a day.

    Apparently Obama was right – the US is “unexceptional” in competence, in foreign policy at least.

  2. If the government can tell you that you can’t NOT wear certain things (you get arrested if you visit the public space naked), then it can also tell you you can’t wear certain things. Social exposure to disguised persons is psychologically unsettling to people to whom these types of customs are foreign. If they insist on wearing their rags and tatters, deport them.

  3. “whose laws restricting dress adversely affected Muslims and others”.

    Does it bother to mention who those ‘others’ are? Are we talking bank robbers, burglars and muggers – or just bleedin’ hearts?

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