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3 Replies to “Ezra Levant: Islam’s war on women”

  1. How can Ezra say such an ignorant thing, he says ‘we have laws to protect people from that’ in response to Tareks comment about all the first cousin marriages,.\…….

    Why Why Why is there no public acknowledgment whatsoever, that in 1990, in Canada our laws changed, to allow first cousins to marry, but worse than that, I think we also allow aunts to marry their nephews, and now neices, and uncles to marry their neices and nephews,
    Is there no one who will research this important culture changing issue and demand, DEMAND that our governemtn, change this back to sanity…and prevent these ignorant backward cultures from perpetuating incestuous practices here in Canada

  2. Fatah again. Muslims have “poisoned” nothing. Islam the most powerful anti women’s rights movement on earth and imho he deliberately covers that up. Seems logical, for he is still a muslim, for some reason. Watch his face while carefully selecting his words when Ezra asks him (around the 3:00 mark) about the roots of the whole thing, love it.

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