Outrage as Birmingham play centre bans dads

More sneaking of sharia into the UK.

From Birmingham Mail:

Kids Go Wild

Kids Go Wild

A BIRMINGHAM children’s centre has been plunged into a sexism row after openly telling dads: “You’re banned.”

Kids Go Wild recently opened in Sparkhill and boasts it is the first soft play venue in the country for just mums and their kids.

Staff have told dads they are not allowed in for ‘‘cultural’’ reasons – but the Equality and Human Rights Commission is now looking into the ban.

Kids Go Wild advertises itself as “the UK’s first ladies and children’s only soft play centre.”

Staff openly tell men they are not allowed in and a flyer posted to homes in the city reads: “Ladies and children only. No boys over nine allowed.”

They claim the ban is for “cultural” reasons and in the interests of the “predominantly Asian” local community.

But a Tyseley dad-of-one, who was handed a flyer, said: “It’s completely disgusting – it’s sexist. To turn me away because I’m a man is against the Equality Act.”

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is now set to look into the ban at the venue in Fernley Road.

When the Birmingham Mail rang the play centre a woman who claimed to be the manageress, but who refused to give her name, defended the policy.

She said: “It’s a predominantly Asian community around here and we’re catering for that. It’s a cultural thing.

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7 Replies to “Outrage as Birmingham play centre bans dads”

  1. Once again the race card has come out to play, predominantly “Asian” community why cant they just say MUSLIM is it so hard to say MUSLIM, MUSLIM, MUSLIM so fucking easy.

  2. This is, how do I put this? Bull dust! Any Father with his kid/s would be more worried about his own kids safety than “kiddie fiddling” FFS! And as for the no boys over 9 rule?!?! You have to wonder what these arseholes are smoking really.

  3. Given men and male ‘youth’ are not permitted inside . . .this provides the perfect opportunity to take advantage of their cowardly non-use of the term “Muslim-only” and infiltrate the operation to provide discreet information about obtaining safe escape/safe harbor for female apostates and their young children.

  4. Since they’re so hell bent on preserving their “cultural” identity, round them up in ghettos, build fences around them, and throw away the key. We’ve had it with this scum.

  5. If all the local Sikhs, Hindus and Chinese signed a petition saying, “we are Asian and do not object to Dads using the play centre, and if you say false things about us again, we will sue you”, do you think this could be the start of a national campaign to make them use the word “Muslim” and start calling a spade a spade?

  6. Feeling really peeved about this one. This goes to isolate single fathers (I know there probably aren’t that many) and their children still further. If a man has a day off from work and wants to enjoy a day out with his kid, here is one less place he can go. I think the MRM should get themselves involved.

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