‘Roubaix [France]: Veiled woman refuses ID control, attacks police’

An original translation by Michael Laudahn:



According to information by the Voix du Nord, an identity check saturday afternoon at Roubaix degenerated. A young woman aged 18 wearing the the total veil [voile intégral] did not accept to be controlled by a specialised local team patrolling the city.

When the forces of order demanded that she present her identity papers and to lift her veil, in order to verify if her face corresponded to the photo, the young woman continued to walk. She also explained to police, while putting on an additional veil, that she did not have the time, and did not want to present her identity paper.

When police officers decided to take her to the police station, in order to execute an identification procedure, the totally veiled woman grabbed the vehicle and debated by kicking, punching and shouting. According to a source close to the investigation, the young woman also tried to bite and treat an officer to several side blows, during the manual scanning before her being taken into police custody. No police officer was injured.



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  1. yet another carnita mathews doing her best to defy the law!!!!
    Lock her up without the mask and let her stew for a while………say 12 years

  2. How do do you tell if a Person is not telling the truth,??you either tell it by Questioning them or,as methods have now progressed,by Visual means,if they don’t adhear to every and any form of Scrutiny that is required by any Country(theirs included)then they have no right to be trying to get into that Country SIMPLE,they MUST be treated as potential terrorists,given todays Politictial climate and ,situation,we cannot give them an inch,and come to think of it..WOULD THEY.!!!

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