Saudi to reverse Shia property ban

Wait a minute, hold on here WHAT!?!?!!

Hey maybe someone should tell the “Israeli Apartheid” morons protesting in front of Montreal and Australian stores that deal with Israeli made items or are owned by Israel based firms about this. I didn’t even know that in Saudi Arabia, at least until this ban is reversed, that you could not even buy property if you are the wrong flavour of muslim and certainly not if you were anywhere near the preferred kind, in this case, Sunni.

Of course its no surprise that Jews are not allowed in the KSA at all, but that kind of apartheid is the new normal. But I am shocked that the left hasn”t noticed this kind of Systemic discrimination against a whole identifiable group of Muslims!

Or is it that they have noticed, and just hoped we didn’t.

From Al Akhbar:

Published Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Saudi authorities have decided to withdraw a ruling issued by a senior religious scholar in the Kingdom which prevented the sale of real estate to members of the Shia community.

A branch of the Ministry of Islamic affairs in the Eastern Province issued a circular to mosques repealing the fatwa of the late Sheikh Abdullah bin Jibrin which prohibited the sale of real estate to Shias.

Jibrin’s decree had said it was wrong to sell property to Shias if the property was in the vicinity of Sunni families or in Sunni villages or towns.

Shia Muslims, who make up around five percent of Saudi’s 27 million-strong population, are concentrated in the oil rich Eastern Region, but there are also smaller communities in the holy city of Medina and other areas.

They are routinely prejudiced against, and face marginalization in Saudi society.

Saudi security forces have often suppressed their grievances by force, with anti-government protests by attacked on a regular basis.

(Al-Akhbar, UPI)

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3 Replies to “Saudi to reverse Shia property ban”

  1. What, the Wahabbis are actually doing a favour to the Shias for once?

    Islam is the religion of peace because once all the Jews are exterminated then there will be peace…. ok maybe not?
    Next exterminate all the Christians, pagans and Atheists, now there’ll be peace as there are only Muslims left…… but wait!
    Who are the true Muslims? Let the Sunni fight the Shia and once the wrong kind of Muslim is exterminated, then there’ll be peace!

    In the meantime, however, the Sunni and Shia will form a truce, until those pesky Jews and Christians are exterminated!
    Could this be the start of unity amongst Muslims? If so, we are living in very dangerous times indeed!

  2. Saudi never fails to amaze me. Just think of all those shiites without property. My heart goes out to them (not!) Still the good news is that the house of Saud is eating itself. Too many princes for the party to carry on for many more years. Too many people wanting electricity, water and food. Oil is used to produce electricity and with the electricity they desalinate sea water for drinking and bathing etc. They sell the crude to buy food. Too many people making demands on the oil money. They keep selling less and less oil and they use so much themselves. The party is not over but it is nearly over. Another 12 years or so and the party will be finally over and the princes will have to start cutting back as the economy goes seriously into the red with no way back.

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