Teachers who belong to far-right groups could be kicked out school

One of the most common, and effective, tricks of the totalitarian regime is to create a label most can agree is unacceptable to the (classically) liberal mind, then paint that label on to any group you want to get rid of. The Soviets did it, the Nazis did it, all psychotic genocidal regimes do it and frankly even moderate and soft post-democratic regimes do it to a lesser degree.

This is the UK doing it. Pretend the EDL are ‘far-right’ and ignore the fact that center-traditional Islam in fact reflects what people think of as ‘far-right’ almost to the letter (loathing of Jews, contempt for women, religious fanatics etc) and then pass laws saying that people who can be called far right, as opposed to those who really are, can be summarily dismissed from any job in government. And of course, in a socialist state like the UK, probably close to 65% of all jobs are government. I believe it was Mark Steyn who pointed out that the British Health Services are the world’s third largest employer after the Chinese military and the India railway company.

Also, if the UK teachers union is anything like the American or Canadian teachers unions it is virtually impossible to fire a teacher for anything short of actual cannibalism of students. So if they can fire them for a trumped up version of political opinion, the UK will have sunk that much deeper into a very bad place indeed.

From The Scotsman:

High profile of farright groups has concerned teachers groups. Picture: Jane BarlowHigh profile of far right groups has concerned teachers groups. Picture: Jane Barlow

Published on Monday 4 June 2012 00:00

Scotland’s teaching regulator is facing calls to strike off members of the profession with links to far-right groups such as the British National Party and the Scottish Defence League.

Members of the country’s largest teaching union, the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), have tabled a motion to their upcoming AGM calling on the General Teaching Council for Scotland and the Scottish Government to “minimise the influence” of such groups in schools.

However, it is expected that delegates at this week’s meeting will go a step further and call for members of the profession with links to extremist groups to be removed from the teaching register.

Currently, teachers working in Scotland’s schools do not have to declare whether they are the member of a political party or other such group.

The General Teaching Council for England was axed after it failed to take action against a BNP activist who described immigrants as “savage animals” on an internet forum.

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  1. As I stated in my comment at the top. It is merely a label for totalitarian regimes to determine who and what is allowed in public discourse. I do not think the UK is truly totalitarian like North Korea or Iran etc.

    But I see a kind of soft fuzzy version of it forming rapidly.

  2. Another major mode of control for groups or individuals in the UK (which is never acknowledged by the media) is the UK Criminal Record Checks or CRB`s. It is impossible to even apply for many jobs in the UK without this check being carried out. This check applies to “all” teaching,social work,care worker ,nursing,police,National health service,security, any work with children.Even charity work is covered.


    Should any one ever be unfortunate enough to be charged or convicted of a “race hate crime” this would appear on their CRB for 5 years.(And if they accept a caution indefinitely). The chances of any unfortunate ever successfully persuading a prospective employer to employ them are therefore minimal.And as the UK courts have decided that racism is only ever perpetrated by one particular race. These people are effectively banned from working in their own country.
    This especially in a recession is an effective form of social control.
    Add in to this certain EU countries (Eastern Europe) are well known for not enforcing criminal history.Therefore a CRB for one of their citizens would show no record of their criminal history and activities within their own home countries.


    A race hate crime could be a simple case of someone accusing “you” of using racial hatred against them.Remember the charge will not be based on “evidence” but “if they feel offended”. As compensation is paid for such “crimes” a fortunate witness can usually be found .

    “Three people were later convicted of racial offences. A 21-year-old man was ordered to carry out 120 hours of community service and pay £100 compensation. A 54-year-old woman was fined £167 with £25 compensation, and a 16-year-old was referred to a youth offending panel for nine weeks, and ordered to pay his victim £100 in compensation”.


  3. Another step towards a police state, read Clockwork Orange, or watch the movie. Burgess predicted that Britain would turn to an oppressive government after allowing the permissive society to grow too strong. At the time the book was published people, including me thought that Britain would muddle through because of its history of freedom and democracy. Looks like we were wrong and Burgess was right.

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