the rest of the show on sexual harassment in Belgium


I am afraid due to an error on my part, there is a missing section of the translation for the interesting and very popular documentary on sexual harassment of women in Belgium, seemingly from entirely Islamic immigrants to that country.

The error was a process one on my part and I am fixing it now. The video will be offline for about 25 minutes while the new file uploads and processes with the complete (I hope to Zeus) translation intact.



The trailer that was translated and posted last week of this show has hit well over fifty thousands views, and that is on my post of it alone. I know it has been moved to various youtube channels where it enjoys robust view counts as well.

Michael Laudahn, Baron Bodissey and others have worked very hard on translating and subtitling this entire show for everyone. It is interesting to see, how did one commenter put it, a confirmed lefty hit substantially in the head with a reality stick? Something like that.

One thing about this documentary really does offend me however.

While they talk about how all the offending actions and remarks are from foreigners, they seem oblivious to the fact that:

None of the foreigners were Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai Buddhists, Russian or Polish people, in fact, all of them seemed to be from countries that almost certainly makes them Muslims.

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7 Replies to “the rest of the show on sexual harassment in Belgium”

  1. Nate:

    As she said at the very end she will not give up her multicultural belief so she is trapped

    She is intentionally trapping herself in hell

  2. Too bad those girls don’t have my mouth…..I.d be in a yelling match with those tiny penis butt head ssmall snail islamic ganster types every time I walked by….taking videos of their maggot behavior
    Those girls need to organize slut walks and fight for their rights…instead of taking the victim stance…
    Allowing that type of behavior even for one second is too long…

    Everyone is sooooo afraid these days….eyes ahead, don’t look, don’t talk, don’t engage
    and yes, for good reason too, like the other day when a guy threatened me on the bus, and I had to make a snap decision, either avoid his threats and demand the driver throw him off, or me engaging him and throwing him onto the floor, taking him down, calling 911, I avoided the scuffle, walked off the front of the bus, got back on the back door,,,,in the meantime the driver had a huge fight on his hands and finally got the guy off, as he bashed and banged at the window once the door shut…
    People generally avoid these types of senerios, even a fisty old broad like me….but
    the driver begged for support, gave his number and me and others took it to send in compliments so he wouldn’t be in trouble for kicking off the violent aggressor.

    With enough support from womens groups, these gals in Belgium could make some important statements to these throwbacks…

  3. Coincidentally, today’s fortune cookie quote:

    “Better face danger than be always in fear”.


    None of the foreigners were Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai Buddhists, Russian or Polish people, in fact, all of them seemed to be from countries that almost certainly makes them Muslims.

    Is it also a coincidence that none of these male foreigners seem to be in any hurry to get to work? Bet most of their horny lazy butts are on the dole.

  4. The moral of the story is that these dysfunctional islamic codes and people are putting their frustrations and pain onto the indigenous culture. If you love your way of life then don’t permit the immigration of islamic codes into your society.

  5. Yes wtd you are absolutely right. Those clowns are in heaven. Paid to lay around and harass defenceless women and when the opportunity arises rape them. Meanwhile they insult the culture of the country they have effectively invaded and gradually impose the same shit on the country until they turn it in to the same Islamic sewer they crawled out of. Mind blowing stuff.

    I’m sorry I’m about 18,000 kms away. I’d like to walk about ten paces behind these girls. The harassment would cease abrubtly….

    F22Ross (Twitter)

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