Will Israel’s Attack on Iran Spark a Larger War? Devastate Global Economy?

I would say the stage is pretty much set.

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             Friday, 27 Jul 2012 01:54 PM


The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Mike Rogers, has now stated publicly that Iran and its agents masterminded the recent terror attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria.

Rogers stated flatly: “I believe there were certainly elements of Hezbollah [involved] and I believe it was under the direction of their masters in Iran.”

And former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton has urged Israel to retaliate directly against Iran for this barbaric attack.

Such an attack, experts fear, could escalate quickly into a wider military action against Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Editor’s Note: Gen. Michael Hayden says Iran Nuclear Crisis Keeps Getting ‘Scarier’.  See Urgent Intelligence Panel Discussion for the Latest on Iran. Go Here Now.

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4 Replies to “Will Israel’s Attack on Iran Spark a Larger War? Devastate Global Economy?”

  1. The war is going to start soon, it will be better for the west if it starts before Iran has nukes, assuming they don’t already have them, and there is good evidence both ways on that one.

  2. Danial Pipes knows Moslems much better then I do, but I will disagree with him on parts of his analysis, 1) he is ignoring the evidence that Iran is trying to bring about the return of the Mahdi, this will change how they act. 2) They are competing with Saudi to see who is the big dog in the Islamic world, after running their mouth they have to do something or lose the chance of becoming the leader of the Islamic world.

    Runner you are right, the Moslems aren’t going to change so a war is going to happen, the sooner it happens the lower the causalities because the stronger the west will be, yes I know if it holds out for several years a new President would have the tme to rebuild the US military. He would have the time but not the money, and Obama has driven us so deep in debt that we won’t be able to borrow much until everything goes down the toilet.

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