Team Poison’ hacker who posted Tony Blair’s details is jailed


 A hacker who stole Tony Blair’s personal details and bombarded the anti-terrorism hotline with calls was jailed for six months today.

Team Poison: the interview

Photo: ALAMY

2:17PM BST 27 Jul 2012

Junaid Hussain, 18, put the sensitive information on the internet for all to see after accessing former special advisor Katy Kay’s e-mail account and copying her contacts.

His barrister claimed his crimes were no worse than the antics of Bullingdon Club members.

Using the online alias ‘Trick’, Hussain posted phone numbers and addresses, as well as the ex-PM’s email address and National Insurance number.

Other data related to his wife Cherie, sister-in-law Lyndsey Booth, his children and friends, as well as sitting MPs and Lords.

Hussain also bombarded the national anti-terror hotline with prank calls, leaving the numbers ‘permanently engaged’ after calling it 111 times in three days.

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5 Replies to “Team Poison’ hacker who posted Tony Blair’s details is jailed”

  1. I’m surprised that it (not he) would do that to Tony “islam means peace” Blair, whose head continues to go deeper and deeper up that place of his where the sun don’t shine when it comes to the cult of the black cube.

  2. This may be why Blair has started changing his wording and is now saying that he was mistaken about Islam and that it is a danger.

    “Pranks” like these are a form of terrorism that is difficult to punish as terrorism, he proudly proclaims himself as a hacker and the hacker community will welcome him.

  3. The members off the NOTW get roasted for hacking emails etc he gets a slap on the wrist for wasting police time, making hoax calls, hacking private emails and releasing details. in jail he will be treated like a hero we can only hope he is facing west and placed in a pig farm.

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