Olympics-Radical Muslims plan opening ceremony protest outside park

Your daily LOL @ Islam

This group claims it has permission from the UK too protest the UK for its persecution of Muslims! Make sure you aren’t drinking milk or anything when you read this one.


By Michael Holden

LONDON, July 27 | Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:00pm EDT

(Reuters) – A group of British Islamists said they had received permission to stage a protest on Friday outside the London Olympic Park to denounce what they called the evil of the Games.

The group, led by some of Britain’s most prominent Islamist figures, said they would gather outside the gates to the park in Stratford before the opening ceremony to condemn Britain and other countries they accuse of persecuting Muslims.

They aim to attract the attention of 60,000 spectators due to attend the ceremony in the main Olympic stadium that officially opens the Games at 9 p.m.

The group has set up a website, evilolympics.com, which has the tagline “While the world plays, Muslims are being killed around the globe”.

“It will be one of the biggest demonstrations that the Muslim community has put on in the UK,” said organiser Mizanur Rahman said, estimating that “easily hundreds” would attend.

Rahman served a four-year jail term for encouraging followers to kill British and American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq during a protest in 2006.

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5 Replies to “Olympics-Radical Muslims plan opening ceremony protest outside park”

  1. This disgusts me. The nervy bastards! I can’t think of any group that discriminates more than muslims. They also top the list for barbarism, violence, destruction, intolerance and attempts at colonization.

    If any group needs to look in the mirror, it’s this group that always accuses others (actual innocents) of what they do themselves. They are pitiful & laughable.

  2. While the world plays muzzies everywhere are killing, raping, mutilating head-chopping other muzzies – and Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddists!!

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