Lebanon’s judo team refuses to train alongside Israelis

Just imagine the uproar if it was Indians that refused to train next to the Pakistanis, it would be all over the main MSN, they’d be on the next flight home. even the Greek girl, who even apologized for her stupid tweet is out.

but when it’s a muslim expressing anti-Semitism, he is rewarded with a screen so he doesn’t need to look at the Jews. anti-Semitism has been rewarded again at the Olympics.

Lebanon’s judo team refuses to train alongside Israelis

By Danny Caro and Marcus Dysch, July 27, 2012
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Alice Schlesinger, who is on the Israeli judo team
Alice Schlesinger, who is on the Israeli judo team

Lebanon’s Olympic judo team has refused to train next to Israeli competitors during a session ahead of London 2012.

Olympic officials were forced to erect a special screen at the Excel venue following a complaint from a member of the Lebanese delegation.

It is understood the two squads had been warming up next to each other when the complaint was made on Friday afternoon.

An Israeli official at the venue confirmed a partition had been used to block the view and said the session had then continued with minimum disruption.

He said the Israeli squad had been happy with the original training arrangements but had not objected to the screen being used.

It is not known whether members of the Lebanon team will refuse to compete against Israel’s judo players if they are drawn together during the Olympics.

15 Replies to “Lebanon’s judo team refuses to train alongside Israelis”

  1. Its bloody ridiculous…..

    They should be disqualified and sent home…..tolerating this horseshit is utterly ridiculous….absolutely ridiculous.

    The reality is, from all perspectives, there are not another group of people like the muslims, on the face of the planet, who are more disruptive, distracting, demanding, divisive and destructive.

    Little more than human garbage each and every one of them…….little more than human garbage…

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Let them moan all they like. There’ll be no screens on the mat! Then I hope there’ll be several one-on-ones between Israelis and these Arabs: and they’ll take them DOWN.

  3. Lebanese are Semites.

    It would reduce tension if Israel vacated the West Bank and Samaria
    rather than continually stealing more land and warring as in 2006.
    After that incursion, the majority Leb. Christian allied with Hezbollah.

  4. My first thought was, “I hope the Israelis absolutely humiliate them on the mats”. That’s the least these scumbags deserve.

  5. The UN is dysfunctional, and so now is the Olympics. There has to be something better we can do with our time than try to keep some kind of sanity in the light of the worldwide upset at every level being continually caused by the Religion of Peace. Disgusting.

  6. TRex wrote:
    “even the Greek girl, who even apologized for her stupid tweet is out.”

    I do hope you mean as in a stupid joke?

    Triple jumper Voula Papachristou was expelled from Greece’s Olympic team after making this comment:
    “With so many Africans in Greece, the West Nile mosquitoes will be getting home food!!!”

  7. “I do hope you mean as in a stupid joke?” it was stupid for her to not understand that a non-muslim will be made an example of at any perceived racism. the joke itself of course i think is excellent (witty even) and you really have to look at it in a very twisted way to see it as racist.

  8. It was very stupid of her, she was thinking she lived in a free world with the right to speak her mind and not conform to the politically correctness police, aka the new fascists.

  9. Just don’t tweet, it’s a booby trap, look at all the media casualties with the famous folk. Facebook is bad enough. I keep it to about 30 friends, and zero personal details. These PCMC pricks can hang you out to dry because of honest opinions on Twitter (or Facebook). Modern technology is being used as a means of control of dissent by public social vilification.
    OOOOH! you said WHAT?
    Don’t buy into it, and don’t use it. Blogs like Vlad & GOV are much safer.
    Bless you all.

  10. Both face book and twitter are places where it is too easy to get in trouble, future employers will look at your tweets and posts to help decide if you are hired, or as the Greek girl has found out what you consider to be a joke can be used to destroy your entire lives dream.

  11. And on it goes, eh? The Greek girl gets thrown out for a harmless joke, but the Lebanese can insult the Israelis to their hearts’ content. Why doesn’t Jacques Rogge kick them out of the Olympics? Are their actions consistent with the Olympic spirit, Jacques?

  12. @Richard

    You know, the same thing occurred to me. I wonder if a zillion other people didn’t just get the same flash. You shouldn’t go on Twitter or Facebook, it’s a future liability waiting to happen. If anybody really wants to get you, there would be little you could do if they had a few years worth of your Tweets in front of them. Every joke, every observation. You’d be toast. Imagine years from now, someone pulls some comment out of the hat and there you are explaining some off-color “joke” to a stone-faced jury. Maybe Twitter and Facebook are a really bad idea…

  13. Not necessarily a bad idea, think of them as a filter for out future leaders, imagine the current crop of Dems or Labor leaders having to defend what they said when they were in collage. All new technology and innovations are double edged blades, they cut both ways, good and evil.

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