Muslim Mob Rule in Marseilles: Police Attacked While Doing Burka Check, Attackers Released Without Charge

There’s that word, ‘restive’ again…

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Islam Vs. Europe

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

There have been a few attacks on police in France and Belgium while they were conducting burka checks. But this is the first time the state has taken the side of the attackers. With a 40% Muslim demographic in Marseilles and 93% of Muslims voting Socialist, the police can expect a lot more betrayal from Socialist politicians, including the new Hollande government.

In the restive port city of Marseille, police fear that the release of four people arrested for allegedly attacking officers during an ID check on a woman wearing an Islamic veil will undermine their fight against violent crime in the city.

By FRANCE 24 (text)

Marseille police say three of its officers were injured in the early hours of July 25 when a mob of some 50 people tried to prevent them from checking the identity of a woman who was wearing a full Islamic veil.

Under a controversial law passed in 2010, wearing a full veil or covering one’s face in a public place is illegal in France and offenders must submit to ID checks.

According to the police, the woman was stopped just after midnight near a city mosque and refused to cooperate with the officers.

A man accompanying her as well as a large group of bystanders came to her aid and three officers were “lightly injured” in a scuffle.

After police reinforcements arrived, four people, including the 18-year-old woman named only as “Louise-Marie”, were arrested for allegedly assaulting the officers – but were promptly released with a warning on the orders of the city prosecutor.

According to an AFP source, the decision was “a gesture of appeasement during the holy [Islamic] month of Ramadan.”

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7 Replies to “Muslim Mob Rule in Marseilles: Police Attacked While Doing Burka Check, Attackers Released Without Charge”

  1. Definition of RESTIVE
    : stubbornly resisting control : balky
    : marked by impatience or uneasiness : fidgety
    — res·tive·ly adverb
    — res·tive·ness noun

    Yeah, ‘Slums are fidgety.

    An informed observer can only wince at such dhimmitude. It is needed though if the scouring of the Shire is to happen. This is a nice heavy straw to place on our camels back. It induces the anger that will be necessary to do the job our protectors have failed at.

  2. A Muslim street preacher in Toronto explains that the real reason women are raped is because of that crazy freedom thing that allows them to wear clothing that reveals their skin, so we really should do away with “democratic freedom” to stop it from happening

    The reason why a woman gets raped is because of the way she dress. Women dress so provocatively so much that they receive too much attention for themselves and that attention at times leads to death.
    It has been revealed that every 5 seconds a woman is being sexually assaulted in North America. If the law enforcements and the Canadian politicians were very serious about solving this problem, they would introduce laws that would make it illegal for women to dress provocatively in the streets. It is true that many people would object to this if that were to happen. and this will definitely create protests and opposition. However by arresting sexual predators is not going to solve the problem because as long women continue to dress like this there will always be perverts and rapist who will continue to remain on the loose.

    You should take your example from the way Muslim women dress. Why does Muslim women who wear long dress and covers her head aren’t targeted for sex attacks? Why is it that Rapists and sexual predators only target women that dress so provocatively? Because Muslim women have nothing to show in regards to her body.

    Const. Michael Sanguinetti was right when he said that” women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”

  3. so you’re animals, acting only on instinct, that at the mere sight of a woman’s skin you can’t help but give in to your animal instincts, you disgusting piece of shit.

  4. Blackbird you are right, but I really don’t like to think about the causality lists that will come before the Moslems are removed from civilized nations.

    Iftikhar I personally think that Eeyore is right and you are simply trying to offer us the chance to convert before you attack, think long and hard before you do anything besides running your mouths. The free nations have a long history of being damaged or even conquered at the beginning of the war but coming back to defeat the enemy so soundly that the vast majority don’t want to fight us again. After all it took you guys around 500 years to work up enough guts to start your conquest again.

  5. Notice that, that advice is only coming from muslims, why are we being told how to dress in our own country by a religion that doesnt belong here let alone that no-one wants here! if they are so concerned by the way our females dress then they should be decrying the males that do these dispicable acts, that is if they are the true “religion of peace” something i dont believe in a heart beat .
    If you dont like the way we dress (sic) then piss of back to your flea riddled, piece of shit coUntry

  6. Irish they mistakenly believe that now is the time that Mohammad prophesied, the time when Islam will rule the world, unfortunately since Mohammad wasn’t a true prophet but rather a cult leader this time will never come.

  7. Iftikhar Ahmad says:
    July 27, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    You think that way because Islam has made Muslims into mindless animals. Empty headed, empty hearted and empty handed. You and your fellow slaves are the most pathetically stupidly evil people on the planet. I pity you and your fate. The storm is about to break on you.

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