les vaches fatale

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Cows attack woman hiking in Alpine meadow

The cows in the picture were not involved in the attack (File photo: Brendan Gogarty)

Cows attack woman hiking in Alpine meadow

Published: 25 Jul 2012 09:40 GMT+1
Updated: 25 Jul 2012 09:40 GMT+

A woman is being treated in hospital for injuries after being attacked by cows while hiking through a pasture above Saint-Gingolph, a Valais town on the south bank of Lake Geneva.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon when the hiker and a female companion, accompanied by a dog, walked through a field near the Lac de Lovenex, Valais cantonal police said.

For a reason not yet explained, a herd of cows moved toward the couple, knocking over and injuring one of the hikers in the head, police said.

A Rega rescue team arrived on the scene by helicopter and treated her on the spot before flying her to Lausanne’s university hospital (CHUV).

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8 Replies to “les vaches fatale”

  1. Unfortunately perfectly harmless dogs can still trigger aggressive defensive response from cattle, survival instinct.

  2. Cows will do this, especially if they have calves or don’t know the person. Or maybe the cows are angry because one canton made cow bells illegal. Some moron complained about the sound so centuries of tradition are down the drain.

  3. I’ve walked many times in the Alpes. Normally, those “Alm” cows [and other cows as well] are the calmness themselves. Probably the dog triggered a defense response, like Chervil suggests.

    And Richard, bulls don’t walk free on the “Alm” meadows, where a lot of tourists walk in the summer. No “Alm” farmer is that stupid.

  4. I’m going with Syndic’s hypotheisis, it’s clearly a case of acute MMCS, Muslim Mad Cow Syndrome. Clinical studies have consistantly demonstrated MMCS’ prevalence among large (and I do mean large) segments of morbidly obese Western female converts to islam, especially those prone to uploading silly youtube videos extolling the false virtues of “moohammadianism.”

    These poor, fat heifers’ prion-addled grey matter creates a delusional paradigm in which the cow tries to jump over the proverbial Moon god Allah in a vain attempt to reach Allah’s Circle @ Ranch up in Seventh Jannah. Poor, poor cows. Sigh.

    “Got Milk?”

  5. Sir Galahad the Pure I have never been there, but I have been in a lot of pastures of relatives and know that it doesn’t take a dog to set a docile cow off, unless these are totally different then the hereford and angus my relitives raise.

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