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8 Replies to “Trailer for Belgian documentary on Sexual harassment of women”

  1. Geez, she’s wearing a dress that is long by today’s standards. These cretins are perverts if that sends them into a sexual frenzy. Yes, sex doe start in the brain and when it’s inbred THIS is what you get. They all need to be castrated.

  2. These are all Middle Eastern, North African and almost exclusively, muslim men.

    These are also the same type of men that committed all the acts of brutal rape and sodomy of Norwegian women in the city of Oslo….exclusively muslim perpetrators…

    This is what is coming to Canada and the USA…..its right around the corner and looms larger in synch with the growing muslim population…


    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. This is a highly raciest documentary!!!
    It makes the Islamic community look bad again!!
    ban it!!

    i am surprised it made it to air.

    Even the most socialist idiot drones have got to be noticing

  4. …wow, I knew it was bad, but this is crazy… I’m hoping that once Europe cleans house, they go looking for all the traitors that brought about this black plague…

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