Is Facebook really run by a Jew? Jews usually have a sense of humor.

This morning the EDL Jewish Division reported that they had a cartoon removed for hate speech with a warning from FB that it was a serious offence. You might ask yourself, what sort of islamophobic hate speech was this.

It was posted with the caption “Saudi women’s team arrives at the Olympic village”, the original caption in French is equally inoffensive.




While I could understand if they’d removed a cartoon such as this 14th Century Persian depiction of Mohamed the donkey breeder. I am pretty shocked.


They regularly make fun of the burkah (don’t we all), but you have to agree, looking at the comments, there is a great deal more pity than hate for these black bag wearers.


3 Replies to “Is Facebook really run by a Jew? Jews usually have a sense of humor.”

  1. Good God! We are choking on P/C bufoonery! Air! I need air!

    Sweet Jesus! Now I need Clorox for my eyes after seeing that Safavid donkey porn! I think a Tijuana donkey show would be easier on the eyes than the Iranian variety! Proof positive of the time-honored muslim penchant for acts of equisodomy as well as caprasodomy. They’ll screw anything, even a hole in the wall (not to mention a nine year old girl).

    Sick bastards.

    Beastial, downright beastial

  2. the only haters on FB are the muzzies as we can see straight thru their so called “religion of peace” and that infuriates them so they try to shoot us down any way they can with bullets full of bullshit.
    The problem is the world is full of bleedin hearts and they have a bigger voice than we do thus we have the complexies of PC and the lack of freedom of speech

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