UN refuses to call terror attack on Jews in Bulgaria ‘terrorism’


Tourist bus gutted by fire in terror attack.

Since the 18 July terrorist attack on a busload of Israeli tourists in the Balkan nation of Bulgaria, the United Nations has yet to refer to the attack as “terrorism.”

The blast killed 7 innocent people; the Bulgarian bus driver and five Israelis to include the unborn child of a pregnant victim.

An Additional 30 were reportedly injured.

The Geneva, Switzerland based human rights organization UN Watch has issued a statement critical of the world organization for failing to classify the attack as terrorism.

• A U.N. spokesperson said that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack “in the strongest possible terms.” In fact, however, the U.N. chief’s choice of terms was weak in comparison to his statement two weeks ago on the bombing of churches in Kenya. In that case, Mr. Ban rightly spoke of “terrorist” attacks, “reprehensible and criminal,” saying the perpetrators “must be held to account.” Yet today he refered only to the deadly “bombing” of Israelis — noticeably declining to describe it as an act of terrorism — and he made no call for holding the perpetrators to account. UN Watch today urged Mr. Ban to clarify his position and to truly use the strongest possible terms to condemn today’s terrorist attack.

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  1. Of course they don’t, they are using the Shira definition of terrorism, since the attack didn’t harm or seek to harm Islam it isn’t terrorism under Islamic law.

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