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33 Replies to “Pat Condell: American Dhimmi”

  1. Pat Condell’s comments are very good but the top voted statements equating Christianity and Islam as the same is simply amazing.

  2. Pat Condell should see Kenneth Clark’s “Civilisation”. He will learn here that without Christianity there would be no European civilisation.

    As for 6 year olds dismissing Christianity, perhaps he includes Newton, Maxwell, Faraday, Dalton, Mendel etc among his 6 year olds.

  3. I generally like Condell’s sharp tongue. He does however lay it on a little thick about his hatred for Christianity and his insults directed at Christians, and he shows his shallow understanding and hypocrisy since, as DP11 posted, its influence is deep in the DNA of his own humanistic value system, and of which all of us in the West are its benefactors.

    One thing that goes past Condell’s comprehension is that, as we can see in this “anything goes” society, organized Christianity in many ways is the glue that holds our society together. The vestiges of Christianity still exist here in the West, but as its influence diminishes, and as it becomes more and more stylish for us to attack Christianity within our ranks, these benefits will likewise diminish. Society’s moral compass no longer points in one direction. For example, the Journal of Medical Ethics approves of a new secular “humanist” term – post-birth abortion. Even “thou shalt not murder” is debatable now. ** The proper Hebrew translation is “murder”, not “kill”.

    And so, while it’s laudable for him to object to oppression and murder of Christians, it’s kind of a backhanded show of compassion, since he sees no value in their belief system.

  4. Dallas,if you will? Please define the hatred towards Christianity that you see from Pat? If peace is your answer,than you forgot where to direct the question.

  5. Actually Pat did a video not that long ago as I recall, where he was nearly glowing about Christianity relative to Islam anyway. Am I not remembering that correctly?

  6. dagawker, I have watched every one of Pat’s videos, for years. He is entitled to his opinion, that’s fine. But his leveling of low intelligence on Christians tells me that he has issues about Christianity. Maybe hatred is a harsh term, but insults to others’ intelligence has to be at least an expression of deep resentment.

    He is sanctimoniously righteous about something that he knows little about. Check out the curriculum of study in philosophy and theology in a Catholic seminary, and you may begin to realize that it’s very, very advanced. Way beyond a 6-year-old’s comprehension.

    Easy and emotionally-satisfying snipes against Christianity are all the vogue in the West, especially North America, but they only illustrate shallowness of thought and awareness. Not knowing that you don’t know about something and yet expounding in criticism on the subject really is a form of ignorance, but even this ignorance is indiscernable to those who haven’t done the work.

    What secularist would ever make the commitment to study those ancient teachings in earnest with an open mind, not prejudiced? What secularist would actually have the patience to read the Bible – something that they know beforehand is worthless? They would die of boredom – I know that I would! As a result, they are forever in the dark, and in their righteousness at the same time.

    When a student goes into a class believing that he knows more than the teacher, there can be no learning. Get what I am saying?

  7. Eeyore – please forgive me if you think this OT.

    Many people seem to think that humanistic values came from Atheists. Not so. What Christians did slowly, as they were also persecuted, after the fall of Rome, in the period wrongly referred to as the “Dark Ages”, was to take classical Greco-Roman ideas of law and order, and filter them through Christian values – “The Law is made for man and not man for the law”. The teachings of Jesus Christ overturned the Mosaic law of “Tooth for tooth, and an eye for an eye”. Such teachings were completely at odds with any other system of jurisprudence at the time. It is Christianity, specifically the teachings of Jesus Christ that brought Humanism to what is now termed “Universal civilisation what the contemporary liberal order has done is to claim them as their own, and to detach those values from their roots. It has made the Humanistic order free standing, without the requirement for repentance, and then forgiveness, which is to some extent is the cause of the break down of law and order. What Christianity did was to resurrect Greco-Roman civilisation after passing it through the filter of Christian values. In this, Christianity has succeeded to such an extent, that it is now the universal order.

    Now look at Secularism. Secularism was not about removing the church from the state. In fact, quite the reverse. Secularism arose because the Vatican had become virtually a state. This was because many of the popes were not appointed by bishops or even lay Christians, but were political appointees of a king. From this position of authority, the kings (state) through the Vatican could impose what the doctrine was to be on whatever matter, nf the sacrament, and even forgiveness. As the state, everywhere and at all times, is always short of money, the State/Vatican could even sell “forgiveness” and thus eternal life, and avoidance of hell. This they could do, as most of the people, including the rich, the powerful and even kings, were illiterate, and could not read the Bible. Thus arose the system of indulgences (Unfortunately, the system of indulgences is still with us as Carbon taxes, for our sins of Anthropogenic Global Warming and offending the God of Environmentalism***). Besides, the Bible was not available to any but the select few monks and bishops.

    It was this that led Martin Luther, a monk, and therefore literate, to challenge the Vatican on scriptural authority, and go to the stake if necessary. So important is this principle, and still is, that Christians, who are forbidden to kill, were prepared to die for it, and eventually take up arms.

    There is much more. From Amazon, for just £10, one can get buy a 4 DVD set of Kenneth Clarke’s “Civilisation”. This is an absolute gem, made by a leading authority, and by the once superb BBC, at a time when multikultism and PC was unheard of.

    *** The AGW tax – the reasons given for it, the “science” behind it, the carefully selected scientists, and the state supported institutions from which the AGW doctrine emanates, has remarkable similarity to the system of Indulgences. Even hiding the research from public scrutiny, is similar.

  8. Dallas

    Well said.

    If you value what we have, or before all is lost, please get the Civilisation DVD set if you dont have one already. As you may know, we visit the great architectural and artistic sites of Europe each summer. There are so many that life is not long enough to cover all. These DVDs are going to be invaluable where we go, and how we see them.

  9. Martin Luther was a manic depressive, prophet delusional Augustinian monk. Very sick individual. He would have been just another turd in the sewer of history except for two German princes who wanted to overthrow the German Emporer, and saw this wretch as their tool to start the revolution. From what I understand, even Lutherans play down his writings – too embarrassing.

  10. I see many contributors here are criticising Pat Condell’s attacks on Christianity. Pat makes no secret of his own atheism, and does attack Christian belief, but stated quite clearly in a video last December that he was culturally Christian and that he expects Christian values to remain an important part of our society. He was having a good go at those who wanted to ban Christmas celebrations in the name of diversity.


    In this his views are similar to my own. I also have no religious belief but regard Christianity as being a crucial part of our heritage, and one I would not wish to lose as it plays an important part in defining who we are as a people. Islam, by contrast, is totally alien and hostile and should be resisted with all means at our disposal.

    Pat is absoluterly spot on about Obama being a dhimmi who loses no opportunity to abase himself before Islam. What a private citizen does is his own business, but as President of the United States when Obama speaks he does so in the name of the American people, and indeed of the whole West. As such I would certainly prefer someone whose opinions coincide more closely with my own.

  11. I’m wondering just how many Christians have a middle name of Hussian. Would I be right in thinking Obummer is almost unique in that respect?

  12. Pam M – I agree with most of your post. Pat does acknowledge the value system from Christianity of which all of us are heirs. At the same time he does not support it as “organized” religion. What he fails to realize is that, by removing the structure, the value system WILL disappear as it morphs into something else. The value system will have no anchor, and it will drift in whatever direction the winds of political and social expediency blow.

    Our societal purpose is evolving unconsciously and incohesively into the the already-established religion called “secular humanism”, complete with its rigid dogmas of political correctness, social and human engineering, Orwellian twisting of founding concepts such as “human rights”, self-hating radical environmentalism, cultural and political Marxism, and Neitzschian moral relativism with a resulting inversion of good and evil. Very dangerous – a recipe for disaster, as far as I can see, knowing human nature and learning from history.

    Otherwise Pat’s many observations are valid and I absolutely love his biting style.

    DP11, thanks for your ideas and recommendations, not at all off topic, since anti-Christian sentiment is at the heart of Western Orwellian dhimmitude. It also is related to Marxism, both cultural and political, and these are the two snakes’ fangs which have taken hold on the minds of many in our fractious society, paralyzing our society against positive defense.

    One critical Biblical (NT) quotes from Matthew and Mark: Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s. This statement is so powerful that it clearly defines the ideals of what we are all about, and should protect us from totalitarianism, either theocratic or secular, since secular totalitarian regimes predictably repress organized religion.

  13. So far, the results of combating Islam within the West, have not been at all successful. Islam continues to expand, in territory, number of converts, ever expanding role of sharia in society, and the ever increasing influence of Islam in centres of power.

    Islam is not going to be defeated by secularism or atheism. Any of the values based on the above, will simply be scorned as man made laws. Allah’s laws for them are divine, and they will always trump man made laws.

  14. Dallas, dp well said, you are expressing what I want to say but with more eloquence then I can.

    Paris he isn’t Christian, his pastor for 20 years was a man who left the Nation of Islam and started a Black Liberation Church, the man Preaches hatred of whites rather then Christianity.

  15. Look, I’m not an intellectual, but, without Pat I would never have known about the counter jihad or pisslam. Pat was the man who woke me up with his video “Children of a stupid God” without it I’d still be asleep. It provided links which went onto other links and here I am today ready to fight, WITH MY FISTS (and cricket bat).
    Not everyone can buy into the whole “Sky fairy” bullshit, but we know right from wrong. And we will fight for what is right and fuck the enemy (take no prisoners). If you sky fairy fans can’t get your heads around that then that’s your fucking problem, not ours. Vie La differance! And fuck our common enemy!

  16. Buck I agree, he does good work with his videos on Islam, the problem is that at times his attacks on Christianity do damage that can hamper the fight against Islam.

  17. Richard, that is your opinion mate. Me, all I can say is NFSE and keep your sky fairy stuff to yourself, I know not to shove my belifes down other peoples necks.

  18. As you said it is my opinion, I wasn’t pushing Christianity on you, I was saying that attacks on Christianity are hurting the fight against Islam, how is that bullshit?

  19. Buck
    “I can say is NFSE and keep your sky fairy stuff to yourself, I know not to shove my belifes down other peoples necks”

    You might be surprised why you are able to say this now.

  20. Pat Condell regards Gods and religion as an illogical belief in the supernatural. His criticism of Christianity is no different in that from criticism of any other religion but he also targets the value systems of different religions, which is precisely why he directs most scorn towards Islam.

    He accepts the influence of Judeo Christian teachings on our western heritage and culture, and feels this should be respected, but I share the view that in a more enlightened age, we don’t need religious dogma to encourage us to act in a moral civilised way, we should do so from a rational view of enlightened self-interest, the golden rule of ‘do unto others what you would have they do unto you’

    I don’t view his criticism as an attack on western Christian values, I view it as an assertion of rational thought which moves away from the circular unprovable argument of ‘my god is better than your god’. As long as we have an appreciation of our heritage and culture and wish to preserve its values, the secular argument against an encroaching Islamic ideology is as valid as any based on faith.

  21. Who says this is an enlightened age? We have barbarians attacking those who don’t believe the way they do, we have politicians selling out their nation for political power and you say this is an enlightened age!

  22. Sorry about the two posts, minor emergency by a friend.

    The foundation of our moral and legal systems is Christianit y, with multiculturalism and moral and cultural relativism being push combined with most schools no longer teaching our moral codes the only two places the kids can learn morals and values and morals are their parents (too many of these are leaving this to the schools) and Churches. By attacking (which includes belittling) Christianity you are taking away one of the supports of Western Civilization. And you are doing this at the time when the barbarians and home grown traitors are attacking, you may be opposing the barbarians and traitors but by attacking one of the legs of the foundation of our civilization you are also helping them.

    Also the Christians are an ally in the fight against Islam, why piss off people who are going to help you?

  23. Did the comments have more than 2 links? Any comment with more than 2 links will get held up for moderation. If they didn’t then something else is wrong and I’ll have to try and fix it. I have disabled most of the security stuff for comments as they were all screwing up but if I disable them all, I get attacked by phony comment spam and links to malicious code that can threaten all of us.

  24. What??? Why did that post appear when the others didn’t?

    ‘Who says this is an enlightened age?’ I do Richard, we can believe or not believe in god without being burned as heretics and treat people with respect because it is the rational and sensible thing to do without needing to be motivated by religious dogma.

    I agree secularism or enlightenment cannot protect from the barbarian at the gate or corrupt politicians, but neither can Christianity. When it comes to the faith based totalitarianism of Islam, secularists are on the same side of the struggle as Christians, even if they oppose it for different reasons.

  25. It didn’t have any links Eeyore, and I did the verification thingy dragging the plug to the socket etc. Anyway, if the comments turn up just delete them as I’ve already replied

  26. Tarbock I don’t agree about the enlightenment, everywhere you look we are sinking deeper and deeper into a morass of barbarity, the rule of law with everyone being under the law and subject to the same law is being subverted. Special rights are given to “special” groups, criminals are let go with a slap on the wrist while those who resist the criminal are either prosecuted or demonized in the press. I remember a time when it was safe to walk the streets of every town and city, today there are streets I wouldn’t walk unless I had at least an Infantry company for protection.

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