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10 Replies to “Excellent new election ad for Geert Wilders’ PVV party.”

  1. Change is on the way for much of Europe and ridding themselves of the chains of the EU and the Euro will set the stage for the removal of every vestige of isalm, every vestige in all its forms……

    And not a day too soon…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Eeyore you are right, he is understating the problem, it is much worse and is coming to a head sometime soon. Dr. Doom says that his 2013 perfect economic storm scenario is playing out right now. The only questions that are unanswered are 1) will the economy collapse before or after the shooting war starts? 2) who will win the war, the west, the Moslems or the socialist and 3) will civilization survive?

  3. checking the polls on the PVV party. Their poll numbers were off by -4% which is fine everything goes up and down. But found this

    “he(Hero Brinkman) can no longer accept the lack of democracy within the organization(PVV) and the way different groups in society are constantly being singled out for criticism. ”


    Does anyone know what took place with Hero Brinkman?
    found two others that just quit shortly after this guy Wim Kortenoeven and Marcial Hernandez. I honestly know nothing of what took place or why.

  4. OxAO . . .see this:
    UK Guardian 7/3/2012

    “The deputies who quit, Marcial Hernandez and Wim Kortenoeven, likened Wilders to a North Korean-style leader, said it was impossible for any of his 23 parliamentary deputies to get in touch with him, accused him of being cut off from reality, and added that he brooked no discussion within the party.
    Another Freedom party MP, Hero Brinkman, resigned in March, saying he could no longer accept the lack of democracy within the organisation”. . . .”The centre-right minority government of Mark Rutte depended on tacit parliamentary support from Wilders to stay in power. Wilders triggered the September elections earlier this year by refusing to support a new round of swingeing spending cuts.
    Since then he has sought to take advantage of the euro crisis by campaigning for the first time on a strong anti-Europe platform. The Freedom party is in third place in the opinion polls, behind Rutte’s liberals. But leading for the first time is the hard-left Socialist party, which is also anti-EU”. . . .”While the defections may embarrass Wilders in the short term, it is not clear whether they will have any real impact on the election outcome or on Wilders’s prospects.”

  5. Looks like sour grapes OxAO


    Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders is facing a mutiny just hours after his party programme for the upcoming general elections was made public. Parliament members Marcial Hernandez and Wim Kortenoeven have announced they will leave Wilders’ PVV immediately.

    “I thought I had found my captain, but I was wrong. Geert deserted me,” Hernandez said at a press conference, referring to Wilders’ decision to break off budget talks with Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his minority cabinet earlier this year. Until now, rumours that Wilders had failed to consult his fellow party members about the move could not be confirmed.

    Voting fodder
    The desertions by Hernandez and Kortenoeven appear to have been sparked off by the contents of the defense clause in the PVV party programme released this morning. The programme states that the Netherlands must cancel its plans to purchase the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), reduce its fleet of F-16s, and put Dutch economic interests first in general defence policy, reducing Dutch participation in peacekeeping missions by half.

    “As a Freedom Party MP, you’re seen as voting fodder,” Hernandez said.

    Speaking to the website nu.nl, Geert Wilders said the election programme was unanimously approved by the PVV bloc in parliament. But MP Marcial Hernandez said he and his fellow party members were given only half an hour to study a draft version two weeks ago.

    The other PVV deserter, Wim Kortenoeven, was clearly emotional during the press conference according to Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. He said “we were increasingly facing humiliation. Wilders had contempt for normal social behaviour and was inaccessible to members of his bloc in parliament.” Kortenoeven said this had become a widespread problem “except for those who are part of the politburo.”

    “Wilders is a political good-for-nothing,” Kortenoeven added.

    Open disagreement
    The PVV party programme for elections this coming autumn also calls for the Netherlands to leave the European Union and stop paying any contributions to Brussels.

    Earlier this year, PVV parliamentarian Hero Brinkman left the party in an open disagreement about the party’s direction. This was followed by more desertions from the party at provincial level in North Holland.
    Speaking to NOS radio, Wilders called today’s announcements “sad.”


  6. “it was impossible for any of his 23 parliamentary deputies to get in touch with him, accused him of being cut off from reality, and added that he brooked no discussion within the party.”

    Most likely from his required isolation to avoid murderers. He does need to stay in communication with other people in his party or let someone that can do so.

  7. It’s great to hear Wilders talk in Dutch. The ad is effective, because the people of the Netherlands know in their hearts they CAN do better without the Euro. Switzerland and Norway function without it. Why couldn’t the Netherlands? If the economic storm worsens, and calls increase for the Dutch to bail out Spain, Geert has a good chance of winning. Despite the defections from the party, his supporters are some of the most passionate, and are unlikely to leave. Wouldn’t this be a great year if Wilders won in September, Romney won in November, and we can begin fighting the Musloid tide back!

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