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3 Replies to “Brian Lilley and Michael Coren on the street imam and Islamic infiltration”

  1. They are both right, Canada and other western nations aren’t that far off from adopting this standard, and it is racism to accept behavior from minorities that we would not accept from the whites.

    The left has worked hard to destroy Western Civ because it is the major obstacle to their creating their “utopia”, they will do anything and support anyone that they think will further their goal.

  2. As always, islam destroys anything in its path , even if in tiny increments. Your freedoms are at stake. What are you going to do about it?

  3. Just another Islamic cleric inciting violence and rape against Western, non Muslim women/school girls, under the banner of such freedoms as that of religion and speech. Imagine the uproar if it was the other way around, say a Christian cleric promoting violence and rape of Muslim women! The foul mouthed tramp will get way with it, because the authorities if nothing else, will just blame the radicals, nought to do with the ROP! Breathtakingly Orwellian!

    Forcing young women/girls into the chastity tents, like they do their own, will not prevent rape. But it will provide cover for the the Islamic rapists lack of individual responsibility and human decency. Moreover, there is more to the chastity tent/Islamic veil than meets the eye- it is a well known fetish, hence the obsession with covering and womens clothing.

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