Very interesting article on MAJ. Stephen Coughlin and his dismissal from the joint chiefs.

For those people who watched the Coughlin Brief I posted as a sticky yesterday and would like to know more about Maj. Coughlin and his history with National Defense, please click this link and have a read.


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4 Replies to “Very interesting article on MAJ. Stephen Coughlin and his dismissal from the joint chiefs.”

  1. This is so disturbing. And the guy who screws Coughlin is even called “Islam” and nobody gets it. It’s almost funny, except it is the sort of thing that makes Presidents say things like, “Islam is a religion of peace”. These guys are so slick they can actually reach right in there and take Coughlin out like that. And you try to explain this to people and they start fitting you for a tinfoil hat. They’re winning…

  2. The comical part of this embarrassing episode is that they actually think they’re going to get away with it & that includes all those traitors/collaborators who have sided with these enemy agents of islam.

  3. They think they are getting away with this, and will for a while, what they are forgetting is the net now exists and their lies are exposed everyday to more and more people.

  4. Utterly horrendous! Thanks for posting these things. The fact that these fifth columnists have been in the system for so long is paralysingly alarming! Why did this guy get accepted into the US armed forces after his father served Saddam Hussein??

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