Turkish head of the OIC explains its time to get serious about Islamic take over

In the ‘Resistance is futile’ category, OIC chairman explains that he is tired of hijacking multi-faith conferences people objecting to being subjected to the sharia worldwide. That its time to take action on ‘islamophobia’.

Again, for those who followed the OIC brief by Maj Coughlin, they would see how the date of this video, Jun 28, 2011, conforms quite well with his timeline for OIC influence operations and plans to do an end run around, for one thing, the US 1st amendment.

Transcript below the fold:


At the Rumi Forum


June 28 2011




Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I’m very pleased to be here once more. As before, I’ve been asked to speak about Islamophobia and the OIC. Islamophobia is an old phenomenon. A new name for old phenomenon. And today, we see different manifestations of this phenomenon. In different parts of the world. And particularly, in the West. The difference between the manifestation of Islamophobia in Europe and in America. Islamophobia is taking a new trend here in America after 9-11. But, of course, it has its roots before 9-11. In Europe, it has been always there, but after the fall of Berlin Wall, Islam was reinvented or revisited as the enemy, the potential enemy of Europe and the West where the mechanisms of defense and the balance of equilibrium should be strike to sustain the vigor and dynamism of the West against a given enemy. And Islam was chosen to be the enemy to substitute communism. It is very strange to see that old feelings, bad feelings which comes from middle ages, and which has been reintroduced as new ideas about Islam. And we were astonished to see scholars writing books about these issues and putting old wine in new bottles. I would like to suffice myself by one small quotation from President Clinton when he said that the danger of Islamophobia in Europe has reached the level of the danger of antisemitism in 1930s. And I think this is the best way to express that. It went to the point that last year in a European country which was a former colonial power people desecrated the tombs of Senegalese soldiers who died for the flag of that country during the First World War in the army of that colonial power. Sometimes fighting their fellow brethren, Muslims.


So when they died and they put in the cemeteries in that country, now we find people go there, Europeans, and desecrate this. As if these people were the conquerors to the land, not the defenders who sacrificed their lives. So the phenomenon of Islamophobia is really rampant and nowadays by the rise of the right wing political parties and the rise of the right wing, the new fascists, the new Nazis, the racists political movements, they all target Islam and the Muslims as an enemy. The political movements which appeal to the far right, to the marginal groups, to attract their votes, these political movements are picking up in Europe. This is why I foresee that the Islamophobia will be more of a threat to the Muslims in Europe and this country. Luckily, in this country, president Obama knew this course had changed to a certain extent these feelings. Which were baseless. Because as I was alluding to in one of my – in my speech yesterday in the Institute of Peace in the United States, in that attack against the Trade Center and Oklahoma, which was perpetrated by some American citizen, was first attributed to a Muslim, to a Jordanian. And then later on, immediately, people started saying, this is a Muslim who did it. So this prejudice tells – and that was, I think in 1995 or ’96. So far before the 9-11 events. We in the OIC, of course, the publication of this uncivilized, rude, unpolite Danish caricatures of our prophet, peace be upon him, were the apex of this Islamophobic trends. I must say that the indifference by the Danish government, insensitivity by some European powers, to this publication and just consider it a matter of freedom of expression, not a matter of respect and consideration for others, that this stance has created a lot of anger and reaction in the world – in the Muslim world. Now let me tell you that in OIC we were dealing with this issue very closely from day one I became secretary-general. And we established an observatory for Islamophobia. Which started to monitor the different cases and events related to Islamophobia in the West.


And then this observatory started to compile a report, annual report, on Islamophobia and until today, we have published two annual reports. A report of 2008 and 2009. And for those who are interested to see these reports, they are available on our website. Plus there’s a window of the observatory on our website where it’s very full up, every day, every week, the activities and the publication of this observatory, which I think is very important. And if you are interested in interacting with the Islam – the observatory, you’re welcome to that. Now let me – the last part of my brief introduction, dwell on what we try to do internationally. We have tried very hard through the general assembly of the United Nations and Human Rights Council in – Human Rights Council in Geneva, to find a joint ground with Europeans to combat this Islamophobia. To try and invite people to abide with the international rules, with ethics, with the – invite them to be responsible in their way of exercising their freedom. We have exhausted all arguments. But unfortunately, many European countries, particularly where the right wing is in power, they are neglecting this. Overlooking this. Because they made Islamophobia. Even some of these countries, which I will not name, made OIC a domestic issue for political bargaining. And we have seen this in the review of Durban Agreement in Geneva last summer.


I have to say that we have noticed since just last year a positive development in the American position. And I had contacts this year and last year with American high responsibles who are in charge of this file. And we can say that we find better understanding and cooperation with the United States of America vis a vis this issue. And we acknowledge that major media in this country are more responsible than their counterparts in some European countries. And that shows the sensibility and the sense of responsibility when one exercise his own right of freedom of expression. The 1965 convention on civic and political rights, which was adopted and ratified by many countries, but almost all countries of the world, stipulates in article 19 and article 20 that no freedom could be used to instigate hatred based on religion, gender, race, or whatever. What we are trying to do is to invite people to be responsible. And to use their freedom of expression, freedom of thought, not to insult us. This is the basic language we are really trying to – and on this note, I can say that we have managed to, to a certain extent, to achieve some of respect and I think some countries in the West, in Europe, have learned the lesson where they are, themselves, are more responsible than it was the case in 2005. Thank you.




Asalaam alekum. Good morning, Mr. Secretary. I’m J. Saleh Williams. I’m with the Congressional Muslim Staff Association. I want to just thank you first and the OIC and its representatives here in the United States and New York, how they’ve reached out to the Muslim Staff Association in dialogue in how to increase relations between the OIC and our representative government here in the United States. I have a question. How is, in combating Islamophobia, globally but also here particularly in the United States, one way is for leadership, particularly from the president and Congress to openly engage Muslims in America and throughout the world and create constructive, positive relationships, which will counter – I see the vast majority of Americans who are neither Islamophobic, but not necessarily also have a positive disposition, they’re just learning, we’ll never fully gain, you know, the trust of everyone, but that’s not the objective. But constructive engagements always a strong way to convince the masses who are trusting in leadership that the Muslim community, domestically, internationally, are partners with the United States. And so I want to know how is the OIC promoting this type of engagement, particularly seizing the opportunity with president Obama’s Ankara speech and the Cairo speech and how is OIC maybe helping to promote or massage forward some of the initiatives that the president outlined particularly in the Cairo speech?




Well, we have been keen to do that for the last four years. And we have organized here a major symposium with Georgetown University. And the proceeding of this meeting has been published, temporally publication by al-Aweed [PH] Center. And then the book on Islamophobia will be published soon by Oxford University Press. Apart from this, we have been engaged with the Department of State. On this issue as I alluded. During the previous administration and now with the new administration. The main issue here, I think, is to deal with Islamophobia, we have to know that the people in this country are different than in other Western countries. This is a society of immigrants. And immigrants have this kind of solidarity among themselves. And they welcome newcomers. So we don’t feel these bad feelings. Some bad feelings in different frameworks, social frameworks. Here, a different framework and different psychology, mentality. The old settlers welcomed the newcomers. This is why Islamophobia has no root in this country. So I think it could be dealt more easily. It needs, as you refer to, working on the grass roots. And working with the grass roots needs societies, NGOs, pioneering personalities, and, of course, political parties. We have – then, the Muslims in this country need to engage with all this. They need to engage with legislators. We all understand that president Obama’s Cairo speech, Ankara speech, his speeches before that, inauguration day speech, all these speeches has created a new environment, a new – a positive, a new psychology. And we have to make use of that. We don’t know how far that will go. But we have to seize the opportunity. And I think institutions like [UNCLEAR] like CAIR, like others, ISNA, and many others, you’re more aware about them than me, they can do a lot.




I just want one small, short follow up. President – former President Bush made an appointment to Mr. Chumbar [PH] to be the OIC special envoy at the very end of his tenure, his term. Miss Farah Pandith was recently appointed special representative for State Department to Muslim global communities. But she’s been very clear that her mandate is not to be a proxy for the OIC special envoy. Would the OIC, had they made any statement to the State Department that they would like to see a special envoy again appointed? Would that be constructive? Thank you.




Well, I think President Bush’s decision to appoint a special envoy was very wise and timely decision. And [UNCLEAR] has been – and Dr. Rice has been in touch with me from those days. And that consultations resulted with the appointment of Sada Kumbar [PH] Though he has stayed in his office very short period, but he started very energetic way and he, in a short period, make a positive contribution. Now with the new administration, of course, he resigned because it was a political appointment. And according to the rule, he had to resign. We are aware that the administration is about choosing a new name to be special envoy. We’ve been told that Mrs. Farah – or Mrs. Pandith appointment was not for the position of special envoy and that was the official statement as well. And now we have – we know that the search is about to end for the new name and we are looking forward to that.




Yeah. Asalaam alekum. I’m Radwa Azir [PH] a visiting scholar at [UNCLEAR] University. I have two questions. The first one, when you elected [UNCLEAR] to the OIC, there was a big hope about reform inside the organization. How to see the reform right now, especially you cannot change any of the organization at the last meeting in Jeddah. And this second question related to the first one, you mention about OIC, it was prepared many declarations about the human rights in Islam. And do you see any implements for this declarations inside the Islamic countries or if OIC has some policy toward that? Thank you.




Thank you for the question. Of course, we started the reform from day one. And now we’re ending our fifth year and in all these five years the reform campaign went very well. We have changed a lot in just the entire structure, new departments, new administrations, of course, the big change in the staff. We have more qualified people who have long enigmatic experience, academic experiences, public service experiences, which we elect at the very beginning. Now we – and we are expanding our activities. We have – when I start, we have two offices. One in Geneva and one in New York. Now we opened an office in Baghdad to deal with the situation there. And we are opening an office in Brussels for – to be accredited to the EU. And we will soon open an office in Somalia to follow up the crisis there. And of course we have reformed the news agency, IINA, the Fiqh Academy, critically it was reformed. And many other OIC institutions.


But more important than that, that OIC had in the first time in its history the blueprint, a blueprint for reform and development. Not only reforming OIC, but reforming or reshaping, reshuffling, the concept of OIC. To have a new concept. New concept of OIC can be summarized in two words. Solidarity and action. To achieve solidarity among member countries. Not by taking resolutions and decisions and saying in nice words and repeating the old rhetorics about brotherhood and solidarity. Not doing that. But doing projects and programs, implementing them to help different Muslim countries in their struggle to progress in a socioeconomic way. And you can look to our website and see the ten year program of action and you can follow from different channels, particularly our website, about our activities, different activities. This is the first point. Second point is the reform of charter. The charter, the old charter was made in early 70s. OIC was about twenty-five, twenty-seven countries. It was a totally different world. And that charter was really burdened for OIC to open its horizons and progress. From day one, I tried to do that. And I’m glad to tell you that in a record time, we have changed the charter from A to Z. And that charter was unanimously adopted in Dakar in 2008. It took us two years to work out the charter. And this has never happened in any other international organization, the charter being changed in such short period. I advise you to read the charter. Again, it is available on the website. You will see that it’s speaking a different language. Speaks about human rights. Speaks about woman rights. Speaks about democracy, good governance. And many values which our nations aspire to achieve. So we are working on that. We continue on this. Built in the ten year program of action and built in the charter, establishment of new, independent, permanent commission for human rights. To safeguard and promote human rights within OIC countries. Our next challenge is to do that. And we’re working on it. I think we’re coming to – this will be last question, because I have another engagement.




Yes. Yes, thank you. My name is Edward Allum [PH] I’m a professor of philosophy at a Catholic university near Beirut in Lebanon. We had a series of conferences on the common word, Christian and Muslim philosophers. I was wondering about that document. Just if, first of all, if – you were a signatory, I understand. If your signature was in your own name or in the name of the OIC. I was just wondering that. And then, at the conference, we had speculated about the dynamics that led up to the document. If you could speak just a little bit to that. And then finally, if – are there any plans, since a precedent was established, for this sort of document or are there any plans for a similar document in the future? Thank you.




Well, I don’t think we need more documents. We had enough documents. And we have a long experience of interfaith, interculture dialogue. Maybe one word or [UNCLEAR] maybe it’s the best. But I have my opinion on these things which is an opinion after experience. That these exercises are good academic exercises. Or bad academic exercises. Here, the one you referred to is a very good academic exercise. I don’t think we need more academic exercises. What we need is political exercises. The dialogue for the sake of dialogue has proven to be – in the time of need – is not working. When you have a problem, you face a challenge where you need this support for your cause, which is part of the agreed or common ideas, and you tell those who you have been engaged in that dialogue, come and help me, they said, well, inshallah, [UNCLEAR] So we have to rethink it. My proposal, my short recipe for that says that we need to have a well-defined objective. Number one. What would be the objective of such exercise or exercises. We should have definition. And this definition of objective should be agreed upon. By all parties to the interfaith. Number one. Number two, there should be an agenda agreed by parties and this agenda should be progressive agenda. That you start from A, you go to B, C to D and then until you reach the objective. This is number two. Number three, this dialogue should not be only by religious leaders or academicians. It should have political support and there should be political will behind it. If you don’t have this political will, all these exercises will end with nice meetings, exchange of good wishes. And then, at the best, it will end with good or bad work. And I think I would not waste my time and my energy and more religious time on such academic exercise. Cause I spent twenty-five years of mine doing the first one. So I don’t want to spend that. If I will be a party of that, I will go according to the recipe, which I explained to you. And this is what I advise. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] Thank you.


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  1. What a pile of shit. I couldn’t read past the second paragraph of lies. That rat bastard has a lot of nerve comparing their made up “islamophobia” to the real and virulent anti-semitism that muslims are raised on and continue to perpetrate. I spit on it & them.

  2. Islamophobia?, a fear, derision, and/or hatred of Islam and Muslims, both an individual prejudice and a geopolitical instrument.

    I can clearly say that the hate against Muslims and racism in general have their bases online more than being in the communities. What the far right have been trying to do is to show that their presence is much bigger than it really is. The main problem however is that the political system in Europe needs the right extremism as part of its existence and I can see that in the comments against “multiculturalism” by its leaders. While the political system is attacking the democratic rights of the people through privatisation, deregulation and strengthening security measures against them it needs a bigger infighting within the people and that is partly a fight against the Muslims.

    And also the decolonisation process of the ME which has resulted in many revolts in those countries has spilled over the West; how can the political establishment in Europe stay silent while their friends in the ME are losing power and their flags are burnt in the street of those countries?

    We must also remember that WW2 was mainly initiated and carried out by the European and one of the causes of the war i.e. establishing a pure white and “better race” of human being never ended and that finds its way through the social struggle in different forms, as for example Islamophobia. The fight against Islamophobia clearly is a part of the democratic struggle against the political system and one’s weakness feeds to the weakness of the other.

    It is truly saddening the amount of Islamophobia that currently exists in this country. Muslims are blamed as a whole for the problems created by a few. Yet in the eyes of the Media, all are made out to be extremists, or not to be trusted, and foolishly followed by the masses. But the fact is that you can now say things about Muslims, in polite society and even among card-carrying liberal lefties, that you cannot say about any other group or minority.

    Even liberals have convinced themselves they are liberal on every other issue, but as soon as talk of Muslims begin, they have a field day traducing them as a whole.

    This must not be allowed to continue, however everyone knows that Islamophobia is almost socially acceptable. Islamophobia doesn’t have the same connotations as Anti-Semitism, as if the latter matters more – when both are equally are disturbing.

    Britain once a tolerant nation, however it further saddens me how we treat a religious minority who have to face with daily prejudices that we in this country (and the world) take for granted.

    The rulers always need an enemy for distraction. For decades after WWII, until the fall of USSR, it was the ‘reds under the beds’. They were called all sorts of names. Unfortunately most religious groups joined in gleefully, if for no other reason, just to bash the infidels.

    Now it is Islam and Muslims. That is where most of the oil lies. There are pockets of non Islamic oil producers like Venezuela, they suffer the same fate – abuse, lies, vile propaganda, attempt at toppling and installing dictators etc.

    Media tells us en mass that Taliban, Alqaida control majority Muslims and are out destroy our way of life. But no one tells us why did West created Taliban and Alqaida? Because at that time enemy were the ‘infidels’ and only way to fight them was to use religion. WE could not fight them on the issue of, say, women’s rights in Afghanistan because they were em anticipating the women and we were crying hoarse that it was destroying their ‘cultural’ traditions.

    This is politics unfortunately.

  3. Isn’t this guy just the Tiger Woods of lying? I mean, what a complete, polished, well-reasoned treatise of utter bullshit. Muslim apologists always argue from the point of view that no Muslim has ever done anything wrong or aggressive in all of history. Like, it never occurs to him that anti-Muslim feelings in the Middle Ages could have come from the fact that Islam was taking over Christendom and building Mosques on top of their cathedrals, as there was “a great slaughter in the land”.

    I especially like the intelligent, reasoned, academic tones he uses as he explained that the West has replaced the Soviet Union with Islam as the new united-against-a-common-enemy fake bad guy. Right! It’s as if not one terrorist attack has ever happened, the West is just mean, mean, mean, for no reason. Imagine what a drag it would be if the Germans insisted endlessly that we bombed Berlin for no reason at all and that the whole war was just one big unprovoked attack against Germany by the West – an attack that must one day be avenged… I honestly don’t think there could ever be a way to negotiate rationally with these people.

  4. Always the victim, regardless of their filthy history of unending violence in order to please their blood lust which embodies everything that islam is & everything it will ever become…these filthy koranimals will be put into the dustbin of history along with their lies.

    islam has no place in Occidental…NONE! It’s the tick on the backside of humanity & it is our responsibility to remove it. (Spit)

  5. “Islamophobia?, a fear, derision, and/or hatred of Islam and Muslims, both an individual prejudice and a geopolitical instrument”


    The word Islamophobia is a construct of the Muslims themselves who want to portray themselves as being the victim. But let’s have a look at the word…’Islamo’ and ‘phobia’ joined together. ‘Islamo’ means pertaining to Islam and ‘phobia’ from the Greek meaning an irrational fear. There is no interpretation of this word that includes ‘hatred’ or derision. It is what it says, a fear of Islam.

    Now why should there be a fear of Islam? Could it be that the followers of this ‘faith’ take great delight in destroying people and objects? I mean ‘arachnophobia’ is a fear of spiders and, in a country like Australia, this makes sense because there are Australian spiders that can kill a human being. It is not hatred of spiders it is fear of spiders and what the spider is capable of. Just the same as the followers of Islam. No western human has the ability to know which member of the Islamic faith will turn out to be a homicidal maniac and therefore fear of Islam is understandable.

    So Mr Lying Iftikhar, I suggest you use a new word such as “Islamomisite” which when analysed is ‘Islamo’ pertaining to Islam and ‘misite’ from the Greek ‘???????’ meaning hater.

    If you want to combat ‘Islamophobia’ or ‘Islamomisite’ you have to tell your co-religionists to stop murdering innocent victims, stop the corruption and lies and learn to live in peace with people who do not believe the bullshit written in the Quran.

  6. They have learned to use the tactics of the left, and in some ways are surpassing the left in their use, I especially like their projection of their sins onto the Europeans.

  7. We should call it what it is, Islam practices ‘Western Worldaphobia’. Yes, That’s it! That’s the ticket. We should be offended that they don’t like us, etc.
    Indeed we should. Islam is totally incompatible with our western cultures, pup tents should not be worn as clothing and Shar’ia should remain where it belongs, in the sewers and swamps of this world.

  8. Islamophobia and Arabophobia has been part of western culture since the Crusades, with Saddam and Osama only the latest in a long line of Arab bogeymen. The real reason for the current spate of Islamophobia is the fact that Islam has been the fastest growing religion in the world and as such poses a threat to the West. This is happening inspite of widespread misconceptions and negative media portrayed of Islam.

    Prejudice against Islam in the West developed due to historic rivalry of Christianity against Islam. The defeat of Christians by the Muslims in Crusades was a big shock for the Christian world. These deep wounds are still so fresh in the Christian world today that the parents, media, politicians and teachers feel it a duty to nurture the feelings of prejudice against Islam in the hearts and minds of their young generations. According to Runnymede Trust, Britain has become “an institutionally Islamophobic” society in which Muslims are demonised. Hostility towards Muslims is still a major problem and is not being taken seriously enough by race relations bodies. According to Dr. Richard Stone, there is now renewed talk of a clash of civilizations, a new global cold war, and mounting concern that the already fragile foothold gained by Muslim communities in Britain is threatened by ignorance and intolerance. According to John Gieve of the Home office, Islamic extremism might be a “symptom of disaffection”. The same disaffection previously surfaced during the riots that shook Oldham and Bradford in 2001.

    Jews and Christian scholars, the so called Western Orientals have always tried to mispresent Islam in their writings. They have always tried to spread baseless lies against Islam in a very authentic and scholarly style, hiding their deep rooted hatred against Islam. They have called all efforts to restore pure Islam in Muslim countries as “fundamentalist movements” against modern-day material progress and economic development. Lacy O’Leary in the book “Islam at the cross road”: “history makes it clear however, that the legend of fanatical Muslims sweeping through the world and forcing Islam at the point of the sword upon conquered races is one of the most fantastically absurd myth that historians have ever repeated.” Even Gandhi refuted the false propaganda, otherwise, one could not find even a single Hindu or non-Muslim in the Indian sub-continent and on top of that Sikhism could not dare to emerge as a religion. India would be the largest Muslim country in the world. In the 20th century new images emerged, the fanatical terrorist, the stone-thrower and the suicide bomber. According to Lord Carey, there was a deep-rooted Islamophobia in Britain. There is a worrying ignorance of Muslim people and suspicion of their presence in the United Kingdom. It is assumed by many that Muslims wish to take over ‘our country and if we allow them to enter Britain in significant numbers they will in time make the country Islamic’.

    Mr. Denis MacShane, the Minister for Europe urged British Muslims to adopt the “British norms” and not the way of the “terrorists”, in other words “Islamic way”. He provoked Muslims to choose between the “British way” and the way of terrorism.” Monica Ali’s, who was mis-educated and de-educated by the British education system, portrays Bangladeshi Muslims in Brick Lane as backward, uneducated and unsophisticated. This is the main reason why her book was selected for Guardian First Book Award. The content of the book is a despicable insult to Bengali Muslims at home and abroad. The book can be compared to Salman Rushdie’s Stanic Verses. The combined forces of racial discrimination and Islamophobia have been awesome in the marginalisation and alienation of the Muslim community. Muslims made to feel like an enemy within by Islamophobic attitudes. Hardening prejudice against Islam is creating a dis-affected underclass of young Muslims “time-bombs” likely to explode into violence, according to a recent report. Life for Britain 1.6 million Muslims has never been easy. For decades they have struggled in the face of discrimination in all walks of life. West is not based on Judio-Christian civilisation. This term should be abandoned to be replaced by Judio-Christian-Islamic civilisation. The new language should be used in all venues starting with media, academic statements by politicians, church leaders and Imams of Masajid. These are the words that define how we are related to each other’s.

    Through out the modern history, Muslims have contributed for the Renaissance of Western culture and society. Islamic values are not only compatible with the western values they are almost identical. Islamic ideas helped shape the European West that produced the values cherished by the constitution’s framers. Western culture is infact based on Muslim culture. The aim of education is to give the highest possible standard in order to advance spiritually, emotionally, technologically and economically. The early Muslim knew this and they were instrumental in giving the west much of the scientific knowledge that has once helped it to thrive.

    Bernard Shaw once said that the future religion of the West would be Islam and only Islam. Islamophobia is guiding Westerners towards that end. They study with open mind the Holy Quran and Islamic literature and poetry. Islam is a force fighting Imperialism. Read the greatest book of revolution: The Holy Quran. Meet the greatest revolutionary of all times: Muhammad (peace be upon him). In America a great number of universities, colleges and schools are offering Islamic Studies courses. There is a possibility that in the near future half of native population would revert to Islam. In fact Islamophobia is a blessing in disguise.

  9. Most of the predominantly islamic world are horrible, whereas most of the Western world offers a higher and much better standard of living and also much more freedom to improve. Whereas in the predominantly islamic world, the islamic people still enslave disadvantaged people and much more horrible in every ways.

  10. Why are so many people from the predominantly islamic world so desperate to migrate to the WEst? One of the reason is that the predominantly islamic wolrd failed to govern in a fair manner, failed to instill a better world, failed to provide a better education, failed to provide a better health care system, failed in so many ways.

  11. Iftikhar,

    Please be advised that Islam is not wanted in Britain by a majority of British Islanders. Notice the term British Islanders, not immigrants, not minorities, British Islanders. These are the people whose homeland you have come to. These are the people who will fight tooth and nail if their existence is threatened.

    “West is not based on Judio-Christian civilisation”

    Take your lies and deceit elsewhere it is not wanted here.

    “underclass of young Muslims “time-bombs” likely to explode into violence”

    You see, even your own words tell us your religious followers are violent people. We have a saying here…..fight fire with fire…..we will ultimately fight violence with violence and I assure you that you will not like what you witness.

  12. The EU should make sure that its member states are multicultural to ensure the prosperity of the union, the UN’s special representative for migration has said. Peter Sutherland also suggested the UK government’s immigration policy had no basis in international law. He told the House of Lords committee migration was a ‘crucial dynamic for economic growth’ in some EU nations ‘however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states’. He said that an ageing or declining native population in countries like Germany or southern EU states was the ‘key argument and, I hesitate to the use word because people have attacked it, for the development of multicultural states’. He criticised the UK’s attempt to cut net migration from its current level to ‘tens of thousands’ a year through visa restrictions. Migration was a ‘crucial dynamic for economic growth’ in some European countries, ‘however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens’. The declining populations of some EU countries meant that multiculturalism was not only inevitable, but deeply desirable – ‘It’s impossible to consider that the degree of homogeneity which is implied by the other argument can survive because states have to become more open states, in terms of the people who inhabit them.

    People are people, regardless of where they were born, what color their skin is, or whatever religion. All deserve respect. Tolerance in Sweden/Britain is an illusion. The problem isn’t immigrants not adapting to British culture, it’s Brits showing much disrespect and scorn to those who are of any immigrant background. even if an immigrant was well versed in English, knew the customs etc. would they still get employment? No. Would Brits treat them as a decent human? No. So why would they want to assimilate into a culture that is constantly tearing them down? Multiculturalism is not about integration but about cultural plurality. It is not about separation but about respect and the deepening awareness of Unity in Diversity. Each culture will maintain its own intrinsic value and at the same time would be expected to contribute to the benefit of the whole society.

  13. What is this nonsense. The truth is that authorities in Europe are massively subsidizing and allowing the demographical spread of third/fourth world citizens who, apart from massive criminality, contribute NOTHING to society. Islamophobia is a misnomer. A growing number of people are not afraid of, but disgusted by the parasitic, seditious, criminal, violent nature of most followers of islam.

  14. Islam never respect other people of other faiths or of other religions, not to mention they mostly disregard nonbelievers. Islamic people is NOT superior in any way. Islamic people and asian people only respect people with money.

  15. Islamic pretend to be multicultural but in fact, only islamic culture dominate excessivly even when they are in a minority. When would the brown people improve their behaviour towards disadvantaged people or people of other race who are poorer than them? The problem is brown people never respect people of other race who may be poorer at one time or another.

  16. Furthermore, nonwhites go to the West only to get rich and to impose their inferior islamic and eastern culture on the West.

  17. WLIL,

    the problem is Islam, why do you have to drag “the brown people” who are non-Muslims into this? This smacks of racism and if you truly want an end to this Islamic overtaking, it would help to understand the true source of the problem.

    Most “brown people” as you call them live their lives, and yes, come to the West for the the riches that are there…. but many abide by the laws. Certainly there are many petty crimes committed by them (i guess that is worse than the embezzlements, fraud, and other “white collar” crimes committed by those who decide what’s what in that country). But in general, the law of the land tend to be The Law.

    This is not the case in Islam. It works on a very different scale. There, some would like to come and have riches, but when there is enough of a majority, you can’t bribe a Muslim with money. All the riches will not stop the Islam train… the goal then becomes to mow down every good thing, every historical artifact, every hint of another society other than Islam -just as they did in Africa (back when nobody cared), just like they are trying to do to the West. Most non-Muslim “brown people” and Muslims (brown AND WHITE) have two very different motives, goals, ambitions, etc.

  18. The truth remains, the term “islamophobia” was concocted by a muslim brotherhood think tank for the sole purpose of badgering anyone who spoke the truth about islam. It is meant to be wielded as a club by proponents of islam & useful idiots to silence people. The main target of this fantasy word is free speech, however if we can’t get rid of the term , why not embrace it and promote islamophobia wherever you go. A RISE in islamophobia is what’s really needed………..proud to be an islamophobe. Stand up and speak the truth about islam whether they like it or not and especially if it “offends” them.

  19. As far as ‘brown” people go and the unrelenting hate propaganda targeting whites (even students in primary school) trying to make them feel guilty (for what, for being intelligent?) , it’s easy to understand why WLIL might feel that way.

  20. When Pigs fly,

    I don’t think Whites should be targeted and made to feel guilty.

    I DO think there are unresolved issues there that need to be resolved in a healthier way.

    But its not because Whites are intelligent that is causing all the frustration. I think the anger comes mainly from many white countries taking over poorer brown ones, or rather than trying to have a partnership (you sell me your diamonds and we’ll give you a price) they rather take the resources in an underhanded way. I guess it comes from whites thinking themselves intelligent, but behaving in a heartless way towards those they deem “not intelligent”.

    And there’s never an acknowledgement on the part of whites about any of this.

    And honestly, i think as long as there is no acknowledgement of it, the issue won’t sink. Rather, people will keep trying to hold this truth out until its acknowledged. Almost as if as long as this (or any) issue is not resolved and ended –like saying thank you after receiving something, or like saying amen after a blessing, or having a rest day after the week– as long as there is no end –no other shoe dropping, then this issue will continue. Or like a post traumatic stress or something.

    One day, when it does get acknowledged, Blacks, and Browns and all those who have been hurt and angered by this will then have the difficult task of forgiving. And I suspect many are glad that the “ball is not in their court” because both things are hard (the repentance/acknowledgement and the forgiving/moving forward). its like nothing is moving forward. Like food never getting digested. (after a while it starts to stink!).

  21. miriam what you are talking about is called “white guilt” it is a phoney guilt trip created by the left, the idea is that all whites are guilty for what past generations did. This is inherited guilt, the excuse the Germans used to attack the Jews, now you are saying that because others are saying all whites are guilty we are suppose to set back and take their racism!

  22. Richard,

    That is totally not what I said. You are misrepresenting me.

    Long, long ago Spain and France took Blacks from Africa to serve as slaves in Haiti. Thank goodness, the Haitians fought and gained their independence. But in retaliation France and America set an embargo on Haiti -they kept Haiti from trading with any country and demanded compensation for what they could have cashed in had the Blacks stayed good slaves.

    That was bullying. However, that part of history is never acknowledged..rather, people go on and on about how poor Haiti is.

    England goes into India and simply takes over the land. Read the history, for example, the history of the East India Company. Mahatma Ghandhi does all he can to fight and push them away peacefully. The British pack up and go, but they leave such border disputes to this day. India and Pakistan are warring over Kashmir.

    In the African continent, again the British come and simply decide to rearrange their maps and change many of the borders. Now you have people who are best separate, crunched together –there was a reason for the previous divides. Hence the fight amongs the many different tribes trying to live together (Rwanda comes to mind, for example).

    I can go on and on about damage that people are dealing with to this day because of things done in the past. Nobody is helping. Its not just a question of “feeling guilty” its a reality.

    This turns off alot of people who could be united in the fight against Islamic takeover, but don’t want to deal with racists –lumping all “brown people” all together. Funny how every one seemed okay with WLIL’s brown people bashing.

    re: the Germans and the Jews. I don’t understand what you meant, but I DO know that there are Jews who are still hurting from what the Germans. Still trying to find their families. The psychic trauma is still there. Just like the “brown people.”

    One last thing: racism is a delicate issue. There are racists on both sides that exacerbate the issues. There are those who will want to make whites feel guilty–but they don’t want a solution, they just want dead whites. And there are those who want to just poo poo that ravaged societies that they are seeing before their eyes and shake their heads while at the same time not acknowledging their country’s role in any of it.

    Richard, basically what you (all) are saying is that I should understand where WLIL is coming from, but you all can not (will not?) understand where I am coming from.

    I feel alot of commonality for America and Americans. I would not want this Islamic encroachment to happen there. But when I see racism from the very people who are in this struggle, me and I am sure many others, want to have nothing to do with helping them.

  23. @ Miriam

    The weaker guy being conquered by the stronger guy, no matter the colors of their skin has been going on since time began. We have NOTHING to apologize for, in fact we should be thanked because without whites people would not be enjoying the many inventions that make our lives bearable and enjoyable. I wouldn’t want to live in a world where whites did not have influence as all cultures are NOT equal. Take almost any place in Africa or the Middle East as an example, would you really want to live there? I sure as hell would not and it has NOTHING to do with skin color and everything to do with behavior.

  24. “But when I see racism from the very people who are in this struggle, me and I am sure many others, want to have nothing to do with helping them.”

    I guess you’ll have to make a choice. My choice is unwavering, I am a counter-jihadist, period. If islam takes over you’ll get a taste of what real “racism” (based on religious beliefs) is.

  25. Are you trying to not understand me?

    At least, thank you for acknowledging somewhat that you consider yourselves the “stronger guy that must take on the weaker guys.”

    Look, I’ll never want Jihad, that’s why i’m on this blog. but how can i consciously side with a group that can potentially go after me when their done (hopefully) with conquering Jihad?

    re: the stronger guy going after the weaker guy.

    Then why are you complaining when the “weaker guys” complain about being “conquered”? Is it strange for the “weaker guys” to be unhappy that they are considered “conquered”?

    Both of you guys want the “weaker guys” to shut up and take it.

    But aren’t you guys complaining about the Islamic takeover? Maybe the Muslims seem too stronger and you guys are now the “weaker guys” and you don’t like it. This whole blog is like “brown people” complaining about the “stronger guy taking over” –except this time is the Muslims who are the “stronger guys” and you all who are the “weaker guys” (otherwise you wouldn’t be complaining and blogging about this, you’d have kicked their rear ends already).

  26. Its time we start to insist on certain values that immigrants have to accept if they wish to live with us in peace and harmony.

    Some simple and enlightened values that we need to assert, without in any form or manner targeting a group or ideology. These are normal for any nation or culture, and most certainly ours that is tolerant, humane and just.

    1. No other language to be supported by the state except the national language.

    2. Ban FGM totally. This is totally against our values. Anyone engaging in this outrageous custom has to pay a penalty.

    3. Ban child marriages. This custom is not in keeping with enlightened European values.

    4. Ban polygamy. Again, it is not in keeping with enlightened European values. Besides it causes immense headache when it comes to financial and inheritance cases. Our laws have evolved over centuries based on marriage between one man and one woman. We cannot have the absurd situation that we overturn centuries of values, tradition and law, just to cater for people who are here quite voluntarily.

    5. “Honour” killing punishable by the usual legal penalties. In addition, as the crime is a violation of the codes of European values, those who did or aided in the murder, to be deported.

    6. Ban raw Halal meat in shops. No Halal slaughter whatever in Europe. The slaughter of dumb animals is against our tradition of humane attitudes to animals. There is no requirement whatever that we overturn our traditional values for other cultures, who are here of their own will.

    These values are good, beautiful and true, and therefore need no justification. How on earth it has come to pass that I have to state the above, when they were all the norm just a few decades ago, is the real question.

  27. Miriam you make some good points and essentially your heart is good. You are a moral person. But your reading of history is not correct. Take India for example. Indians had a thousand years of trying to kill the arab jihad against India. They for the most part were successful and to this day Indians worship who they want to and do not bow to no Arab. When the British came they came into the middle of this and left behind a situation which is just a rekindling of the old Jihad. However, that has failed in the case of India and a lot of the Jihadis are returning to their homes in Indian Kashmir for a failed Jihadi debriefing at the local police station and a return to their pre-jihad lives. So the current situation is pretty much resolved and no amount of jihad will have any impact. Jihad today is massive failure and only has in impact in Muslim countries. In other countries its impact is very limited and the state does exactly what it wants to do. Muslims are massive failures do to inbreeding and a failure of military tactics. Take Isreal. One small country surrounded by a sea of hatred and it is still going strong. Last I looked its GDP had shot up and it was in the process of tapping its new old oil wealth.

    So this statement of yours is not true:

    But aren’t you guys complaining about the Islamic takeover? Maybe the Muslims seem too stronger and you guys are now the “weaker guys” and you don’t like it. This whole blog is like “brown people” complaining about the “stronger guy taking over” –except this time is the Muslims who are the “stronger guys” and you all who are the “weaker guys”

    Muslims are still the weaker guys and it can easily be shown. I have given two examples. Let me give me some more: Firstly lets go to Tajikstan:

    More than 300 makeshift mosques have been closed recently by authorities in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, with some of those sites subsequently turned into beauty salons or police offices. These and other clampdowns follow a government ban on Islamic head scarves — hejab — in schools, compulsory tests for clerics, and a ban on the fundamentalist Mavlavi religious group.

    This is from a news in 2007 report in a pro islamic website. But it is all over the web as to just how bad things are for muslims not only in Tajikistan but Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, in China, Turkmenistan. Indeed in the whole of central Asia any mosque can be closed within hours if the authorities deem it so. Any imam can be thrown in prison for not sufficiently praising the president in his sermons and such sermons are closely watched and in some cases even have a time limit of 15 minutes. In Tajikstan they have even made it against the Law to teach Islam to anyone under 18. Such teaching can result in a crackdown by authorities and prison.

    Another example of the weakness of islam is that any one can say anything blashphemous against their Lah or their prophet. Calling mohammad a peadophile is so common it has almost become a natural thing like breathing. This abuse makes muslims mad; and the oil is running out. Russia is the number one oil producer and America which almost produces as much oil as Saudi arabia (second) will aim to become the worlds biggest oil producer by 2017. Lets not forget the inbreeding and lack of intelligence as manifested in poor exam results and going to prison on a regular basis in western societies placing muslims them very much at the bottom of such societies and also bottom of the world as can be seen by the Failed State Index which brims with corrupt and poor islamic countries.

    No the muslims are the weaker guys and that is why they like to complain. They would not complain at all if they were the stronger guys. They would simply enforce their sharia and laugh all the way to the mosque to pray to their Lah. So you see it is a case of perception. Not a single muslim country even makes it to the top ten of countries with the largest GDPs. On a global/ world wide level Mr Islam is the poor guy who gets beat in wars, gets thrown into prison for believing in his Lah, goes begging to international agencies for relief from failed state status and gets madder and madder as his Lah and his prophet are routinely blasphemed. And with six billion infidels world wide the facts stare Mr Islam in the face and all he do is burn an American flag. Actually I think I might join Mr Islam as I feel like a Koran burning coming on right now. Excuse me while I make a fire.

  28. It is quite often whenever the nonwhitles or the browns dominates or islamic dominates, too many people tend to suffer due to nonwhite extreme incompetence and extreme unfairness. Just take a look at most of the asians or asian countries that I encountered. Very rarely that they are respectful or nice. Criticisng brown people or asian people or islamic people is not racism. Another unpleasant fact is brown people or nonwhite people tend to look down on poor white people. This another unpleasant facts.

  29. @ DP11

    Even if they abide by all the rules you lay out, a massive percentage of them still will have to be supported from cradle to grave, because they’ve got no talent, no skill, no work ethic, no education, no motivation, no dedication, in short, nothing to contribute to society. You can easily see where that would lead those who do have those qualities and will have to work, not only to support themselves, but also to support the ever growing number of unproductive trough feeders: ENSLAVEMENT.

  30. Furthermore, whether the brown people have a stronger alliance with islamics or not, too many brownpeople or nonwhite people tend to be bullies. That is another uncomfortable fact.

  31. Because those brown people are so used to enslaving other people in their own nonwhite world, and when they come to the West and become successful due to the Western support, many of the nonwhites became even more horrible.

  32. Hi Don,

    Those are all good points. All tangential points though.

    My reading of history is correct, thank you very much. The British and other countries took over “brown people’s” countries, resources, etc etc and have no understand, compassion, nothing when down the line things are hard.

    You make it sound as if the British just dropped by and gave a quick hello and left. lol.

    So the Indians were well on their way defeating the Muslims and the British came and changed the playing field. So I should not blame Britain for anything? Just as when they supplied the Arabs with weapons before they left Palestine, of course, I should be okay and not blame Britain for any part of that?

    My beef is that: in the battle to keep islam out, somehow all Blacks and Browns gets dragged in and slandered. Why? Why must that be? Do they think people like us are wanting Islam??

    I don’t get why everyone is on MY case for objecting to a racist statement.

  33. And furthermore, it has nothing to do with who is weaker or stronger, it is all to do about incompatible cultures and incompatible values. The nowhite world often think they know better but most often they don’t. That is the problem.

  34. One just get tired of the nonwhite world making other people feel bad just because one dare to criticise the islamics or the brown people. One just get tired of the brown people hypocrisy and their tendencies to take advantage of the white people. One just get tired of seeing all the racist behaviour and abusive behaviour committed by the brown or islamic people or from the nonwhite world.

  35. Ham head
    We don’t want or need muzzy blood sucking lice in the EU. The EU is bad enough without having it continually topped up with Islamic Mohammedan peodophile rapists and other such vermin. They should stay in their Eastern rat infested fleapits where they will feel more at home amongst other backward savages.

  36. “My beef is that: in the battle to keep islam out, somehow all Blacks and Browns gets dragged in and slandered. Why? Why must that be? Do they think people like us are wanting Islam??”

    I have a solution. The words black and brown are too blunt. More sophisticated words are needed. For black people who are not muslim I suggest: Infidel Negro.

    For brown males like Sikhs, Hindus etc I suggest: I suggest the acronym BUM or Brown Uncircumcised Males. The BUMs and the Negro Infidels are fine people and I am sure lots of them are with us in rejecting this white supremacist arab ideology called Islam. An ideology which makes all brown and black people turn white before they are allowed into Jannah or the islamic heaven.

    It has started raining again. This is the rainiest time ever. I can not remember a more rainy time than this in Britain.

  37. miriam that is what you are saying, you are harping on what was done centuries ago as an explanation on why the current third world population hates us, that is inherited guilt, a thoroughly discredited idea. Well it was until the left decided to use it to beat the West over the head.

    BTW the US never embargoed Haiti, sensible traders stayed away until the killing stopped but there was no embargo.

    I do read history, including the non politically correct ones that tell the facts, The East India Company didn’t just take over land, they started taking land from the Indian Princes only after they were attacked, the Board of Directors keep sending lettersD of instruction to the Governor Generals to stop taking land even when attacked. This lead to more attacks. Once again politically correct history distorts the facts.
    Before you explode yes some land was taken because the Governor General wanted to make a name, but most of the land (80 to 90%) was taken in self defense. The East India Company was a business that wanted to make money not build an Empire.

    The Colonial history of Africa is not that simple, or easily read of taught. We don’t have time enough to go into that, but if you are going to get into that why don’t you include the tribal warfare that was genocidal in its goals, the enslavement of blacks by blacks to sell to the slave traders, and how it was the US and British Navys (The Brits were first and carried the heavy load) that stopped the slave trade, the Brits also stopped the slave raids by the Moslems, and did their best to stop the genocidal tribal wars.
    You look at the bad from African Colonial history, look at the good also. Without the balanced approach you get a very distorted version of history.

    You don’t know about the Nazi’s using the term Christ Killer to vilify the Jews! You really don’t know much about history do you.

    As for the lumping all Brown People together it makes people uncomfortable, but we are a group of free people, we are all free to make up our minds and we don’t require the members to toe the party line. Your statement shows that you are more intolerant then he is, you should look in the mirror and confront your own prejudices before you start attacking our.

    I understand your view very well, I have been hearing it since before you were a gleam in your fathers eye, what you refuse to do is learn both sides of history. History and peoples actions are never as simple as you try to make them.

    Once again we are paying attention to what you say and are taking a good look at it, we are rejecting it because it runs contrary to the facts, you are looking at one side of history and not both, you reject the good that came from colonialism (yes there was good that happen because of colonialism) because it runs counter to your inherited guilt scenario, it makes it harder to blame the whites for all evils in the world.

    You might want to take a look at what is going on in Sub Saharan Africa, this is what was happening before the colonization but with modern weapons, the modern weapons makes the genocide quicker.

  38. miriam have you ever had an original thought? So far all you have been doing is repeating bull from the 1950s and 1960s.

    By the way, yes we read what you are saying, it is just that what you are saying goes totally against what our education and world experience say, we prefer to trust our selves and what we have learned to letting others think for us.

  39. Not everyone like the EDL. I am not a member but certainly a lot of what they say makes sense and I do have both BUM (brown uncircumcised Men) friends as well as BCM (brown circumcised men) friends. Likewise I have both Negro infidel and Negro Muslim friends. People are people and I love them all, but looking at the world from the viewpoint of just seeing black and brown people as one block is not going to give the sensitivity to classification that is needed in dealing with a racist white supremacist arab ideology like Islam that only lets white people into heaven and encourages taking black slaves. The prophet Mohammad, a white guy, owned black slaves and traded in them for this own financial benefit.

  40. Amazing stuff!

    How good it must be to always feel offended. But surely they must know that there is no one offending them other than themselves who invented the offence, exaggerated it with lies and made a mountain out of a mole hill. Oh how pleasurable it must be to feel that everyone else is in the wrong and only they are in the right.

    And then just for effect, they invented a word, a phobia to to imprint upon the mind, an illness- but surely they must have known that too is a lie, for no one is ill of mind other than themselves. But this is the end result of constantly lying, first to one self and then to others.

    The OIC is being supported by the US- but then, as always it will take the Godless to deal with the faithless!

    Mr Ahmed:

    WW2 did not end fascism, for if it did Communism would have met with the same fate as Nazism. And today, the gulags of Kolymo would be as well known as the death camps of Auschwitz. This blunder had the effect of upsurging the moral and intellectual fabric of Europe, all of which opened the way for the Islamic fascists who beat the lot out.


    What are the white folk to do? It seems that if they are not seen to be making all the right gestures, apologising profusely and scraping about on their hand and knees, they are guilty of all crimes both past and present.

    The fact is: The white folk of today oppress no one. But that does not matter a jot does it? The reason is simple: they have been assigned to a class who are are guilty of everything- collective guilt!

  41. White guilt is silly. I have never enslaved anyone from Africa. No member of my family has ever profited from such a cruel trade in humans. My family have never invaded any country. In fact the only movement we seem to make is from the Midlands and towards London and the areas close to London known as the home counties. I have never bought into any white guilt ever. It is just plain stupid since I am in not involved in enslaving or invading anyone’s land. To get white people guilty about racism is as silly as getting everyone worked up about being alive. I never chose to be the way I am. I just woke up one day and their was my white mom and white dad looking down on me. It just happened. I can not take any responsibility for what other people have done. I will take full responsibly for what I do however, and that means being non racist and treating animals with kindness (non speciesist).

  42. @ Miriam
    I hear what you’re saying but I don’t consider a lot of it relevant. I don’t care what happened a long time ago, I’m concerned about what is happening now. I don’t see anyone bashing browns or blacks unless you, like muslims consider the truth offensive. Try being gay in this culture, better yet try defending gays at counter-jihad sites, I’m one of the few that do and am attacked regularly for my efforts. I’m bashed and called names and quoted articles that “prove” gays are perverts and hate scriptures etc. It does not make me want to turn against counter-jihadists but it does make me question a lot of their so-called “Christian” beliefs.

    Personally I’m sick to death of the reverse racism against whites that is so prevalent in our societies since we became “multi-cultural”. We built this world we all take for granted and we are condemned on a daily basis. I am NOT buying any “white” guilt from anyone. I will NOT tolerate white racism starting with the lie that “only whites can be racist”. I have seen the other side in action many times. I’m not buying anymore brown or black or muslim victim crap and I have absolutely NOTHING to apologize for and you have a lot of nerve if that’s what you expect. No one here is after browns & blacks and no one here wants to attack them at any point. Our focus is the truth and islam and if you can’t stand the truth then maybe you don’t have the courage to be a counter-jihadist.

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