EDL in Bristol: Group expects trouble from ‘idiotic communist types’


The English Defence League has attacked the Labour Party for supporting “rent-a-mobs” in advance of the group’s march in Bristol tomorrow

The English Defence League (EDL) has attacked the Labour Party for supporting “rent-a-mobs” in advance of the group’s march in Bristol tomorrow.

A spokesman for the EDL told Bristol24-7 the group was expecting trouble from “idiotic communist types” who wanted to provoke a violent confrontation.

But in responding to the condemnation from Bristol’s two Labour MPs and the party’s candidate for mayor yesterday, the spokesman said Labour has “sold out its English constituents”, adding the group had no interest in what the party said.

Barriers are already in place for the EDL march yesterday, which will begin at Redcliffe Wharf before ending in Queen Square.

Up to 1,000 police officers are due to take to the streets to prevent a confrontation between the EDL and a counter-demonstration of anti-fascist groups, unions and community organisations.

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9 Replies to “EDL in Bristol: Group expects trouble from ‘idiotic communist types’”

  1. This is typical of the bleeding heart do-gooders, even worse when its politicians that are supposed to be supporting its constituents but instead take the side of a well known violent ideology

  2. Labour, communist, greens …. they are all the same bunch of hateful people playing at been tolerant and kind. Pathetic.

  3. The leftards are rattled. I’ve noticed a lot of “shrill chatter” from them in last few days, I think they have mobilised their cyber lepers ahead of their anti England march.

  4. The idiotic communist types thinks the EDL are fascists who will beat them up without provocation. Instead of holding marches and such, we should undercut the narrative of the communists by constantly stressing the Leftist nature of National-Socialism. Read “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg.

  5. The left around the world has (for the most part) been reduced to rent a mobs, this is one reason I think they are going to resort to violent terror attacks, they are losing and know it. Desperation is forcing them into making one last violent push to seize total power. They think they can use the Moslems and “White Guilt” to prevent effective opposition. I for one refuse to feel guilty for things that others (all most all now dead) did.

  6. Photos at “This is Bristol” gallery illustrate the only patriotic images displayed at today’s demonstration are found within the EDL demo. The antifa signature is visible in images of smoldering overturned trash bins. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure which group is non-violent and law abiding with a bias towards pro-Western (equal rights) civilization.

    P.S. I happened to be in Canada this past week and came upon one tourist site of particular irony. In Halifax (Nova Scotia) there is a historic cemetery where our tour guide introduced us to the gravesite of one Joseph Howe, father of free speech in Canada . . .located just steps away from the CBC.

  7. Jonah Goldberg does a good job of showing how the left is one with fascism and nazism. He does this by showing the actual history of these two movements. His book is historical and compelling reading.

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