Envoy’s call to Iranians in Canada raises fear of terror recruitment


UNITED NATIONS –  The prospect of Iran using its embassy in Canada to mobilize Islamic Republic loyalists to attack the U.S. is raising alarm among terrorism experts after an official there issued a call to arms for expatriates to infiltrate the Canadian government and be ready to advance the interests of their homeland.

Details of the Iranian recruitment program came to light in a chilling interview Hamid Mohammadi, the Iranian cultural affairs counselor at the embassy in Ottawa, gave in Farsi to an Iran-based website directed exclusively at Iranians living in Canada. In addition to raising alarms in Canada, Mohammadi’s message got the attention of U.S. terror watchdogs, who noted that radicalized Iranians would be just an easy border crossing from the American heartland, since Canadian citizens do not need a visa and typically face just a few questions from U.S. border officials.

Mohammadi said recent immigrants among the estimated 500,000 Iranians in Canada have “preserved their strong attachments and bonds to their homeland,” while second-generation Iranians are already in “influential government positions.” He urged all Iranian-Canadians to “resist being melted into the dominant Canadian culture” to aspire to “occupy high-level key positions” and said the embassy plans to extend its reach by offering “cultural programs” to Iranian immigrants and their descendants, who can then “be of service to our beloved Iran.”

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Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/07/09/iranian-fifth-column-in-canada-threat-to-us-say-terrorism-experts/#ixzz20BuitbMT


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6 Replies to “Envoy’s call to Iranians in Canada raises fear of terror recruitment”

  1. Canada needs to start by kicking his traitorous ass out of Canada and by ending any and all diplomatic ties with Iran. The nerve of these arrogant bastards.

  2. Muslims are getting into positions of power all over the West but our politicians are either too traitorous or too dim to see it. They are even helping them to do it.

  3. I don’t think the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood or the Sunni Hizb-ut-Tahrir will like this. They too like to infiltrate. It is very hard to defend against infiltration. Maybe it makes more sense to learn Farsi, and to counterinfiltrate.
    Anyway, in the book Arabian War Games, the Saudi banker Ali Al-Shihabi predicts the destruction of Iran at the hands of Pakistan, using nukes. The question arises, why wouldn’t use Pakistan its nukes to free the oppressed Pakistanis in Saudi-Arabia?
    Iran is very aggressive, because it has severe demographic problems. Too many old people, too few babies. And no secularism, like Europe, to euthanize the elderly. Only by giving up Shia Islam, and converting to secularism, or my religion, which also allows euthanasia in many cases, can Iran avoid self-destruction.

  4. tc they see it, they just think they can use the Moslems to create their socialist utopia and then destroy the Moslems. The Moslems know what the left is doing and thinks they can use the left to create a world wide Caliphate and then destroy the left. Both groups are backstabbing liars who want to force the world to live according to their rules, and both are dangerous. What may, I repeat may save us is the fact that both sides tend to move before the world is read to accept them, and both sides believe their own propaganda.

  5. We could use the Leftist propaganda against the Muslims and vice versa. When Muslims whine about the feminism, homosexuality and pornography of the West, point out, that according to their Leftist friends, women have the right to be “whores”.

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