Eric Allen Bell tells the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro why he no longer supports their mega-mosque

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The nearly completed mega-mosque of Murfreesboro

By Eric Allen Bell

Here is a slightly edited version of a letter Eric Allen Bell wrote to Abdou Kattih, Vice President of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, explaining why he no longer supports the mega-mosque there. The deed to the property for the mega-mosque is in Kattih’s name, and he appears to have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood-linked North American Islamic Trust (NAIT). Bell exposed his Muslim Brotherhood ties and designs on the community here.

Mr. Kattih -I wanted to contact you personally, for the record, and to make a few things clear. First, I want you to know that I strongly object to any and all hate speech that is directed at Muslims or any other group. I continue to be saddened when I think of the vandalism that your organization has endured, the threats and the mistreatment and bullying of Muslim children in the schools here.

Unlike some of the people who oppose you, I am able to separate in my mind, Islam from Muslims. A Muslim is a deeply indoctrinated human being who may or may not pose a threat to Liberty. Islam, on the other hand, is the antithesis of Liberty.

You see, my heart has not changed. I am not full of hate. I advocated for you and for the ICM because I believed that the backlash against your mega mosque was only based on religious intolerance and disrespect for civil rights. I still think that some of it is, and I find that regrettable. Some of the people who oppose you truly are bigots, and as an American, they embarass me.

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