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2 Replies to “Two great videos of Ezra on the U.N.”

  1. Stop funding this farce and take half the money and fund the poor Canadian seniors who built this country , many of whom are living in abject poverty.

  2. I agree but the funding will continue. That is a shame for all the people who need that money for real.
    The only good thing in the present world set up is that the bad guys like the Iranians are inbred third world idiots who talk big but can do nothing. Notice how the virus stuxnet and then Flame knocked out their computers. Today’s bad guys are thankfully extremely stupid. The Axis powers were major economies and remain so to this day. It is possible to crush iran via computer virus, bombing, economic sanctions or even doing nothing and wait for their oil to run out and their declining population to age and bankrupt the country as they have no pension fund to deal with that inevitability and no economy outside of declining oil output. The financial melt down is all that is needed to toss them back to the stone age where they are happiest.

    “Iran is keenly aware of its demographic decline – its leaders and elite have wrung their hands about the problem in public for years. The imminent decline and prospective collapse of Iranian society under the crushing burden of a fast-aging population constitutes a strong motive for Iran to assert itself today, while it still can.” Spengler writing for Asian Times Online

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