‘Son who pelted Jews with eggs is no racist’

I wonder what would happen if an indigenous British person were to throw some pork rolls at a Muslim and shout “Fucking Mustards”. Think he would get off with a light fine?

London Evening Standard:

 05 July 2012

The parents of a Muslim university student convicted of a religiously motivated attack on young Jews said: “Our son is no racist.”

Mohammad Khalifa, 19, was fined for hurling eggs and yelling “Oi, Jews” and “f***ing Jews” at passers-by while driving his father’s BMW through Golders Green with three friends.

But his father, a paediatrician, today claimed the victims had misheard and the students had shouted “Oi, you.”

Dr Khorshid Khalifa said: “My son has never been racist. All he said was, ‘Oi you,’ and people took it as, ‘Oi Jew,’ but that’s all it was.

“It’s very stupid. The solicitors said the case should have been dropped.” Willesden magistrates heard the four friends were driving to watch a film at the O2 Centre in Finchley Road in December when they stopped to buy eggs, which they threw at a group of women and a group of teenage boys.

The women were “angry and startled”, magistrates heard. Fifteen minutes later, two teenage boys heard one of the four yell ‘f***ing Jews’ before they were targeted, ending in one egg cracking on a 14-year-old’s trousers.

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6 Replies to “‘Son who pelted Jews with eggs is no racist’”

  1. Oi, you… oi Jew.
    If I was shouting ‘oi Muslim’ at a Muslim, would I get away with it, if I claimed that I was shouting ‘oi, Muslin’ – referring to the cloth that I thought he was wearing?
    This is just stupid!

  2. So buying a load of eggs on the way to the cinema and throwing them at Jews is not a racist assault, pre-planned and deliberate??? I am so sick of English non-justice!
    And the father, a lying mozlem “paediatrician”, I wonder if he is involved in female genital mutilation??

  3. I once saw a rabbi get a police escort to his car in London once. He was being accosted by about 15 Pakistani youths. They police did not stop the youths exactly, and as he started his engine they started banging on his car and his windows and chased him as he drove off. Around 10 years ago the area was well known as a Jewish area. The area now is predominately Muslim ie Pakistani Somali etc. The Jewish area has been pushed back slightly by about half a mile. It’s rare to see Jews in the new part of town. There are alot of eastern Europeans as there is around 4-5 delis, and still a large amount of working class Brits. I have to do my banking from work there, and it is highly frustrating waiting in the que for people who more times than not cannot speak English when they get to the desk.

  4. So,this Young Man went to the store to buy some Eggs in a Car to take to the Cinema??so whats wrong with that??? we always take Eggs to the Cinema,it’s what Brittish Folk do here as well,they all do it in Europe as well don’t you Guys,?? in fact it’s a Culture thing,it’s a Traditional thing – am i right so far?? his Mother never saw the Eggs,so he took it apon himself to target the Peacefull Jewish Women and Kids using fowl Language, with his Mates instead of taking the Eggs to the Cinema,so if thats not BEING RACIST, WHAT THE FUCK IS,???????

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