Muslim terrorists target EDL march with IED

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Terrorists Target EDL Demonstration

Posted on July 7, 2012, in EDL News, with 0 Comments

As reported earlier this morning, seven men have been arrested for their involvement in a plot to target last Saturday’s EDL demonstration in Dewsbury.

Police found an improvised explosive device (IED), much like those used in Afghanistan, along with guns, ammunition and leaflets warning ‘infidels’ not to follow the EDL, David Cameron or the Queen.

It was only by chance that just hours before the demonstration was set to begin the car carrying this deadly cargo was pulled over and impounded for not having any insurance. But it was not until Monday that police actually searched the car and discovered the weaponry.

When every single day our newspapers carry reports about Islamic extremism, it’s all too easy to become desensitised; to imagine that in the modern world the existence of would-be terrorists and religious radicals is just an unfortunate reality.

It seems that the reaction ranges from two extremes – from a false sense of security to a paranoid belief that every Muslim should be considered a security threat. Getting the right balance is not easy, but it’s difficult to maintain that Islam does not teach violence when for every Muslim leader who is willing to extend his hand in friendship there is another who is more than willing to praise suicide bombers, preach intolerance or encourage violence against British soldiers.

It’s also easy to imagine that the battle against Islamic extremism is one being fought solely by our security services and that you or I could not possibly have a role to play.

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9 Replies to “Muslim terrorists target EDL march with IED”

  1. Its only a matter of time until dozens or hundreds of patriotic English, members of the English Defence League are killed in an attack….and on that day not even God himself will be able to help the muslims and the British bureaucracy…..not even God himself….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. The fact that the security services protected the EDL from terror attack will be intrepreted by the Left that the British state is complicit in “fascism”.

    “It’s also easy to imagine that the battle against Islamic extremism is one being fought solely by our security services and that you or I could not possibly have a role to play.”

    That is very true. EDL-activists should learn Urdu and Arabic and monitor websites.

  3. Columnist, the left might think that but in reality it is the other way around. The government is afraid of the EDL and rightfully so. They are a very serious threat to the establishment as it is today.

  4. Things are really heating up in Britain, however the only surprising thing about this is that it has not occurred earlier.

  5. Not sure I accept the Police by mere happy chance stopped the jihadis’ car and found explosives. I suspect they knew what was going on and let it continue in order to frighten off EDL supporters.

    Much as the state is using the womb of an EDL supporter to scare people away.

  6. I believe this was a major gaff on behalf of the police. Or was it? Usually when cars are stopped, a search of the car is routine. So why were the occupants of the car set free and the car not searched until later? The Mirror also suggests that the IED was meant to be used against the EDL demonstration in Dewsbury. If that be the case why was the car travelling south on the M1 when it should have been travelling north in the direction of Dewsbury? Was the IED meant for some other destination?

    I have an uneasy fealing that somebody is telling porkies.

  7. I agree. The EDL is a serious threat to the establishment. We should support the EDL. But I think the war against Islam will be won or lost in the Middle-East. What will happen first, Saudi-Arabia and Iran destroying each other, or they ganging up to destroy Israel?

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