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6 Replies to “UN stupid, malicious, antisemitic”

  1. The U.N. is more dangerous to the interests of the Jewish people than Hitler ever was. Hitler was a pig, but he didn’t have the billions of people the U.N. has, he didn’t have the trillions of dollars the U.N. has, and he didn’t have the nukes the member states of the U.N. have. What is the position of the BRIC-countries have regarding Israel?

  2. The UN was started to be an organization of democracies that would promote peace and democracy around the world. Now they are a club of dictators who are working to destroy all democracy and freedom in the world.

  3. Krauthammer forgot to add “complicity” to negligence, stupidity or malice.

    Richard forgot to add ” & thugs” to his dictators. Just my humble opinion.

  4. Joy you have my vote.

    Pigs I thought thugs and dictators was redundant, but I won’t object if you want to add them to the list.

  5. By the way do you know the origin of the word thugs?


    There is some speculation that they were an offshoot of the Assassins of the Moslems there isn’t much evidence of this but the Thugs did allow Moslems to join. Remember this as a Hindu cult but they were allowing the Moslems to join.

    The murders were generally of caravans with the goods being sold and the take split with the local priest of Kali.

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