Seven more terror arrests as police find ‘weapons hidden in car’ just a day after Olympic round-up that saw white Muslim convert captured

Daily Mail:

  • One man from West Yorkshire and six from West Midlands are detained
  • Arrests followed ‘routine stop’ of a vehicle on M1 last Saturday
  • Car was impounded on suspicion of having no insurance
  • ‘Firearms, offensive weapons and other material’ found hidden inside
  • News of arrests comes day after six people, including white Muslim convert, were detained over alleged plan to carry out a major terrorist attack

By Graham Smith, Stephen Wright and Chris Greenwood

PUBLISHED: 05:52 EST, 6 July 2012 | UPDATED: 07:55 EST, 6 July 2012

One man from West Yorkshire and six from the West Midlands are being questioned on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism following a series of arrests this week, police said today.

News of the arrests comes a day after six people, including a white Muslim convert, were detained over an alleged plan to carry out a major terrorist attack, possibly during the Olympics.

Arrested: British Muslim convert Richard Dart spent two years working for the Met Police. He was one of six people detained by police across London yesterdayArrested: British Muslim convert Richard Dart spent two years working for the Met Police. He was one of six people detained by police across London yesterday

Alert: Seven men have been arrested on suspicion of terror offences after firearms and other weapons were found 'hidden' in a car after it was stopped by police on the M1 in South Yorkshire (pictured)Alert: Seven men have been arrested on suspicion of terror offences after firearms and other weapons were found ‘hidden’ in a car after it was stopped by police on the M1 in South Yorkshire (pictured)

A West Midlands police spokesman said that officers found material including firearms following a routine stop on the M1 in South Yorkshire last weekend.

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40 Replies to “Seven more terror arrests as police find ‘weapons hidden in car’ just a day after Olympic round-up that saw white Muslim convert captured”

  1. Firstly how many more of these headlines are we going to see? It used to be big news, these days it seems there’s someone every week plotting something. The thing is though it’s no coincidence there have been a flurry if arrests in light of the Olympics. And to be fair questions need to be asked rapidly. If it’s a case of police know about potential suspects, and have only just struck pre-emptively (as could be the case in the London arrests), because of the Olympics. Then how long have these potential threats been allowed to move and act freely?

    Secondly the apparent accidental uncovering of weapons during a routine stop and search highlights something very sinister. Compiled with the other arrests, and the huge publicity of the Olympics, it would appear the terrorists were/are planning a major operation on the Olympics. If this was an accidental arrest, it will be interesting to see what there intentions were? Also very scary to think that catching these guys was pure luck. It would suggest there are many more terrorists out there, and eventually one of them will be successful. It’s very frightening

  2. Abu Qatada came to Britain with his family in the first place … he was fleeing persecution in Jordan, a country where human rights are as rare as hens’ teeth.
    He was advocating the Arab people rise up and overthrow the dictatorships and tyrants from Jordan, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Saudi and beyond. A call that would be encouraged and welcomed in today’s climate of the Arab Spring.

    And when he fled, he chose these shores because of the UK’s reputation as a beacon of human rights where justice and fairness still exist in a world corrupted by treachery, greed and fear. His audience was never British, he had no influence in Europe and he is a threat to no one apart from the brutal tyrants in power in the Middle East.

    British society, media and establishment are not against Abu Qatada, they are against Muslim migrants who have been contributing for the economic, social and spiritual prosperity of the British economy and society. They are against every thing connected with Islam and Muslims. The Manifesto of the Norwegian Terrorist and mass murderer clearly states that in Europe Pakistani Muslims are on the increase because of migration and high birth rate and one day they are going to demand the Pakistan of Europe. When he was in school, he was afraid of a Pakistani gang. He is afraid of popularity of Islam and revertion of Europeans.

    Abu Qatada has been incarcerated for nine years, and not once has he been found guilty of anything illegal.Home secretary Theresa May called Qatada a ‘very dangerous terrorist’. Former security minister Hazel Blears said we should be ‘horrified’ at the prospect of Qatada being on the streets. Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said the government should ‘strain every sinew’ to have Qatada deported. he’s a Muslim and in the current climate Muslim-baiting has become a perfectly acceptable sport in the UK.

    Abu Qatada is an innocent man. In England, we assume people are innocent until proven guilty. Even after monitoring him for a quarter of a century, the authorities have not gathered enough evidence to charge Qatada, let alone have him convicted. In this country, he has become known as the ‘spiritual leader of al-Qaeda’ by publishing Islamist propaganda and expressing support for bin Laden. Yet despite many attempts to do so, the authorities have not been able to link him directly to specific terrorist activity, either in the UK or abroad. The Council of Europe Commissioner for human rights has stated Abu Qatada could have been tried in Britain, if there was sufficient evidence to do so.

    Majority of anti-Muslim stories are not about terrorism but about Muslim
    culture–the hijab, Muslim schools, family life and religiosity. Muslims in the west ought to be recognised as a western community, not as an alien culture.

  3. “Muslim-baiting has become a perfectly acceptable sport in the UK.”

    You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet Iftikhar.

  4. Iftikhar Ahmad – If anybody comes to the U.K.,they join in,they do not start their own Communities,this is what starts all the trouble,the fact that they(muslems)will NOT ASSIMILATE,thus creating a devide between the different Nationalities,this is a Basic Rule of any Western Country,….”come in,behave,Obey the Law of the Land that Adopts you,Respect our Culture and our People,but they just don’t do that.!!!!!

  5. This Olympics is so far distinguished by the presence of the army guarding it from the barbarians who have been let into West. Even the Chinese thought it demeaning to use the PLA.

    Well done.

  6. Saturday is the 7th anniversary of the 7/7 mozlem terrorist massacre in London, maybe this was to commemorate it.

  7. Police said three men aged 23, 26 and 27. They also know the ages of all the others.

    We know that one of the Jihadis was White. Amazingly the police and the MSM inform us what their ages were.

    Ages are far more difficult to determine and yet they can find them out, and publish them, but the far more obvious but relevant facts, such as the ethnicity and religion of these potential terrorists, is a mystery to all. Its like knowing the ages of of the Luftwaffe pilots but the MSM failing to inform us that they were White Germans.

    The determination to avoid unpleasant and inconvenient facts is now part and parcel of the authorities and the MSM. That is, lying and duplicity is their MO.

  8. Ifty Ahmed; islamic supremacist and practiser of islamic lies – taqqiya and kitman. Only fools and retards believe or even bother to read your garbage, just look at your “reverts”!! Heh!

  9. Vince you are right, there are a lot more terrorists out there then we realize, and some of them will manage to succeed in their planned attacks. What has helped us so far is the sheer stupidity of most of the terrorists, they are incapable of acting in a professional manner that doesn’t call attention to themselves.

    Iftikhar Ahmad things are going to get worse before they get better, but for things to get better for us they must get worse fur the unassimulated in the Western nations. Since you are an advocate of the west modifying our culture to fit you religion you are one of those who are going to have to return to your Islamic hell hole for the world to become safe for sane people.

  10. Terrorism is a mere distraction. The damage is being done by Ikhwan and the OIC at the UN with, I might add, the help of the Obama Admin, specifically Hillary Clinton who is working with these organizations to undermine both the 1st and 2nd amendments of the US constitution for the benefit of the OIC’s bogus declaration of Islamic human rights. Which of course means the sharia and nothing but sharia.

    Hell if a few terrorist attacks were successful, it would wake more people up to the nature of Islam and be a net benefit for Western civilization. Each time we stop it, we save a few lives and property, and move a solid step towards losing more basic rights and protection FROM Governments, as in order to fight this in-named ‘militant’ threat, they take more and more powers unto themselves and remove more and more basic civil liberties from the genuine citizens of Western democracies while advancing the cause of religious Muslims in several ways, intentionally, and not.

  11. One of the problem with islam and moslems(whether they are in the minority or in the mojority anywhere in the world) is that they are known to insist everything to be ridiculously halal, even in a multicultural set-up. In other sense, they want it their way or else, tough. This make nonbeliever like myself very uncomfortable. Terrorism woke us up to the danger of islam, a totalitarian eastern culture that seek to dominate in various subtle and blatant ways.

  12. Eeyore you are right on all points, I am afraid that it will take a nuclear attack on Israel to wake up most people.

    What is scariest about Hillary is the way so many in the media, and not just the MSM go out of their way to make her look good.

  13. It is coming, it is hard by the door. The only real determinant is whether or not there are enough of us to do what is necessary.

  14. I think it is more like the war is halfway through the door, I can’t think of anything that will prevent the coming war, I just wish I could see that freedom will still exist after the war is over. The west will win but will freedom exist?

  15. The English public have no idea how much hatred these 7th century barbarians have for them and how successfully they have infiltrated all government departments.
    I hope the secret service can thwart them, but it is hard for them to see when they have “PC” glasses on and the numbers are overwhelming.

  16. “Abu Qatada is an innocent man……….Ifathicarse Armud”

    No Muslims are innocent.

    As for the Muslim scum in Britain, well Britain will need some severe buggering to wake up. With their stupidity they have earned all the grief they receive. Then they will rise up and clean their house of filth. Life is tough, tougher when your stupid. (right Ifathicarse?)

  17. Its also important to understand Mustard word games. Innocent, when translated from Mustard to English, means a Muslim. Specifically all Muslims are innocent and all kuffar are guilty (of not believing in Mohamed’s BS)

    I have to give Anjem Choudary credit for his honesty, he actually admitted as much on live UK TV a year or two ago. I bet he got shit for that.

    In any case before engaging with a Muslim in any real conversation you need a Mustard-English dictionary with you and you need to understand the full meaning of abrogation and taqyyia. These are all tactics which Mohamed used to conquer the Arabian Peninsula, and which his followers are using to take Europe and North America now.

  18. Im sorry Iftikhar. Until the muslims apologise to the Cornish for their slave raids and pay reparations. No mosque or muslim is safe in Cornwall.

  19. Iffy why not go out and do some real jihad for Allah. You are wasting your time here. There are over six billion kuffar out there and you do not go out into the sunshine and deal with that. With Allah on your side I am sure you could do something useful. Get dressed up in the Allah gear and go and do some dawa or go to Pakistan and get some training. You are only making Allah mad at you for wasting time with hard core infidels who do not care what you say and spit in your face. Inshallah Allah will roast you in hell forever. He will even give you back your foreskin so that will roast as well. With more of you to roast it makes the pain of hell sweeter for Allah when dealing with people like you who refuse to do what Allah wants. Please do some effective dawa or some effective jihad and save yourself.

  20. I have been engaged in Jihad in the field of education for the last forty years. I set up the first Muslim school in London in 1981 and now there are round about 170 schools and only 12 are state funded. Muslim children are not doing well in state schools because they have been mis- educated and de-educated at a wrong place at a wrong time. They need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods.

    They need to learn and be well versed in standard English to follow the National Curiculm and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. At the same time they need to learn and be well versed in Arabic, Urdu and other community languages to keep in touch with their cultural heritage and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry. As far As English language is concerned, nobody is denying its value and focus should be on helping people learning English. Migrant community believes that an English language skill is key to ensuring equal access to services, opportunities and personal independence. The economic and social survival of bilingual Muslim community depends on English language but not at the cost of its mother tongue. It is a crime against humanity to deprive a community from its native tongue and cultural heritage. Muslim community is bilingual and does not believe in becoming monolingual Brits. Children that can speak more than one languages do better overall in learning and it will help them excel in a job when they are older. Only an idiot would think that being bi/trilingual is a bad thing. I think its great to be surrounded by foreign languages. There are plenty of benefits to learning them, it increases memory and other brain functions, looks great on a job résumé, and most importantly allows you to connect with a different culture and make new friends. Now is the time to teach them all the different languages you want to because they will just soak up the information. As we get older it becomes harder and harder to retrain our brains to learn a new language.

    Tolerance in Britain is an illusion. The problem isn’t immigrants not adapting to British culture, it’s Brits showing much disrespect and scorn to those who are of any immigrant background. even if an immigrant was well versed in English, knew the customs etc. would they still get employment? No. Would Brits treat them as a decent human? No.

    So why would they want to assimilate into a culture that is constantly tearing them down?

    There are now four state funded Sikh schools and one state funded Hindu school in Harrow and next year a Hindu state funded Muslim schools would be set up in Leicester. Even black community is thinking of setting up its own schools with its own teachers because British schooling is the home of institutional racism.

    I’m not sure how learning English will help stop extremism either, many of those who have carried out/plotted atrocities have been highly educated. Speaking English does not promote integration into British society, and broaden opportunities. English speaking Muslims still face discrimination in jobs, education and housing. English speaking Muslim youths are angry, frustrated and extremist, thanks to English language. English language is not only a lingua franca but also lingua frankensteinia. Human right also covers linguistic right. Cultural and linguistic genocide are very common. British schooling is murdering community languages like Arabic, Urdu and others. English is today the world killer language. Linguistic genocide is a crime against humanity and British schooling is guilty of committing this crime.

    There are hundreds of state and church schools where Muslim children are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be opted out as Muslim Academies.

  21. “Muslim children are not doing well in state schools because they have been mis- educated and de-educated at a wrong place at a wrong time.” No muslim children are inferior. They come bottom of the education system. With the Somalis starting at the bottom and the Pakistanis like you.

  22. The reason for muslim educational failure is biological inferiority which leads to mental inferiority which leads to stupidity; and this then leads to more idiocy with solutions from the seventh century Arabia you like you so much. End result: Muslims in jail, on the social security and constantly failing to kill the noble kuffar. They are even laughed at by Channel Four in the film “Four lions” where muslims are shown as being retarded. Poverty and mental inferiority and inbreeding diseases caused by cousin marriages are the reason for your muslim failure. You will continue to fail because biological conditions such mental retardation, and inbreeding diseases compounded by the seven century ideas will keep you barefoot and backward forever. One of the results of inbreeding is microencephalisation. Muslims who are inbred actually have smaller brains than needed for their body size. So in fact inbred muslims actually have smaller brains than the infidels they hate so much. I went to school with lots of muslims and I noticed even as a child just how stupid they were. However, to be fair one or two did shine but the rest were dull to the point of never being able to function properly in an advanced none-muslim society. Still keep hating the Kuffar. Keep on studying the Koran and blaming the Kuffar. You will get to exactly what you deserve in the failed states of Pakistan, and Somalia and in the prisons of the UK . Even on an international level the Muslims shine in the Failed states of the World index. If I was Allah I would punish you severely for failing so much. But you have always someone to blame. Allah does not blame the infidels he blames you and will punish you for your failure to do his work of taking over the world from the infidel. Inshallah may he roast in you hell forever for failure and you constant whining. Only when you feel the pain of hell fire will you realise how much Allah hates you. Inshallah this will come to pass when you die.

  23. Muslim schools Performance Table published in the Muslim News (March 30). I have not seen this published anywhere.We keep on reading in the other media that Muslim children and schools do not do well. But according to the GCSE Table you published, Muslims schools achieve better than the national average, in English and Maths. We should be celebrating such achievements. We don’t hear this from our leaders at all. All credits to the teachers and head teachers in Muslim schools for helping Muslim pupils achieve good results. Panorama started with praise for most Muslim schools, showing Al-Furqan as an example of what most schools are doing right.

    I feel the media machine has stereotyped Muslim schools as non-cohesive and extremist, the truth of the matter is they are no different to any other school; sorry, the only difference being that majority excel in academic achievement…is that a bad thing?

  24. On the subject of Iffy here is some good advice.

    Do not answer a fool according to his folly,
    Or you will also be like him.
    Answer a fool as his folly deserves,
    That he not be wise in his own eyes.

    Proverbs 26:4–5

    Of course this applies to all Trolls.

  25. “Muslim schools Performance Table published in the Muslim News.”
    You live in a fantasy world; I am talking about overall figures. In the overall figures, which include your Muzzie school, Somalis and Bangladeshis and Pakistanis perform worse than anyone. They also end up in the most poverty and in prison. Do not take my word for it. Look it up yourself.

    “Panorama started with praise for most Muslim schools, showing Al-Furqan as an example of what most schools are doing right.” Since when has the BBC or Panorama ever said a bad word against Muslims or Islam. They are bought lock, stock and barrel by the Saudis and will only say nice things. The reality in the real world is very different.
    The actual scores for the whole country:

    Chinese and Indian pupils gain more top grades than white British children in every school subject, official figures reveal.

    But when it comes to you know who:
    Schools Minister Lord Adonis said the government was making progress in closing the gap between black, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and other students at GCSE.

    A nice positive slant on bad news. Still that shows the British media are friendly to you Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Somalis, in other words muslims.

    Mail on line 23 November 2006

    No the fact is you muslims are biologically at a disadvantage.

    You do have smaller brains and so suffer from a general form of mild retardation. This microencephalisation can be seen most starkly in Pakistan where there are people whose heads are extremely small and they are the result of inbreeding. The population of the UK of inbred Pakistanis suffer the same condition but on a less obvious level.
    Type in Rat Children and you will see Pakistanis with this condition. You can even see a video about this condition. My feeling and it is borne out by the data on results is that you do not have to look so hideous as these people (who are praised for being sent by Allah and make their living at the mosque shreiking incomprehensibly), if you have a mild version of microencephalisation which will also depresses IQ but in a less severe way. That explains the poor performance of Muslims generally educationally, industrially and most important of all in their continuous failure in Jihad. May Allah roast such failures in Hell forever.
    I remember when the Irish were involved in Terrorism in the UK they were twenty thousand times more effective. They killed over 1,300 people and nearly killed the Prime Minister in one attack. You guys simply do not have the brains to be so effective. No wonder Channel Four made the movie “Four lions” mocking your intelligence in the crucial area of your religion: Jihad or as it is more commonly known Jihad. They never did make such a mocking film when it came to the Irish terrorists as they knew that on the news every week were engaged and showing some deadly action on the terrorist front.

  26. Chinese and Indian pupils get more top grades at GCSE than British children

    By Laura Clark
    UPDATED: 22:37, 28 March 2010

    So it is still going on today.


  27. Notice how chinese,indians, and british white children and lumped together. They are your master race here in the UK. In Pakistan it is the Saudi. Take your complaints of suffering at the hands of these people to the BBC. They will make a nice documentary for you, without saying anything against the wonderful Saudis. “Nice muzzie, nice muzzie you have been suffering and it is not your fault………..” They will pat you like a dog and send you home happy.

  28. Country Percentage of incestuous marriages
    Pakistan 70
    England 50 of Muslim immigrants from Pakistan
    Denmark 40 of Muslim immigrants from Pakistan
    Saudi Arabia 67
    Jordan & Kuwait 64
    Iraq 60
    UAR & Qatar 54
    Sudan 63

    Percentage of consanguineous marriages – country-wise

    The table shows that due to massive inbreeding in the Muslim community, there is about 50% of the world population of Muslims is inbred. Today, total Muslim population in the world is about 1.2 billion, and hence 600 million Muslims are low IQ stupid people having little interest in learning and creativity, and inclined to destruction, violence and criminal activity. Looking from their side of view, it is boon for Islam and its clerics and mullahs. It needs low IQ stupid people to swallow the most unscientific Islamic dogmas, and not to question Islam. It needs stupid people to believe in Islamic paradise, infested with millions virgin houries and divine slave boys called gilmans. It needs low IQ stupid people to blow them up as suicide bombers to enter the five star super luxury brothel, called paradise, created by the brothel keeper Allah.

  29. “A number of studies indicate that IQ declines and the frequency of mental retardation increases with inbreeding.”
    By allowing cousin marriage the Islam, in fact, is harming the Muslims. When a cousin marriage, one shares 12.5 per cent of DNA of the other, enhance the risk of mental retardation, lower IQ, birth defects, death in infancy and other genetic diseases of the offspring.

  30. Cousin marriage is common in all Muslim countries. It is in accordance with the teaching of the Holy Quran and our Prophet had married his daughter with his uncle son. There were no defects in the children. Cousin marriage is thought to generate more stable relationship. Children are born with defects whether it is cousin marriage or not. Among migrant Muslim communities the defects are due to many factors. The pressure of moving to a different cultural environment and moving from their families, problems of racism and employment are responsible for the defects during pregnancies. The defects are nothing to do with cousin marriages. The hidden agenda is that British society does not want Muslims to bring their spouses from Muslim countries. A man/woman has the right to marry anybody from anywhere. It is a question of human right and the right given to Muslims by the Holy Quran and the sayings of the Holy Prophet.

    I would like to see each and every Pakistani parent should marry their sons and daughters in Pakistan so that their offsprings could speak, read and write Urdu language and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry. The racist British education system has produced only notoriously monolingual Pakistani Brits. Pakistani parents would like their children to be well versed in Standard English, Arabic and Urdu languages and to be part of the British society as well as keeping in touch with their cultural roots.
    Marrying cousin is and has always been legal in the UK. It is not only migrant communities who have children with their cousins, rural communities have their fair share…truly… and lets not even look at the inbreeding within royalty and the aristocracy. How else do you think the aristocracy held onto 90% of the land for so long? Muslim community is an easy target to wag the fingure at. There is no hard evidence that married to cousin causes birth defects. Before picking on Pakistanis just remember that Queen and Prince Phillip are third cousins. Glass houses…stone…. I do not think fingers should be pointed at Pakistani culture; it is another witch hunt against Muslim community. Native English people marry their cousins as well and have done for centuries. British society is ignorant regarding UK law. Henry V111 changed the law so he could marry his cousin. And it still remains legal to marry your cousin in UK today. In Britain, every Pakistani is not a Muslim and neither do they all get married to their cousins. I am sick of British media and politicians like Baroness Ruth Deech and Keighly MP Ann Cryer bashing Muslim communities every day. The hatred towards Muslim communities has grown to a level that defies all logic and even affront to British values. The problem is that Britain has never made communities feel part of British identity and people lives “parallel lives”. Faith schools are part and parcel of British education system but Muslim schools are being discouraged and regarded as “Osama bib Laden Academies.

  31. How is it that Chinese and Indians are achieving better results than Pakistanis, Bangladeshi ? Racism. Is all the racism directed at them and not at Chinese, Indians. When targeting a brown man for racism do they take down the trousers of the brown man and see his penis. If he is circumcised they say Ahhh………… he is a muslim we will discriminate against him. You are certainly polite for a muslim. I thank you for that. At this time in the debate Muslims normally start throwing nasty insults about. However, you have insulted me as a white person indirectly by your remarks. Your anti-white remarks show that we only target you and not others. No true white racist would do that! A white racist would hate all non-whites. This special racism that you claim only hits you shows that you are a racist. You are the one trying to hide the inadequate nature of the inbred circumcised brown man by calling others racist when Indians and Chinese do much better than you in the educational system and even better than whites. It is you who are the number racist who try to hide by calling others racist. If Chinese and Indian youth do better than whites I do not run and accuse anyone of racism. I try and see what it is that white youth are doing and how to improve things.

    As for the royal family being inbred it is true and it why they are considered to be such perfect idiots. It is only rank that they possess and certainly very little intelligence. I certainly do not care for the royal family in any case.

    It is the people of Britain and demarcation in intelligence that we are discussing here and this shows from exam results that Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and Somalis are at the bottom. Now you can not deny that Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and Somalis are at the bottom. I say they they are stupid. You say it is the fault of others. This does allow you some dignity and that is why you choose this defense.

    This is false. Indians and Chinese suffered terrible discrimination when they came to this country and only when the Race Relations Act was made legal in the seventies of the last century did they receive any legal help from unfortunate racist experiences. Somehow they have managed to rise to the top. The richest man in the UK is an indian man, his name is Laxmi Mittal. Another Indian gentleman, Anish Kapoor designed the red metal scupture you see as you near the Olympic stadium. Meanwhile Pakistanis are trying to blow up the olympics and have been caught. The best Jihadis in the UK are Pakistani and the best pedophile gangs are Pakistani.

    You are a disgraced racist people who target the infidel who you view as an inferior race and try to kill him and rape his female children. You keep getting caught so you are certainly not very good at your infidel killing and infidel raping jihad which you direct at English people. Only trying to rape non-muslims and kill non-muslims now that is racism. Trying to hide your racism by calling others racist will not help. Your racist deeds have become know to the English people of the UK and we will fight back.

  32. Muslims are racist. They only attack the non-muslims. They divide the world into two races, one muslim and the other non-muslim which they call the filthy Kuffar. The world filthy is deliberate. Kuffar are among the filthy things of the world. This is deeply racist word is heard every time a muslim speaks to another muslim and is a term of racist abuse. They of course try to hide their racism by calling others racist but when the camera is not there they let rip ooooooooops the camera was there in secret! See the horrid racist things they say about non-muslims in the Channel four documentary: Undercover Mosque. Calling other racist is their way of deflecting attention from their racist words, racist killings and racist rape gangs which target innocent English girls. Of I forget they are just filthy kuffar to the muslim. No wonder muslims only rape non-muslim women or filthy kuffar women.

    Strangly enough the muslim’s Allah or The Lah (Al just means the) will not let brown or black people into heaven. All people must be white before they enter. Yet on earth they have the most racist possible attitude towards white people. Even the Lah does not like these brown circumcised men and will not let them into Jannah without making them white. So even the Lah is racist against the Pakistanis, Somalis and Bangladeshis. He makes them inferior in education to the sort of people he lets into heaven, namely white people. He also makes them inferior to these people in terms of wealth and power and technology and sporting ability etc

    Lets face it the Lah is a white arab racist just like the white arab racist known as Mohammad. He just loves whites and hates coloured people like Somalis, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis by keeping them at the bottom of the world by giving them leading positions in the Failed States Index (they are all in there occupying their pride of place) and here in the UK where they are bottom in terms of education, and top in terms of going to prison, and getting caught while doing their racist rape jihad against white women and white teenage girls.

  33. Thanks Richard. I actually thought apart from Me and the hiding and exposed racist Iftikar that no else was reading this exchange.

  34. Qur’an
    (1) On the Day (i.e. the Day of Resurrection) when some faces will become white and some faces will become black; as for those whose faces will become black (to them will be said): “Did you reject Faith after accepting it? Then taste the torment (in Hell) for rejecting Faith.”
    ( ???? ?? ????? , Aal-e-Imran, Chapter #3, Verse #106)
    (2) And between them will be a (barrier) screen and on Al-A’raf (a wall with elevated places) will be men (whose good and evil deeds would be equal in scale), who would recognise all (of the Paradise and Hell people), by their marks (the dwellers of Paradise by their white faces and the dwellers of Hell by their black faces), they will call out to the dwellers of Paradise, “Salamun ‘Alaikum” (Peace be on you), and at that time they (men on Al-A’raf) will not yet have entered it (Paradise), but they will hope to enter (it) with certainty.
    ( ???? ??????? , Al-Araf, Chapter #7, Verse #46)
    (3) And on the Day of Resurrection you will see those who lied against Allah (i.e. attributed to Him sons, partners) – their faces will be black. Is there not in Hell an abode for the arrogant?
    ( ???? ????? , Az-Zumar, Chapter #39, Verse #60)

    (4) So on that Day no question will be asked of man or jinns as to his sin, [because they have already been known from their faces either white (dwellers of Paradise – true believers of Islamic Monotheism) or black (dwellers of Hell – polytheists; disbelievers, criminals)].
    ( ???? ?????? , Ar-Rahman, Chapter #55, Verse #39)

    (5) The Mujrimun (polytheists, criminals, sinners) will be known by their marks (black faces), and they will be seized by their forelocks and their feet.
    ( ???? ?????? , Ar-Rahman, Chapter #55, Verse #41)

    (6) But when they will see it (the torment on the Day of Resurrection) approaching, the faces of those who disbelieve will change and turn black with sadness and in grief and it will be said (to them): “This is (the promise) which you were calling for!”
    ( ???? ????? , Al-Mulk, Chapter #67, Verse #27)

  35. Don I am not the best debater in the world so I don’t do so often, but I do read all the posts on the articles I am subscribed to, like I said keep up the good work.

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