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5 Replies to “British Freedom: Women and sharia law”

  1. It’s the same old story, if rights are handed to people instead of them having to work for them, they take them for granted. The so-called feminists of today are mere hypocritical shadows of the suffragettes and feminist of days gone by. They get to make these choices to ignore the plight of other females because of the freedoms they take for granted. Add to that the EU hate speech laws and the stage is set for islam to move in set women’s rights back centuries. I blame everyone involved.

  2. Where are the feminists? If they don’t stand up to Islam they are nothing.
    This is good election material. Any native British woman who does not vote for the British Freedom Party is voting for enslavement.

  3. The feminists like the other groups that fought for freedom have been taken over by the left, they refuse to support anything that doesn’t help the left.

  4. Should a feminist nonbeliever stand up for a moslem woman? I don’t think so. I think we nonbelievers should NOT waste time over their islamic women complex neverending problem with inequality or equality nonsense within their own islamic community or get sucked into their islamic problems. their islam is complex and it is best those islamic women solve their own islamic problems instead of imposing on us nonbelievers or causing more sufferring to us nonbelievers.

  5. Anyway, what is the point of feminist nonbelievers helping moslem women because in the end it is not helping freedom but inadvertently furthering their subtlely horrible islamic agenda

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