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7 Replies to “German sociologist: ‘It is necessary to criticize Islam’”

  1. Things are moving in the right direction. Muslims will try to use logic to equate “Islamophobia” with Anti-Semitism, but the common people are not logical, and not swayed by their arguments.

  2. This man is too sensible!

    Ps, I would comment on your site more if it would remember my WordPress ID. I can’t remember my password, tried 4 times. Having to type in your email every time is very annoying from mobiles.

  3. Not bad – but he speaks too dense, he needs to slowly and deliberately move from issue to issue.

    The question that arises here is again – what is Islam? If it is just a religion then why does it – like the man said – mix law and state with religion.

    My opinion is that religion IS a mix of spirit, law and politics and what we call religion should actually be called faith or spirituality and not religion.

    Another good definition of religion would be a monolithic approach towards life from one single direction – this would make it much easier to call Buddhism and Communism religious – since both followers are different from Humanists and Conservatists in that they choose not to include anything else in there system.

  4. Bobbejane says:
    “but he speaks too dense, he needs to slowly and deliberately move from issue to issue.”

    But then he would be accused of being a right-wing lunatic

  5. @OxAO

    Leftist are by there very nature insecure around people who have an aura of intellectual superiority – that’s why this man would appear a right-wing lunatic if he spoke more carefully and packed less information in his speech.

    This is a tip: If you want to talk about right-wing issues to a leftist, use difficult words, complex sentences with several points of reference and make use of quotations from obscure and semi-political writers.

  6. If he doesn’t speak this way the left will ignore him, most will anyway but some moderates will start listening.

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