Germany: Extremist content – Interior minister made to close down salafist websites

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Extremist content – Interior minister made to close down salafist websites

The german interior minister has in the last few days forced the closure of two islamist webpages from the Internet. The platforms represented  the salafist groups, made already in illegal in June. But the deletion process proved to be more complicated than at first thought.

Following the illegalization of the radical salafist group “Millatu Ibrahim” on the 14th of June, the websites and, also belonging to this group, were also closed down. This is what the newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” reported, citing a spokesperson from the ministry.
“The websites served as platforms for jihadi propaganda. Videos and audios from salafist preachers and documents with extremist content were offered for downloading. As an example, an article from Salafimedia had the following title: “join to receive the heritage of paradise”, and a predication had this title: “Faith demands sacrifice””.
The process of deletion was complicated

In June 14, and after a decision taken by the German Federal Interior Ministry, raids took place against the illegal groups “Millatu Ibrahim”, “Die Wahre Religion” (The True Religion) and DawaFFM. During this raids, the homes of followers of these groups were searched, a community mosque was closed in Solingen, and PC-s, hard-disks and documents were confiscated.

The closing down of the websites belonging to “Millatu Ibrahim” took its time, according to informations from “Welt am Sonntag”, because the provider of the sites had to be contacted and called on to delete them. This proved to be somewhat complicated, the investigator said to “Welt am Sonntag”, because the islamist websites are frequently powered from abroad.

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5 Replies to “Germany: Extremist content – Interior minister made to close down salafist websites”

  1. To be expected. Germany has a constitution that allows giving enemies of democracy a taste of their own medicine. Usually this has been used against National-Socialists, and to a lesser extent, Nationalists, and even “Islamophobes”, but now Salafists feel its sting. Don’t expect the Salafists to be rescued by the Left. The Left protects Islam, but many Leftists do not see attacks on “extremist” Islam as racist. Eric Krebbers is a good Dutch example of this. Also, in Germany, it is often the Anti-Nationalist Left, the Anti-Germans, that is critical of at least some aspects of Islam, due to its outspoken Zionism.

  2. @Anne
    I tend to agree with that. Censorship of websites is treading on dangerous ground. But in the case of these Selafist sites they will just probably set up shop somewhere else under a different name.

  3. Censorship isn’t the answer, but cultural suicide isn’t either, so far our tolerant approach is leading to cultural suicide. The other approaches will have to be tried and can work if we have leaders who are honorable and who will not use the new power against their internal political enemies. Which give the current mess I doubt.

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