Man hunted for sex attack on 11-year-old girl in Blackburn street

Lancashire Telegraph:

                     By Vanessa Cornall, Crime reporter

A MAN who ran up to an 11-year-old girl in Blackburn, pulled down her trousers and sexually assaulted her is being hunted by police.

Detectives are appealing for information after the youngster was attacked at 9pm last night as she waited at a pedestrian crossing.

The incident happened on the corner of Infirmary Street and Bolton Road.

The man then ran away past the Lockside Tavern pub and possibly onto the canal tow path.

DS Mark Saunders said: “This is a serious offence against a young girl in a very public place and we need people’s help to catch the man responsible.

 “I’d urge anybody that recognises this man’s description or with any information that could assist with our investigation to come forward.”

The man is described as Asian, in his 30s and around 5 ft. 7inches tall.

He had dark short shaved hair with a long ‘pointy’ dark full faced beard down past his chin.

He was wearing a blue Adidas short sleeved top, with white signs on the front and back, plain tracksuit bottoms and blue Nike trainers.

Anyone with any information should call Lancashire Police on 101.

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11 Replies to “Man hunted for sex attack on 11-year-old girl in Blackburn street”

  1. Just because he’s Asian, does not mean that he’s Muslim. You’re jumping to conclusions again….
    but I bet that you’re right. In fact I would call it a very safe bet that he is a Muslim or of Muslim upbringing. And when they say Asian, you can bet that he’s not Chinese or Japanese!

  2. Dear Lancashire Police,

    Oh, dear, yet another ‘Asian’! Tell me, could it be a Chinese man, or a Vietnamese, or a Burmese, or a Thai, or a Cambodian, or even a Mongol? Who knows, for you certainly don’t appear to?

    And, yes, I do understand that even the ‘long, pointy beard’ description must have been difficult for you. Your fear of being labelled ‘institutionally racist‘ is understood, as is understood that what you are permitted to say can simply have no bearing on reality should it in any way should be able to be construed as implying that the perpetrator is another ‘Misunderstander of Islam’.

    However, should it be that by some extreme coincidence it does turn out to be none of the ethnicities mentioned in the first paragraph, but yet another ‘enricher’ from the north end of the Indian subcontinent, or the Magreb, or the Horn of Africa or even from Bradford (Allah Kareem), then you are going to have to accept that this incident does not demonstrate any particular cultural predilection(s), but is simply an unusual and unfortunate aberration from the caring-sharing norm.

    Hence, you and I, Kuffar scum all of us, are therefore required both individually and collectively to accept that this is yet another non-typical ‘minority’ incident, totally out of keeping with the true nature of the head banging, pointy bearded Slaves of Allah…indeed it will most surely turn out to be some poor soul with ‘learning difficulties’ or with ‘diminished responsibility’ (mummy and daddy first cousins, perhaps?) who therefore cannot be held responsible for his actions (I could almost take bets on that snivelling apologia being high on the agenda).

    So there it is, Lancashire Constabulary. All of we nasty racists are henceforth required to take on board the fact that we are a conquered people and as such we are required in law to not even attempt to define the true nature of these cultural predations, for they no way reflect the true, gentle caring nature of the Religion of Rape and Rampage.

    Your humble Dhimmi,

    Seneca III.

  3. Columnist:

    Please be patient with me, I am going to try and give you an answer.

    The OIC, the organization of Islamic Cooperation, the new caliphate which has permanent oversight at the UN on all committees as far as I know, has on it’s charter, a series of statements about what racism is. It in fact does something quite stunning. It actually eliminates the biological nature of racism and replaces it with a cultural/religious one, making it a crime to point out the group membership of a Muslim (specifically) if he commits a crime less so than the biological demographic they may belong to, such as black, Caucasian or oriental etc.

    I will provide a great deal of evidence for this and first rate evidence as well, although any determined researcher can search the OIC, UN, and even Ikhwan websites in English (The OIC has made English one of it’s official languages so anything you find on their English site is legit) and prove it for themselves. But I will be posting something which is currently in the works which will finally explain this absurd notion that so much of the Western press has allowed itself to fall pray to.

    This is serious. The fact that the OIC has managed to replace all rational concepts of human rights including concepts such as racism etc. with ones that specifically advantage Islam while specifically disadvantaging everyone and everything else in the world is really a stunning victory in a war most people are still unaware is going on.

    I hope to be able to post this material soon. In the meantime, if you are of this sort of bent, check the sites. It will take some time, but when you come across a term such as ‘Human Rights’ make sure you also find out where on the same website they define exactly what human rights are, in their context. Islamic human rights. Which mean the sharia.

    I hope this was at least a decent partial answer to a question that pretty much everyone is asking.


  4. So how does anybody look like an Asian?? Do i look like a European?? Does “Sweetolebob” look like an American?? Does Anybody look like an Austrailian?? Where the hell do they get this description from??? this kind of Information release by the Police,is purley designed to say,..”we know what we’re looking for,but we just can’t say it,incase we offened the muzzies.!!

  5. They are so thick they only know what continent he’s from not what race? He probably is from Punjab but they are not publicizing it if they actually do know.

  6. For sure, islamic people, ie islamic people from asia are not the only ones guilty of having the most tendencies to bully or mistreat disadvantaged people. Asians (phillipines, indonesians, etc and of other races or other ethinc background/religions also are known to have this common ugly traits or due to their inborn asiatic tendencies to bully disadvantaged people. What right do those islamic countries or predominantly islamic countries to interfere in the far more superior western countries human rights when their own islamic or asian communities displayed such obvious, blatant and subtle LACK of human rights in islamic or asian dominated countries?
    Those islamics and asians have to pressure their own asiatic or islamic governments to provide more job opportunities, a better governance and better human rights instead of migrating to the west.

  7. Eeyore says:

    June 28, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    That is very serious. But it was to be expected. After all, the whole business of Anti-Racism was always controlled by a small clique of “experts”.

  8. This collusion of the U.N. and Islam proves that Islam is not opposed to the NWO, but rather part of it. Anyway, this order of things unravels at the civil war in Syria. Unless they convert to a new religion, they will destroy themselves.

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